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The Simpsons: Hit & Run/Unused Models

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This is a sub-page of The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

Inside the game files, there are a number of models that go unused for unknown reasons.

Internal Name Image Description
franke_m Simpsons HnR - Frankenstein Boy.png Unused model for a male child pedestrian intended to spawn in Level 7. He shares his quotes with male children found in Level 1 to Level 6.
askinn_m SHAR skinner.png Unused 3D model of Agnes Skinner. Possibly meant to be a passenger in Skinner's Sedan (replacing the low-poly model of her present in the vehicle) however more likely meant as a pedestrian, as she has unique quotes for being hit, avoiding a car, and being kicked.

Using a cheat code, the player can cycle through every character model to allow them to play as any character in any level.

In the PC version, hold F1 and press Down Arrow, Down Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow in the options menu.

In the US GameCube version, enter the below Gecko code then press B during gameplay:

04011388 38600000
28442C88 00000040
04011388 38600001
E2000001 80008000

(Source: Ralf (GameCube code))


SHAR gaghomer.png

A model similar in appearance to Homer's Road Rage model, with a few subtle changes (no hair at the back of his head, a tongue and some teeth) intended for use on the title screen, as seen in early screenshots. This model is also found amongst the Main Menu models, which evidences this.


SHAR podium.png

A podium, presumably intended for the bonus game.


SHAR pedestal.png

An early version of the pedestal featured in the game.

Console Exclusive Files

Certain unused files can only be found inside the console versions of the game, as opposed to the PC version.


SHAR carbox p3d.png

A box, presumably for holding cars. The use of this box is unknown, however it is placed inside Level 6's files. Interestingly although it is inside the console versions it uses the file format of the PC version.

SHAR Unused Carbox Model.png

Placing it in game shows it to be incomplete. It has no animations on it at all. Other than that it works fine.


SHAR chaps.png

A pair of chaps, meant for use in the Level 7 bonus mission Flaming Tires. It does not seem to match Burns' character but does fit Smithers' character, so the mission may have originally involved collecting items for Smithers as well.


SHAR bbook.png

A phone book, again meant for use in Flaming Tires.


SHAR chat.png

A miner's helmet, again meant for use in Flaming Tires. Like chaps.p3d it doesn't match Burns' character.