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The Simpsons: Hit & Run/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

Unused HUD Icons

HUD Icons that are not used.


Mission Loading

Early Loading Screen Graphics

There exist placeholder loading screen graphics for each Level, where it was supposed to show Homer's desk becoming cluttered with more items over time rather than as a newspaper. Interestingly, there exists graphics up to Level 9 making this an early leftover. Also, an image of Marge reading a gaming magazine is seen, which is possibly an early mission briefing image for Bonestorm Storm similar to the ones seen in early screenshots.

Level01 Level02-Level09
TheSimpsonsHitandRun Level01.png TheSimpsonsHitandRun Level02.png

Miscellaneous Graphics

Art that is not seen in the game at all.


Various textures that don't appear in the game.

  • An earlier version of the Buzz Cola vending machines. It's interesting to note that the final texture does not include the Buzz Cola logo, which is part of a separate mesh. This texture is located in the files for L3/L6 and is used for the side of some racks holding tyres outside the gas station. While it is technically not unused, it is impossible to see the full texture in-game.
PopMachine.png vending.png
SHAR VendingMachine Beta.png SHAR VendingMachine Final.png
  • A parody of the painting "American Gothic" can be found in the files for the Stonecutter's tunnel in Level 1 and 4, indicating that it was supposed to have been used there. Interestingly, the object model for the painting can be found out-of-bounds three times in Levels 1 and 4.
Paintings B.bmp.png
  • An unused damaged texture for the Compact Car can be found in the texture files for the vehicle. Interestingly, it is the only traffic car that has damage textures. The damage texture is significantly different from the textures of the normal car, having different lights, a grille similar to the Cell Phone Users' Car, a different door handle, and a rim texture not used anywhere else.
CompactAChassisDam.bmp CompactA.bmp
Simpsonshit&run-compactachassisdam.bmp.png Simpsonshit&run-compacta.bmp.png