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The Walking Dead (Windows)

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Title Screen

The Walking Dead

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Platform: Windows
Released in US: April 24, 2012
Released in EU: April 25, 2012

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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The Walking Dead is a game based on the comic of the same name. It kickstarted the popularity of this kind of interactive game, as well as the popularity of Telltale Games. All their future games would become very similar mechanic-wise.

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Unused Audio

There are many unused audio clips present in the game data, from retakes to unused backstories, different early names for certain characters, and remnants of unused or early content.

Unused Icons

There are unused icons for Episode 1: A New Day.

"Teapot" and the "Hammer" (not the same hammer as the one you bash Sandra with) is not used at any point. Running icon was available in Episode 2: Starved For Help. The rag concept was scrapped, and was added in Episode 3: Long Road Ahead.

The list of EP1 icons.

Episode 1: A New Day

  • During early character development, Katjaa panicked more and Duck was less enthusiastic compared to the retail version. Larry was more compassionate and admitted that he was wrong in believing that Duck was bitten more often than he did in the released version, which was only once depending on which choices you made.
  • An unused subquest was created for Doug before release but was removed. In early development, you had to knock the electricity pole on Lee's brother while Doug attracted the walkers away with Kenny's truck. Lee had to cut the electricity before cutting the pole down with a fire axe.
  • Additionally, you could choose who to come with you to save Irene, or leave her completely. Lee could choose only Carley to come with him, only Glenn, or neither of them. If Lee went alone, he would borrow Carley's Glock. Leaving Irene makes Glenn upset with Lee, and tries to convince him that they should go save the girl as well as check for supplies.
  • Lee had to find a hammer and a pair of nails while walkers were invading the pharmacy, hammering windows and doors to buy the group some time. Lee had to go to both Carley and Doug, assisting them with the hammer while they held the window/door.
  • In some promotional photos, Glenn's baseball cap has the New York Yankees logo on it. However, in the game it does not.

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Episode 2: Starved For Help

This episode had the largest amount of changes for Season 1.

  • When Lee meets the unknown group of distracted strangers, there was a completely different scene as either Lee, Kenny or Mark had to help Ben shoot the walkers while one of the three cut off Mr. Parker's leg. If Mr. Parker was left behind, Lee could have the option of leaving Ben as well or take him with you. If this option was made then Mark would die in the bandit raid at the St. Johns dairy, and Mr. Parker would take Mark's role of being dinner.
  • Travis did not exist originally at the beginning of the episode, he was added much later.
  • Ben was a completely different character in early development, he could use a rifle and was more scared than in the final. He also would tell what really happened to his classmates, and had to witness several traumas such as being forced to see rape. This was a major key factor left out, whereas Ben dealt with the bandits to save a friend he thought they had.
  • The group was already aware of the bandits, as they had attacked after the events of "A New Day".
  • Lee and the group could choose to bring gas or not. If Lee said no, then Andy would come back with some food every day until the group said yes. Ben would stay behind due to his trauma, with Kenny replacing him in the group going to the dairy. Lilly was more acceptable to the newest member, teaching him the basics.
  • Brenda had a different voice actor.
  • There is a dream sequence present in the game data, whoever you didn't save in Episode 1 would come back to haunt Lee in his dream asking why they weren't saved, and saying that Clementine will die because of his actions. Lee's ex-wife Sam and the senator Hans are mentioned as well. The scene ends with "Do you think you can save me this time?"
  • When the group arrived at the farm, the group could either take the biscuits or leave. (Refusing them apparently results in some hilarious dialogue between Mark and Carley/Doug.) Lee could also freely leave the farm and go back to the motor inn if desired.
  • There was more to Jolene. Depending on Lee's choice she could mention another bandit called Paul, and her daughter Danielle.
  • The dinner sequence was much larger, as an unused subquest occurred where Lee had to cut Clementine's food or let Lilly/Kenny do it. Lee could also choose to add more salt or pepper to Clementine's plate or let the two above do it. There were several retakes of a prayer, and Lee at this point had found out that Mark/David was dinner.
  • Larry's death was much more drawn out and emotional, as in his dying breath he would apologize to Lilly for not being able to protect her and her mother.
  • The group was scattered at first after the revelation of cannibalism. Lee would find Kenny first, who would have been shot beforehand, and then he would find Lilly before trying to rescue Duck and Katjaa.
  • Mark Darin stated in an interview that originally, Lee would have to move from stall to stall while avoiding detection by Danny St. John and he would have to place the bear trap in order to catch Danny (as opposed to him stumbling into it during a cutscene).
  • Originally the group did not find a station wagon, the food was in the barn. After Doug/Carley and Ben save Lee and the others and after Andy's fight, they all take a box and go back to the motor inn. The supply room was replaced with a bloody tub, metallic equipment and jars containing organs instead.
  • Additionally, after the survivors took the food, you could go around asking everyone how they felt about today's events in the motor inn. If Mr. Parker was left behind but Ben was taken he'd tell that it was a horrible fate for his teacher as he was a good man.
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Episode 3: The Long Road Ahead

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  • During the bandit attack, Lee had to save each individual, as the group was scattered all over the Motor Inn rather than saving Doug/Carley and Ben, then save Clementine, Katjaa and Duck from the vicious bandit attack.
  • Ben was supposed to tell Lee about his family on the train, but it was scrapped for this episode and added in "No Time Left."
  • Jolene was going to make a return via flashback, but this was scrapped for unknown reasons. Her lines are in audio clips. Interestingly enough there are audio clips of her screaming and crying for help, possibly while being raped (as she implies in the camcorder "You rapist mon-!" in the final version).

Episode 4: Around Every Corner

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  • Ben had the option of killing Fivel by a gunshot, and an unfinished animation where he stomps on the boy.
  • Ben also had an unused wish to die. He asks Lee to drop him because he and Kenny wants to, because he too believes that he is quoting this line "A fuck up for everyone." There is unused audio where he thanks Lee for dropping him, before getting devoured by walkers.
  • There is extra dialog that went unused between Clementine and Lee if he chooses to drop Ben much to her dismay, as she thought Ben was one of her closest friends and never thought of himself, only the group.
  • Anna Correa and Doctor Logan had a slightly bigger role via tapes. Doctor Logan tried to get Anna Correa out of Crawford, but was killed in the process, possibly by Oberson. This was scrapped when Molly was implemented.
  • There was a subquest where you lead Vernon to the mansion, and your group to Crawford via the sewers. This was most likely scrapped due to time constraints.

Episode 5: No Time Left

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  • There is an unused sequence where Lee and whoever came to find Clementine with him, had to navigate through the sewers, fighting walkers.
  • Lilly was slated to appear in this episode.
  • Lee and his group had 40 bullets to fight the Walkers in the mansion, but it was cut down to 11 in the final.
  • When confronted with the stranger, Lee has an unused option to tell about Lilly.
  • If Lee chooses to talk about Lilly; he'd reveal that she was a good woman who was a good friend until she lost her father, resulting in her killing Doug/Carley due to paranoia.
  • Kenny was originally set to die in this episode, but his death scene was scrapped.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Unused 400 Days lines

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  • Nate, Dee, Leland, Stephanie, Wyatt and Clive each have unused lines.
  • Nate has two unused audio clips where he apologizes to Waltz and Jean in a sincere tone, and in a tone that suggests that he is annoyed by this.
  • In an audio clip, Clive asks Roman; "She had traveled a lot with you right? Was she not a bartender?" It is unknown whether he's talking about Shel or Stephanie. Also, he asks Roman if "Becca knows anything?" it is unknown what this line is supposed to be about. Presumably before Shel had to make the decision to kill Stephanie or drive away in the RV.
  • Stephanie has lines where it sounds like she is far away, although closer inspection proves that it is simply retakes of her lines in 'Bonnie's Story,' though it is unknown why this was scrapped.
  • Dee and Leland had one last conversation before she died in his arms. In the final, she is already dead before Leland arrives.

Unused Character

  • There is an unused character who is not mentioned anywhere in the five episodes called "Nick Stokes". This is most likely a leftover model from one of Telltale's CSI games.
Nick Stokes

Early Designs

  • Bonnie had another design when her first ingame screenshot was released. Her early looks, face and clothes are still present in the game files.
  • Becca had Clementine's clothes, albeit recolored. Presumably a placeholder until her design was finished.
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