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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword/Out of Bound Objects

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

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Unused Chests

The game has a small handful of chests out of bounds. These can be reached and opened with codes.

  • Outside Karane's room. From the center of the room, it's after the wall towards the bed. It contains a Piece of Heart.
  • Outside The Lumpy Pumpkin's main hall. It can be seen if the player walks into the dresser and keeps going; it's on the right side of the map. It also contains a Piece of Heart.
  • Outside the Fire Dragon room's walls. From the platform where you talk to the Dragon, if you go forward and a bit to the left, there will be a poorly made room with the chest; it's on the top-right of the map. It contains the Goddess' Harp, but no text displays.

A video of the latter two treasure chests can be seen here.

In addition to those unused usable chests, there's a deactivated Goddess Cube chest inside the geometry of the Bazaar, a bit near its top, from the outdoors of Skyloft. When using a code that activates all goddess chests, it will even activate this one! It contains once again, a Piece of Heart.

Unused Bird Statues

There are a few out of bounds bird statues, too. They also need codes to reach them. These include:

  • Outside the Sealed Temple, there is an out of bounds statue. Going to the sky makes you go to Hylia's Realm.
  • Outside the river part of Lake Floria there is some chests out of bounds along with a save statue. Going to the sky freezes the game.
  • In the Sealed Grounds area, fiddle around outside a bit, and you'll see a bird statue. Going to the sky will send you to the flooded Faron Woods area.

Unused Doors

There are a few unused doors out of bounds in the Sealed Grounds/Hylia's Realm. They are:

  • In the entrance to Faron Woods, there is a door where the Sealed Temple's front entrance would be. Going in it will send you to the Sealed Grounds.
  • In Hylia's Realm, if you go through the wall leading inside the Temple and go behind a small corridor behind a small door, you will see another door. Going inside will transport you to the same place, but with a few minor changes. Link does not make any sounds. Whenever you land from a jump, a Bokoblin will scream, but there are none at the time.