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The Simpsons: Hit & Run/Oddities

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Within the final game, there are some strange and overlooked things which point to the game earlier in development.


  • Various gags around the game involving characters still use character models from The Simpsons: Road Rage. Pre-release screenshots and footage of this game shows that the Road Rage models were used throughout this game's development, so these are obviously leftovers.
The Homer eating cheese gag uses his Road Rage model.

Krusty Glass

  • In the final cutscene, an early version of the Krusty glass with a different logo is present. This design actually is present in the final game, but in a different place, on the glass tube beneath the Sit-n-Rotate in Level 2.
Early Final
Krusty logo.bmp.png Krusty HumanCola Glass 8bitt 64x64.bmp.png

Springfield Gasoline signs

  • Levels 3 and 6 use an odd misspelled variation of the "Springfield Gasoline", erroneously spelling it "Springfeild". Both textures have identical names (newsign.bmp), but for some reason the misspelled variant is significantly higher-quality than the correct one. This is possibly just a developer oversight, forgetting to change the texture in levels 3 and 6 to the right spelling.
Level 1 Level 3
Newsign.bmp.png Newsign.bmp level3.png

Main Menu Oddities

  • The color of the chimney on the Flanders house is white when viewed from the main menu, the scrapbook, and the interior of the Simpsons house. When viewed in the actual level itself, the color of the chimney is pink. This suggests the color of the chimney was changed late in development.
Main Menu In-Game
SHAR flandersChimney camset.png SHAR flandersChimney l1z1.png

  • There are two different versions of the Simpsons family portrait in the main menu: One that is hidden out of view of the camera which uses cartoon designs from the show, and one that is in view of the camera that uses pre-rendered Road Rage models.
Hidden Portrait Visible Portrait
SHAR simpsonsPortraitEarly.png SHAR simpsonsPortraitFinal.png

  • While it can't normally be seen, the house facing 742 Evergreen Terrace has a gate in the main menu, whereas in game, it does not. This appears to be a beta leftover, as the Sizzle Reel demo shows a gate in front of the house.
Main Menu In-Game
SHAR camset outside.png SHAR l1z1 outsideRepro.png

  • The fence seen separating the Simpsons' and Flanders' houses from each other appear to differ in-game and in the main menu; The main menu has the fence as picketed and brown in colour, while the in-game fence is squared and khaki in colour.
Main Menu In-Game
SHAR FE fence red.bmp.png SHAR Fence cedar.bmp.png

Scrapbook Images

  • The scrapbook images for each level were taken from earlier designs of every level. These were obviously made before the earliest Sizzle Reel demo was released.
    • Most of the images lack a background design, and instead feature a coloured sky to represent the time of day. The only exception to this is Level 2 and Level 4's images; Level 4's seems to be an earlier, cloudier skybox.
    • Level 1's image has the Evergreen Terrace sign in front of the garden of the house facing 742 Evergreen Terrace, alongside very early designs of the evergreen trees behind and around the house. In addition, the Flanders' house has a different coloured chimney, and the shrub designs are different . The textures for the trees and shrubs are still used for the bonus race of Level 1.
    • Level 2's image has the Statue of Jebediah Springfield facing the City Hall rather than the Court House. In addition, the skybox suggests that the level originally took place around sunrise or sunset (consistent with an early piece of concept art found on the PR Assets disc); this was likely changed due to the story of the level requiring the time of day to match Bart being truant from school. The benches and dust bins are also in different shots.
    • Level 3's image features the unused gag of Moleman's Cadillac facing out of Planet Hype. In addition, Burns' Casino can be seen at an angle different to that in the final game.
    • While hard to see, Level 4's image features an early version of the Springfield Elementary School's sign, which appears to have been made out of stone and much more simplistic to the final sign. In addition, the lighting of the windows is in different places and not as bright as it is in the final game.
    • Level 5's image is mostly the same, but the windows of Moe's Tavern lacks bars.
    • Level 6's image features the Squidport Sign in a different place to that of the final game. The buildings' windows are not lit up, and the image lacks the Buzz Cola banners and balloons.
    • Level 7's image features the earliest version of the level. The lighting and colour of the school and area around it appear to be blue, rather than orange. In addition, the broken bus seen in the school's sandbox pit is found parked in front of the school. The skybox of the level is greenish-yellow, much like early prerelease screenshots of Level 7's unused background, and most of the houses surrounding the left of the school and prison are missing.
  • Some of the scrapbook photos for the mission select were taken from an earlier version of the game with some minor differences.
    • One of the scrapbook pictures for Level 7 shows the spinning billboard for the Kwik-E-Mart calling it the "SPOOK-E-Mart". While the SPOOK-E-Mart textures are used for the Kwik-E-Mart's signs in Level 7, it is not used on the spinning billboard. This is unusual because not a single trace of the rotating "SPOOK-E-Mart" sign remains in the game aside from this image; it's unknown why the sign was completely removed from the files. This is likely an oversight by the developers.
Scrapbook In-Game
SHAR mis07 03.png SHAR mis07 03 ingame.png

Area Code signs

  • The "You are now entering/leaving" signs which state the area code in levels 1, 4 and 7 appear to show a VERY early design of Evergreen Terrace (specifically, the area leading north from the cemetery) which doesn't seem to match with anything present in the final game. This is potentially the earliest image of the game in existence, as all later screenshots (including the level scrapbook images) seem to have near-finalised layouts.
Areacode base.bmp.png

  • The road appears to have an additional two lanes.
  • The house designs are much different to those featured in the game. Particularly, Wiggum's House doesn't appear to exist.
  • There are no houses in the distance, but trees can be seen in the background. This matches up with the Level 1 scrapbook picture.
  • The Evergreen Terrace sign is missing, also matching up with the Level 1 scrapbook picture.

Human Cola

  • Some filenames and certain textures imply that Buzz Cola wasn't originally Buzz Cola, but rather known as Human Cola, and the Buzz Cola plot point wasn't decided upon until later in the game. This makes the level 5 billboard which reads "Buzz Cola - For Humans." make a little more sense as a joke with the original name.

Bonus Game

  • A considerable number of Bonus Game tracks seem to have been forgotten about when their respective levels were edited, as several things reflect an earlier build of the game.
  • Level 1's Bonus Map contains an earlier version of the shrub texture that closely matches pre-release footage and the scrapbook level preview. Compared to the main game's shrub texture, it is nearly identical except for using darker shades of green.
Bonus 1 Shrub Texture Level 1 Shrub Texture
SHAR b01 shrubRound.png SHAR l1 TERRA shrubRound.png

  • Level 1's Bonus Map also contains an earlier version of the evergreen tree model that's much rougher looking than the model used in the main game. These trees are the same ones used in the scrapbook photo and the Sizzle Reel footage.
Bonus 1 Evergreen Tree Level 1 Evergreen Tree
SHAR b01 tree.png SHAR l1z1 tree.png

  • Level 2's Bonus Map uses an earlier skybox seen in pre-release footage with an animated sun not present in the main game, more clouds and an overall darker sky than the main game's skybox, different textures for the scrolling clouds, and light beams coming down from the clouds also not present in the main game.
Bonus 2 Skybox Level 2 Skybox
SHAR b02 skybox.png SHAR l2 TERRA skybox.png

  • Level 3's Bonus Map contains an earlier version of the C-Spanker with less detail than the main game. It has a near-finalized layout, but is missing one of the major shortcuts. The ramp on-board the ship that leads to said shortcut also uses a different texture.
Bonus 3 C-Spanker Level 3 C-Spanker
SHAR b03 CSpanker.png SHAR l3r3 CSpanker.png

  • Level 3's Bonus Map also has the crates on-board the C-Spanker used to climb onto the shipping container with the Bonus Vehicle in a different location, suggesting the Bonus Vehicle was once in a different location in the main game. Said crates are also using a different texture.
Bonus 3 Crate Location Level 3 Crate Location
SHAR b03 CSpankerCrates.png SHAR l3r3 CSpankerCrates.png

  • The rear of the C-Spanker in Level 3's Bonus Map is considerably different from how it appears in the main game. The biggest difference is that textures from the Taffy Shop are used instead of the Monorail textures, the walkway of the staircase uses the texture of the hand-railings, and the hand-railings are slightly taller. Overall, the rear of the C-Spanker isn't as wide as it is in the main game.
Bonus 3 C-Spanker Rear Level 3 C-Spanker Rear
SHAR b03 CSpankerRear.png SHAR l3r3 CSpankerRear.png

  • Level 5's Bonus Map contains an earlier version of the common large tree model that is used throughout Levels 2 and 5. The trunk and branches are mostly the same, albeit less detailed, but the leaves are considerably different.
Bonus 5 Large Tree Level 5 Large Tree
SHAR b05 tree.png SHAR l5z1 tree.png

  • Level 5's Bonus Map also contains earlier versions of the Itchy and Scratchy floats seen in Levels 2 and 5. The main difference is that they have red gloves instead of white gloves, the Scratchy float has its tail facing a different direction, and their proportions and sizes are ever so slightly different.
Bonus 5 Floats Main Game Floats
SHAR b05 itchyFloat.pngSHAR b05 scratchyFloat.png SHAR l5z4 itchyFloat.pngSHAR l5z4 scratchyFloat.png

  • Level 6's Bonus Map also uses an earlier skybox seen in pre-release footage with scrolling clouds not present in the main game, slightly different colors for the sky, an ocean that's considerably more blue than the main game's skybox, and a reflection of the moon in the ocean that sparkles which is completely missing the sparkling effect from the main game.
Bonus 6 Skybox Level 6 Skybox
SHAR b06 skybox.png SHAR l6 TERRA skybox.png

  • Within the files for each Bonus Map is an earlier version of the Environment Map texture that's vastly different from the version used in the main game. Because of this, the reflections on the vehicles look slightly different in the Bonus Game than they do in the Main Game.
Bonus Environment Map Main Game Environment Maps
SHAR bonus EnvMap.png SHAR mainGame EnvMap.pngSHAR level7 EnvMap.png

Level Movies

Some of the level movies in the game seem to have been created earlier in development, as they contain differences to the final game.

  • Beta versions of the Level 1 Movie show Homer eating a donut at the start. While this was changed to Homer drinking a can of Duff Beer in the final game, the sound of Homer eating the donut still plays.
  • The level 2 movie shows an earlier version of the Springfield Stadium area. There are street lights and Duff banners present in the movie that are missing entirely from the main game. The phone booth, vending machines, curve in the sidewalk by the fountain, and the fences that prevent entry into the stadium from the main game are missing in the movie. The Springfield Stadium sign was completely overhauled between the movie and the main game. The randomized sign was moved from below the Springfield Stadium sign to above it, and is using a different font. Various textures were changed around slightly in the area, especially on the sidewalk. The STOP texture in the road is mirrored in the movie, but was fixed in the main game.
Level 2 Movie Level 2 In-Game
SHAR L2Movie StadiumArea.png SHAR L2R4 StadiumArea.png

  • The level 2 movie is also using a skybox that is slightly different from the main game's skybox. It seems to be a mix between the main game's skybox and the bonus map's skybox, but is overall closer to the main game's skybox.
The near-finalized skybox in the Level 2 Movie.

  • The level 6 movie shows an earlier version of the duff brewery. Shipping containers are present which aren't in the main game, and the duff trucks are in different positions as well. The breakable gates are in a slightly different position, but this was likely done for the movie. The duff silos are much taller and are connected directly into the pipes instead of having duff pour into them, and there is an area blocked off by a duff truck that was completely removed from the main game. The chimneys on the brewery building are taller than they are in the main game, and the duff blimp was rotated counterclockwise. Lastly, an even earlier version of the bonus map skybox is being used.
Level 6 Movie Level 6 In-Game
SHAR L6Movie DuffArea.png SHAR L6Z4 DuffArea.png

  • The level 6 movie also contains the early version of the 70's Sports Car with the license plate in the rear as well as a different light setup. This is an even earlier version of the car than what is seen in pre-release materials. The tail lights are present, but the reverse and decorative turn signal lights are not.
The 70's Sports Car in the Level 6 Movie.

  • The level 7 movie contains an earlier version of the Springfield Elementary School playground. Overall, the terrain is significantly hillier, especially around the area where the UFO crashes. The slide, school bus, and monkey bars are completely missing, as well as some of the large trees. A tower is present on top of the school that is missing from the main game. The tower is present in Levels 1 and 4, however. The school has a different color scheme, but is otherwise nearly identical to the main game. One small geometrical difference is present that suggests going on the roof of the school wasn't added to the game yet. The windows on the school are using different textures, and the windows that are lit up are different from the main game. The textures used throughout the area are more primitive than those found in main game, as well as the skybox, which is the same skybox seen in very early pre-release materials of Level 7.
Level 7 Movie Level 7 In-Game
SHAR L7Movie PlaygroundArea.png SHAR L7Z3 PlaygroundArea.png

  • Also in the level 7 movie, an earlier version of the Krusty Glass texture is clearly visible, and the area past the blocked off bridge is missing, which makes it feel empty in comparison to the main game. This was likely done for the sake of the cutscene.
The early Krusty Glass in the Level 7 Movie.

  • The area surrounding the UFO also appears to be considerably different compared to the final game. The houses in the background are mostly the same, but are coloured differently. The UFO is positioned at the top right of the baseball field, rather than in the center as it is in-game. The grass texture appears to be more patchy and a brighter shade of green. The shrubs surrounding the houses are actually the same texture used in Level 1 and 4, rather than the texture used in Level 7. In addition, there are various trees surrounding the houses that are not seen in the final game.


Springfield Elementary HUD Icon
The HUD Icon for the Playground.
  • The HUD Icon for Springfield Elementary's playground lacks the broken-down bus but features the unused roundabout gag. This matches up with the Scrapbook image of Level 7, which features the bus at the front of the school rather than at the back. The roundabout gag's co-ordinates are actually set at the playground near 742 Evergreen Terrace rather than Springfield Elementary, suggesting that there were originally two roundabout gags.
    • In addition, Level 7's cutscene lacks the bus as well.
Outdoor Textures
  • The window textures for Bart's Room and the living room in Level 4 show a darkened image of the backyard that was obviously taken in Level 1. However, unlike most of the oddities listed above, the images appear to be of the final design of the level.
  • The window texture for the Android's Dungeon in Level 3 shows an earlier version of the area, Most of the area is the same as it was in the final game, but the "Eat Deer!" billboard was later moved to the northeastern road, and the billboard for what is "Hams Ahoy!" in the final game is one that doesn't match anything else in the game.
    • The window texture in Level 6 is actually an edited version of this image, but it features the same lamppost lighting seen in the Sizzle Reel video of Level 6.
    • In addition, the two window textures in Level 6 (the Android's Dungeon and the Observatory) feature the prerelease Level 6 skybox rather than the one used in the final game. This oddity is also present with the Bonus Level.
  • The window texture for the DMV in Level 5, much like Level 6's window texture, appears to have been edited from Level 2's. The skydrop doesn't resemble the final or prerelease versions of the game, and the kiddie ride gag from Level 2 can be seen at the Try-N-Save.
Car Park Oddities
  • The cars parked in the parking garages in Levels 2 and 5 are based off of earlier versions of the traffic cars in the main game.
Early Compact Car Final Compact Car
SHAR l2 parkedCarA.png SHAR l2 parkedCarAFinal.png

Early Pickup Final Pickup
SHAR l2 parkedCarB.png SHAR l2 parkedCarBFinal.png

Early SUV Final SUV
SHAR l2 parkedCarD.png SHAR l2 parkedCarDFinal.png

Very Early Sports Car A Early Sports Car A Final Sports Car A
SHAR l2 parkedCarC.png SHAR l5 parkedCarC.png SHAR l2 parkedCarCFinal.png

  • The car colours appear to be much brighter than those used in the final game. While most of the car colours go used in the final game, the white colour used on the early Compact Car does not.
  • The windows are a darker shade of blue.
  • The early design of the Compact Car lacks a door handle and has matte black trimming on the doors and pillars.
  • The earliest design of the Sports Car A (only seen in Level 2) features a hudcap design not seen anywhere else in the game, lacks a spoiler, has a grille, lacks a pillar on the greenhouse, has a different rear fascia, and the front is a lot less curved. Some elements of this design, such as the paintjob, rear, and grille, were carried over to the Cell Phone Users' Car.
  • The second design of the same car is very similar, but lacks a grille, has the headlights down, and features different rims. The paintjob and rims are the same as those used on the Ferrini - Red.
Phone Booth Transparency Oddity
  • For some reason, the phone booth textures in levels 3 and 6 aren't transparent.
Levels 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 Levels 3 and 6
SHAR level1PhoneBooth.png SHAR level3PhoneBooth.png

Phone Booth Destroyed Vehicle Oddity
  • The menu for the phone booth uses pre-rendered images of the vehicles within the game. Of these renders, the render of the husk, which is what remains after a vehicle is destroyed, looks quite different in the phone booth than it does in the actual game. It resembles the kiddie-ride gag in Level 2 after it blows up.
Early Husk Final Husk
SHAR Husk Phonebooth.png SHAR Husk Model.png

70s Sports Car Oddities
  • The damage textures for the 70's Sports Car depict an earlier design of the car with different headlights, a different front grille, a brighter shade of green, and a license plate in the rear. Whenever the car becomes damaged enough, it reverts to this earlier design. The car also has the aforementioned license plate and a slightly different tail light design lacking reverse lights and turn signals in the level 6 movie.
Normal Damaged
SHAR sportsCarNormalFront.png

SHAR sportsCarNormalRear.png

SHAR sportsCarDamagedFront.png

SHAR sportsCarDamagedRear.png