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The Quiet Man

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Title Screen

The Quiet Man

Developer: Human Head Studios
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4
Released internationally: November 1, 2018

MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.

The Quiet Man is a brawler for PS4 and Windows. Brought to you by the localization producer of Rune Factory 3 and the developer of Rune, it launched with only a muffled audio track, the full audio only being released a week later as a new game+ option. It has been widely criticized for its strange portrayal of a deaf protagonist, and of people of color, as well as for a general lack of quality.

Unused Video


An extremely high quality backflip over a car, intended to be used before the laundromat scene.


A rough early version of the shot of Dane chasing after the van and entering the laundromat.


A shot of Dane entering the laundromat. The filename implies there might have been a fight in the laundromat planned, replaced in the released version with Dane doing a gymnastics maneuver off of a bald man's head.


An early, unfinished version of a cutscene. Oddly, the police lights are sparking.


An unused enemy arrival animation. Notably, a character is seen using a ladder, which never occurs in the released version.


Unused interstitial animation between scenes. Another ladder here.


An unfinished version of a cutscene with a few extra shots that would have explained how Dane escaped the police raid and found Robert. The reason for their removal is unclear.


A shot of Dane grabbing a ladder.


An unfinished combat intro.


Dane opens a scary door.


A shot of Dane leaving a subway station as the train departs.


A shot of Dane failing to grab a ladder.


An unfinished clip of Dane spotting a person wearing Isaac's jacket, presumably a placeholder model.


Dane finishes looking at Isaac and jumps down from his wooden brooding perch.


A rough looking version of the cutscene before the Isaac fight.


A clip of Lala composited onto a city background, used to generate the "shattering glass" effect after the Isaac fight.


An intro to the interstitial 'waiting room' fight before the final arena.


Outro to the 'waiting room' fight.


An unfinished version of the 'final clash' scene, presumably used to produce the final edited version.


Animation tests(?) featuring Dane and Robert.


A montage with Robert's fight dialog played over top. The only file with dialog included pre-patch, and it's some of the last lines spoken in the game.


A clip of Lorraine's actor (who also played Lala) saying "Honey, it's okay." in front of a bluescreen. Used for the with-sound ending cutscene.

107_audio_version_test.avi and 107_audio_version_test_muffled.avi

Two identical files with no audio tracks. An early version of the extended ending cutscene that would be used for the with-audio ending. Has some of the effects from the final version, differentiating it from Scene_107A_QM_Mask.bk2 - the eye glass cracking with the punch is included, but Dane's injury and the dramatic zoom on the eyepiece are not.