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The Walking Dead (Windows)/400 Days

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This is a sub-page of The Walking Dead (Windows).

This page houses all of the unused dialogue, models, etc. from Telltale's The Walking Dead's DLC episode, 400 Days.

Unused Dialogue

Retakes, alternate outcomes for speech options, repurposed lines and completely removed segments.

Russell's Story


Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Nate Uh, fuck, yeah, why not. Might get there the long way.
Alternate response to Russell asking if he would take him to Statesboro.
Nate Betcha want that ride now, right?
Follow-up line while he waits for Russell to get in the car after being rejected.
Nate Last chance....

At one point, Russell was able to look at the sun at the start of his story, as indicated by this leftover interaction option. Sun

His reactions still remain in text form, but the related audio was deleted.

Speaker Subtitles
Russell It's getting late.
Russell Gotta find some place safe for when it gets dark.

Gil's Pitstop

Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Nate Gimme that.
Would've been said when Nate grabs his gun back from Russell, instead the line gets repurposed should Russell pull the gun on Nate during the shootout.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Nate Fine. Gramps, I'm sorry about your old lady.
Nate apologizing to Jean and Walt, likely prompted by Russell stating that he's done.
Nate Fine. Gramps, I'm sorry about your old lady.
Same as above, but sounding less sincere. Likely prompted by Russell asking him if he's serious.

One of the script notes for Jean reads "screaming, your husband was just shot in the head", although Walt gets shot in the chest in the final game. Either the note is just to set the general tone for the actress, or this was changed at some point in development. The former is more likely.

Unused Models & Textures

Becca Clothes

Textures for an alternate outfit for Becca. Their internal name sk55_beccach1_body indicates that Becca was meant to wear these clothes during chapter 1 of the DLC, which would be Vince's story. Becca and Shel still appear in Vince's story, but they appear identical to their appearances in Shel's story.

WalkingDead sk55 beccach1 body.png

Tavia Board Selection

It seems that Tavia once had her own picture attached to the notice board, which players could've then selected. In the final version, the player gains control of Tavia after completing all other stories.

Photograph Name
WalkingDead obj photosurvivortavia.png WalkingDead obj selectionboardphotosigntavia text.png

Wounded Tavia

As hinted by the selection remnants above, Tavia once had her own mini-story. In this story, she would've fallen and broken her back. The other 400 Days survivors would then perform a surgery on her, which would result in these stitches.

WalkingDead sk55 tavia bodystitched.png

General Notes

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Upload audio.
  • Nate, Dee, Leland, Stephanie, Wyatt and Clive each have unused lines.
  • In an audio clip, Clive asks Roman; "She had traveled a lot with you right? Was she not a bartender?" It is unknown whether he's talking about Shel or Stephanie. Also, he asks Roman if "Becca knows anything?" it is unknown what this line is supposed to be about. Presumably before Shel had to make the decision to kill Stephanie or drive away in the RV.
  • Stephanie has lines where it sounds like she is far away, although closer inspection proves that it is simply retakes of her lines in 'Bonnie's Story,' though it is unknown why this was scrapped.
  • Dee and Leland had one last conversation before she died in his arms. In the final, she is already dead before Leland arrives.

Early Designs

To do:
Add pictures of the unused textures.
  • Bonnie had another design when her first in-game screenshot was released. Her early looks, face and clothes are still present in the game's files.