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The Walking Dead (Windows)/Episode 1: A New Day

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This is a sub-page of The Walking Dead (Windows).

This page houses all of the unused dialogue, models, etc. from Telltale's The Walking Dead's first episode, A New Day.

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General Notes

  • During early character development, Katjaa panicked more and Duck was less enthusiastic compared to the retail version. Larry was more compassionate and admitted that he was wrong in believing that Duck was bitten more often than he did in the released version, which was only once depending on which choices you made.
  • An unused subquest was created for Doug before release but was removed. In early development, you had to knock the electricity pole on Lee's brother while Doug attracted the walkers away with Kenny's truck. Lee had to cut the electricity before cutting the pole down with a fire axe.
  • Additionally, you could choose who to come with you to save Irene, or leave her completely. Lee could choose only Carley to come with him, only Glenn, or neither of them. If Lee went alone, he would borrow Carley's Glock. Leaving Irene makes Glenn upset with Lee, and tries to convince him that they should go save the girl as well as check for supplies.
  • Lee had to find a hammer and a pair of nails while walkers were invading the pharmacy, hammering windows and doors to buy the group some time. Lee had to go to both Carley and Doug, assisting them with the hammer while they held the window/door.
  • In some promotional photos, Glenn's baseball cap has the New York Yankees logo on it. However, in the game it does not.
The list of EP1 icons.

Unused Icons

This episode contains a couple of icons that go unused.

The "Teapot" and "Hammer" (not the same hammer as the one you bash Sandra with) icons aren't used at any point. The running icon was eventually used in Episode 2: Starved For Help. The rag concept was later re-used in Episode 3: Long Road Ahead.

Unused Models & Textures

Early versions of stuff that would get (re)used in the future, or just general unused models and textures.

Andy St. John

There are early textures present in this episode for Andy St. John. His pants changed from brown to dark blue, and his shirt changed from light grey with dark grey stripes, to black with light grey stripes. Except for the color changes, the texture is identical. His face texture got cleaned up a bit, but remained identical otherwise.

Early Final
WalkingDead sk54 andy body.png WalkingDead sk54 andy body NEW.png
Early Final
WalkingDead sk54 andy face.png WalkingDead sk54 andy face NEW.png

Danny St. John

Danny got the same treatment as his brother, with his textures also only seeing some coloration tweaks for his final release in Episode 2: Starved For Help. His shirt went from light green to a dark blue, and his brown pants were made lighter. His face texture was made darker altogether, featuring a darker skin tone as well as darker hair. It is interesting to note that both Andy and Danny can be seen using these textures in the "Next Time On The Walking Dead" segment at the end of the episode. They ALSO use their old color schemes in official concept art, indicating that the alteration of the colors might've been a late change.

Early Final
WalkingDead sk54 danny body.png WalkingDead sk54 danny body NEW.png
Early Final
WalkingDead sk54 danny face.png WalkingDead sk54 danny face NEW.png

Ben Paul

Like the St. Johns, Ben's textures also saw a slight modification when he was finally seen in Episode 2. His early textures had darker pants and shoes, but a lighter skin tone and hair color. He also uses these textures in the "Next Time On" segment showcasing Episode 2.

Early Final
WalkingDead sk54 ben body.png WalkingDead sk54 ben body NEW.png
Early Final
WalkingDead sk54 ben face.png WalkingDead sk54 ben face NEW.png


Mark probably had one of the more noticeable changes. In the "Next Time On" segment teasing Episode 2, Mark is seen with just a plain t-shirt. In the final release, some of his skin texture has been pasted over his shirt texture, as he now wears a jacket, which is a completely new mesh that didn't exist yet at the time of Episode 1's release. His glasses were also given more detail. His early face texture had a lighter skin tone, a lighter hair color, and a more noticeable beard, which was toned down in the final release.

Early Final
WalkingDead sk54 mark body.png WalkingDead sk54 mark body NEW.png
Early Final
WalkingDead sk54 mark face.png WalkingDead sk54 mark face NEW.png


Oddly enough, even Christa, who wouldn't appear until Episode 3: Long Road Ahead, already has textures present in Episode 1. The overall textures of her clothes were simply made darker, but her face texture saw some more noticeable changes. Her skin tone was made lighter, her eyebrows were completely redone, she was given some blue tones around her eyes, and textures on her cheeks, lips, nose, and ears were redrawn. The old texture also lacks the small loose strands of hair on her forehead.

Early Final
WalkingDead sk55 christa body.png WalkingDead sk55 christa body NEW.png
Early Final
WalkingDead sk55 christa head.png WalkingDead sk55 christa head NEW.png