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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks/Course List

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

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Spirit Tracks features two files called courselist.clb and courseinit.cib. The former contains a list of all the areas in the game, while the latter contains an equivalent list of each area's developer name.

Course List Name Course Init Name Translation Description Notes
test_trn Test Train Test Train
test_trn2 Test Train2 Test Train 2
test_pre プレゼンムチ Presentation Muchi
test_iwa Test Iwa Test (Iwa) Named after director Daiki Iwamoto.
t_area0 モリエリア Forest Area Forest Realm
t_area1 ユキエリア Snow Area Snow Realm
t_area2 ミズエリア Water Area Ocean Realm
t_area3 ヒエリア Fire Area Fire Realm
t_tutorial キシャチュート Train Tutorial
t_forest マヨイノモリ Lost Woods
t_smarine カイテイ Ocean Floor
t_smount ユキトンネル Snow Tunnel
t_smount2 スナトンネル Sand Tunnel
t_smount3 ヤマトンネル Mountain Tunnel
t_minigame マトアテ Target Practice
t_dark ヤミセカイ Dark World Dark Realm
t_eviltrain マレッシャセン Phantom Train
t_eviltrain2 マレッシャセン2 Phantom Train 2
t_eviltrain3 マレッシャセン3 Phantom Train 3
d_main メインタワー Main Tower Tower Of Spirits
d_main_f メインマエ Main Tower (Exterior)
d_main_s カイダン Stairs
d_main_a サイダンデモ Altar Demo
d_main_w フキヌケ Vault
d_tutorial チュートリアル Tutorial
d_forest モリシンデン Forest Temple
d_snow 26 ユキシンデン Snow Temple
d_water 27 ミズシンデン Water Temple
d_flame ヒシンデン Fire Temple
d_sand スナシンデン Sand Temple
b_forest モリボス Forest Boss Stagnox
b_snow ユキボス Snow Boss Fraaz
b_water ミズボス Water Boss Phytops
b_flame ヒボス Fire Boss Cragma
b_sand スナボス Sand Boss Skeldritch
b_deago ディーゴ Diego Byrne
b_last1 ラスボス1 Last Boss 1
b_last2 ラスボス2 Last Boss 2
b_last22 ラスセッション Last Session
b_last23 ラスボス23 Last Boss 23
f_hyral シロ Castle
f_htown ジョウカ Castle Town
f_forest1 モリマチ Forest Town Whittleton
f_snow ユキマチ Snow Town Anouki Village
f_water ミズマチ Water Town Papuchia Village
f_flame ヒマチ Fire Town Goron Village
f_flame5 ヒマチエキ Fire Town Station
f_first サイショムラ Starting Town Aboda Village
f_forest2 モリホコラ Forest Shrine Forest Sanctuary
f_snow2 ユキホコラ Snow Shrine Snow Sanctuary
f_water2 ミズホコラ Water Shrine Water Sanctuary
f_flame2 ヒホコラ Fire Shrine Fire Sanctuary
f_sand スナホコラ Sand Shrine Sand Sanctuary
f_tetsuo テツオ Ferrus
f_bridge ハシショク Bridge Work
f_bridge2 ハシ Bridge
f_forest3 モリノオク Forest Depths
f_water3 ハナレコジマ Lone Island
f_ajito アジト Hideout
f_ajito2 アジトナイブ Hideout Interior
f_flame3 マトアテエキ Target Practice Station
f_flame4 カクシヒマチ Hidden Fire Town
f_rabbit ウサギ Rabbit
f_kakushi1 カクシ1 Hidden 1
f_kakushi2 カクシ2 Hidden 2
f_kakushi3 カクシ3 Hidden 3
f_kakushi4 カクシ4 Hidden 4
f_pirate カイゾク Pirates
f_passenger キャクシャ Passenger Car
f_trnnpc キシャNPC Train NPCs
tekiya00 テキヤ0 Enemy Room 0
tekiya01 テキヤ1 Enemy Room 1
tekiya02 テキヤ2 Enemy Room 2
tekiya03 テキヤ3 Enemy Room 3
tekiya04 テキヤ4 Enemy Room 4
tekiya05 テキヤ5 Enemy Room 5
tekiya06 テキヤ6 Enemy Room 6
tekiya07 テキヤ7 Enemy Room 7
tekiya08 テキヤ8 Enemy Room 8
tekiya09 テキヤ9 Enemy Room 9
demo_train デモキシャ Demo Train
e3_train E3キシャ E3 Train
e3_dungeon E3ダンジョン E3 Dungeon
e3_boss E3ボス E3 Boss
e3_bossm E3ボスマエ E3 Before Boss
e3_smount E3ユキトンネル E3 Snow Tunnel
test_hiratsu ヒラツテスト Hiratsu Test Named after train programmer Daisuke Hiratsu.
test_sik Test Sik Test (Sik) Named after planner Hiromasa Shikata.
test_fuj Test Fuj Test (Fuj) Named after planner Yohei Fujino.
test_nit Test Nit Test (Nit) Named after programming lead Masahiro Nitta.
test_mri Test Mri Test (Mri) Named after map & object designer Yoshihisa Morimoto, or cinema scene director Naoki Mori.
test_morita Test Morita Test (Morita) Possibly named after Kazuaki Morita, credited only in the Special Thanks section.
test_yamaz Test Yamazaki Test (Yamazaki) Named after enemy programmer Atsushi Yamazaki.
test_sako Test Sakooka Test (Sakooka) Named after enemy programmer Yosuke Sakooka.
test_kita Test Kitagawa Test (Kitagawa) Named after design lead Koji Kitagawa.
test_take タケシタテスト Takeshita Test Named after cinema scene programmer Yoshitaka Takeshita, or object & map designer Shinko Takeshita.
test_suzuki スズキテスト Suzuki Test Named after wireless programmer Yukari Suzuki.
test_okane オカネテスト Okane Test Named after object programmer Shinji Okane.
test_dera タカデラテスト Takadera Test Named after map programmer Tatsuya Takadera.
test_hosaka ホサカテスト Hosaka Test Named after planner Arisa Hosaka.
test_hosaka_f ホサカテストF Hosaka Test F Named after planner Arisa Hosaka.
test_kato カトウテスト Kato Test Named after train programmer Shunsaku Kato.
test_okane_f オカネテストF Okane Test F Named after object programmer Shinji Okane.
test_yamaz_f TestYamazakiF Test (Yamazaki) F Named after enemy programmer Atsushi Yamazaki.
test_sako_f TestSakookaF Test (Sakooka) F Named after enemy programmer Yosuke Sakooka.
test_take_f タケシタテストF Takeshita Test F Named after cinema scene programmer Yoshitaka Takeshita, or object & map designer Shinko Takeshita.
test_kiuchi キウチテスト Kiuchi Test Named after NPC programmer Toshikazu Kiuchi, or enemy designer Takafumi Kiuchi.
test_dera_f タカデラテストF Takadera Test F Named after map programmer Tatsuya Takadera.
test_slope テストザカ Test Zaka
battle01 バトル1 Battle 1
battle02 バトル2 Battle 2
battle03 バトル3 Battle 3
battle04 バトル4 Battle 4
battle05 バトル5 Battle 5
battle06 バトル6 Battle 6
battle07 バトル7 Battle 7
battle08 バトル8 Battle 8
battle09 バトル9 Battle 9
battle10 バトル10 Battle 10
battle11 バトル11 Battle 11
battle12 バトル12 Battle 12

(Source: Dark_Linkaël & PPLToast - Discovery, GlitterBerri - Translation)