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The Powerpuff Girls: Gamesville

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Title Screen

The Powerpuff Girls: Gamesville

Developer: Intelligent Games[1]
Publisher: BAM! Entertainment[1]
Platform: Windows
Released in US: October 2002[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

And so, the day is saved.

Unused Graphics


PPGGamesville ScoreScreen-mockup1.jpg

Found in SCORE0001.RFD is a JPEG of a mockup of the score screen.

Unused Text


Found in DOOM0001.RFD:

From:	Michael Leslie
Sent:	23 April 2002 12:15
To:	Duncan Denning

There is now three bridges and there stone (column pieces) for the Bridge of Doom level.  All the graphics are in the Bridge parts directory.  

         1a       1b         1c    
         2a     2b     2c   2d
         3a        3b        3c

The parts (.bmp's) are laid out like this, an example image is available. 

give us a shout if u need anything else :)


Found in BUBBLE0001.RFD:

When the bubbles is on frame 5 can you bring Bubbles the character down 11 pixels

counter cords for bus.txt

Found in OLDFOLK0001.RFD:

persons that appear in bus

1 - 365/238
2 - 372/241
3 - 379/245
4 - 386/248
5 - 393/252
6 - 401/256
7 - 408/260
8 - 415/263
9 - 422/267
10 - 429/270

arrow above bus = 398/174

Numbers = 418/176