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The Town With No Name

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Title Screen

The Town With No Name

Also known as: Town With No Name
Developer: Delta 4 Interactive
Publisher: On-Line Entertainment
Platforms: CDTV, DOS
Released in EU: October 1992

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

The Town With No Name is a parody(?) of Western movies, and... Well, it's a bit hard to explain. Some claim it's a shoddy game made for a dying console (the CDTV) and one of the worst games of all time (what with the creators trying to distance themselves from it)--others think it may be one of the first examples of a shitpost/joke game that somehow got published (what with its poor art and voice acting, bizarre dialogue and gags, and rudimentary gameplay).

While we may never know which one it is since the development of it is shrouded in mystery, two things are certain about it; it's entertaining, and it has unused content that we get to cover!

Unused Screen


To access this I sacrificed the pebble people.

An unused language select screen, known as "FLAGS" in the graphics files; It can be accessed in-game by replacing another 'SHOT' file with the file 'LINGOSHOT'. It is obviously incomplete, as only clicking the UK flag does anything and that seems to just return you back to the title screen--still, this means that apparently there were plans to localize this game in some capacity, which is a bit surprising.

Unused Animations



Found in the tutorial files. It was most likely supposed to be used while you're told about the action screen and you have to shoot Bernard the Bunny.

Evil Eb


Several unused animations of Evil Eb popping up from behind buildings and shooting. In the final game, Evil Eb is not fought at all - the player character spares him instead.



An animation of the priest talking, accompanied by a few of the game's other characters. Judging by the name of the animation, it could have been used if the character makes a mistake or as an alternative game over.



The shop apparently had one more item besides baked beans: the Prospector's Gold Panning Kit.



An animation of the store closing. This may have been used the second time you go to it.



An alternate variation of the game's title.


Twnn FMP2ANIM.gif

An unused opening credit.

Unused Graphics


Townnoname ORRIDTESTPIC.png

Some kind of placeholder image.


Back in town...

An unused version of the "MEANWHILE" splash card, on a sign instead of in the Back to the Future font.



The first of a unused set of images possibly intended for the 'making of bit'.



A rather confused looking Fergus points at something offscreen while holding a gun incorrectly. It is very similar to the used images in tone.





I have absolutely no clue, probably some sort of inside joke from Delta 4.

Unused Audio



A calliope-like tune, purpose unknown.


A bizarre tune, purpose unknown.


Probably an early version of the saloon jingle, or a loop for when in the saloon.


This song was most likely to be used for the upstairs area in the saloon.

Sound Effects

Several unused sound effects can be found. Where some of them could've been used is a mystery.

Audio Filename Note
AAAAHHHH! A high-pitched shriek.
AARRGGHHFX A low pitched scream, followed by a crash. Likely meant for when you jump off the 2nd floor of the saloon.
CRY4 A woman moaning loudly.
DRAWBANG A crude mouth gunshot noise.
RICOCHET A crude mouth ricochet noise.
STARWARSFX The Star Wars theme, intended for the train ending but cut likely due to copyright.


Low quality takes of the game's dialogue exist, likely from before the switch to CD audio. Somehow, the voice acting could have been even worse than it is in the final game.

Audio Filename Subtitle
BORNSTUDIDFX Wildcard McVee: Were you born stupid or did you have to learn to play this bad?
DONEHIMWRONGFX Zippy Zeke: Wow, man with no name! You shot Nasty Ned! You done him wrong, so I'm gonna shoot you!
GHOSTSAYSFX Man with No Name: The ghost with no name says, press button A to begin again, boy!
GOTMYREWARD Man with No Name: I got my reward, and now Nasty Ned was heading for his.
HADENOUGHFX Bartender: I've had enough of playing cards with you.
HEWILLPLAY Bartender: Hey, look, there's Wildcard Willy McVee. He'll play cards with you.
KILLEDMYBROTHER Cigarette Man: He's done it now, he's killed Evil Eb's littlest brother, and that means trouble.
LETTINGMEWINFX Wildcard McVee: Oh come on, stop letting me win.
MISSEDME Nasty Ned: Hah, you missed me! (gets hit by vulture)
ONEPAGEFX Man with No Name: Aw damn, just one page to go and I'd have finished this book! (dies)
OUCHBYEFX Nasty Ned: Ow! That really hurt! Anyhow, I gotta fall over now so I'll say goodbye.
QUEENSRULESFX Bartender: Alright, here's the queen. I'll slide these cards around and when I stop you select the card you think is queen.
READYFX Wildcard McVee: Ready?
SEENMYSPIDER Old Timer: Say boy, have you seen my pet spider around here? I've been looking for him everywhere.
SETTLETHISFX Wildcard McVee: Nobody beats me and nobody cheats me, and you've been trying to do both. Let's settle this now out in the street.
SHANEFX Man with No Name: So long.

Boy: Come back, Shane!
Man with No Name: My name's not Shane, kid.

TAKE10PACESFX Sheriff: Alright boys, take 10 paces up the street, spin around and come out shooting.
TELEGRAMFX Sheriff: Telegram for the man with no name.
THATSTORNIT Evil Eb's Littlest Brother: Dang, that's torn it! (dies)
TOOSLOWFX Several characters talking about being too slow. Possibly intended for CROWDMISTAKEANIM.
TURNANDFIREFX Sheriff: Okay, turn and fire!
WAISTCOATRUINFX Wildcard McVee: Oh no, this waistcoat is ruined! And it went right through the shirt as well! (dies)
YOULOSTFX Bartender: Aw, sorry, but you lost.
YOUWINFX Bartender: Ah, you won, stranger! You've won!

CD Audio

The tutorial narrator referencing a status feature that is not present in the game.

The entire tutorial script, but narrated by the priest.

Version Differences

The CDTV and DOS versions of the game contain some minor differences, mainly in the audio.


  • The opening scene uses a remix of the Good, The Bad and the Ugly theme, while the DOS version plays a different tune in a short loop.
  • In the saloon sex scene, the audio is different. In the CDTV version, it plays crude scat singing, while the DOS version uses... saucier audio.