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The Walking Dead: Season Two

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Title Screen

The Walking Dead: Season Two

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 3
Released internationally: December 17, 2013

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

The Walking Dead: Season Two follows from the events of Season One.

To do:
  • More documentation on: unused graphics, text, audio, animations and models.
    • Specifically for each episode.
    • There used to be a option to shoot Mike with the gun in Episode 5 in the PS3 Version, but it was later removed in the other versions of the game.
  • Formatting.
  • Better documentation about all of the music and diorama changes between every version of the game.
  • Better documentation on what versions of the game have been data mined


TheWalkingDeadSeason2 Telltale EP1 Icon.png
Episode 1: All That Remains
TheWalkingDeadSeason2 Telltale EP2 Icon.png
Episode 2: A House Divided
TheWalkingDeadSeason2 Telltale EP3 Icon.png
Episode 3: In Harm's Way
TheWalkingDeadSeason2 Telltale EP4 Icon.png
Episode 4: Amid The Ruins
TheWalkingDeadSeason2 Telltale EP5 Icon.png
Episode 5: No Going Back

Unused Text

In the PlayStation 3 version, there is an unused .landb file containing early episode names for Episodes 2, 3, and 5.

Speech=Playing Episode 2: Don't Look Back.
Speech=Playing Episode 3: In Cold Blood.
Speech=Playing Episode 5: Better to Sleep.

Unused Graphics

UI Elements

Some UI leftovers from The Wolf Among Us.

The Walking Dead Season Two Telltale safeArea.png

Title-safe and Action-safe area guide, a detailed explanation on its purpose can be found here.

Episode Backgrounds

There was originally a 3-episode mini-series DLC planned for The Walking Dead: Season Two, however it was later developed to be a standalone game and is now known as The Walking Dead: Michonne.

Possibly a developer oversight, grayscaled episode backgrounds from The Wolf Among Us are used as placeholders.

Episode Screen Differences

Episode 1: All That Remains

Early Final
Telltale Walking Dead Season Two EP1 Beta Diorama.png Telltale Walking Dead Season Two EP1 Diorama.png

Unlike Episodes three and four, All That Remains never had its diorama changed throughout the releases of the other episodes, and the same can be said for episodes two and five. The final versions of these dioramas have been the only versions to be implemented into the game. The beta dioramas come from a website that had the portfolio of one of the UI designers for S2. Someone managed to save all of them before they were removed. A user from the Telltale forums named SargeantMario101 made side by side comparisons of all of the dioramas for Season 2, which can be found here for easy viewing.

For educational purposes, you can also view the final release of the dioramas without their UI here, and their menu backgrounds without their UI can be found here as well.

In the beta diorama for All That Remains, Clementine has more blood seeping out of her arm than in the final version. It's been speculated that this is most likely because she would have been shot by Winston instead of getting bitten by the dog. This is also implied by the position she is holding her arm in. It's also worth mentioning that She looks more angry and determined in the beta diorama, rather than afraid and helpless like in the final version.

As mentioned in the unused music section for All That Remains, this is the original music that would have accompanied this diorama. In the final game it can be heard in the import file section, as well as whenever you decide to pause the game. This song was used in certain versions for the diorama when the game initially released, but was changed in later updates.

Episode 2: A House Divided

Early Final
Telltale walking dead Season two EP2 beta diorama.png Telltale Walking Dead Season Two EP2 diorama.png
Telltale Walking Dead S2 202 Diorama files.png

There is not much different from the original slide and the final version other than the obvious name change and the position that Johnny is to Troy. Interestingly enough, there are files within the game such as "ui_diorama_202_carverJohnny_obj_binocularsWD.anm" which indicates that Carver was originally going to use Troy's model.

This is the unused music that would have accompanied this diorama. This song did play before the release of episode 2, but was later changed upon its official release.

Episode 3: In Harm's Way

Early Final
The Walking Dead Season Two Telltale EP3 Screen Unpatched.png The Walking Dead Season Two Telltale EP3 Screen Patched.png
Telltale the walking dead Season 2 EP3 Beta Diorama.png

This episode screen was updated upon its official release, changing the background from the bathroom of the lodge in episode 2 to Howe's Hardware with the prison bars overlay removed entirely. The episode was originally called In Cold Blood, and although there is no apparent background in the beta version, you can see a shadow looming over Clementine and Rebecca. Although it's not clear what the shadow is or if it has any significance, it can be assumed that it most likely represents Carver.

This is the original music that would have accompanied this diorama. This song was used when the game first released but was changed in later versions of the game

Episode 4: Amid The Ruins

Early Final
The Walking Dead Season Two Telltale EP4 Screen Unpatched.png The Walking Dead Season Two Telltale EP4 Screen Patched.png
PS3 European Version Second Ps3 European Version with Vince Silhouette
Telltale Walking Dead EP4 Ps3 Euopean Diorama .png Telltale Walking Dead second European Version (Vince Silhouette).png

Clementine's animation, blood pattern on her face and camera angle is different in the early screen when compared to the final screen. The Amid the Ruins diorama was changed a total of four times; each of these screens have subtle differences to each other, but one thing to note is that Eddie is visible in all of them. It has been said that the Vince silhouette diorama was a ps3 exclusive, but this isn't true as it is also available on the xbox 360 version if you don't update the game (The free version).

This is the unused song that would have accompanied this diorama. This was used upon the game's initial release, but was later changed after episode fours official release

It's worth mentioning that the diorama was changed one more time on the definitive edition of the game. Clementine doesn't have the blood on her face anymore. Although this has further sparked confusion and discussion over the cryptic nature of this diorama, this is actually just a glitch that Telltale never bothered to fix. There are files within the game itself to reapply the blood on Clementine's face

Clementine's Bloodied face texture still present in the Def edition Definitive Edition Diorama with Bloodied face
Telltale Walking Dead S2 EP4 Clementine Bloodied face texture .png
TWD S2 EP4 Blood face .png

There is also another version of the Amid The Ruins diorama with Clementine's hat on

Episode 5: No Going Back

Early Final
Telltale Walking Dead Season Two EP5 Beta Diorama.png Telltale Walking Dead Season Two EP5 Diorama.png

"No Going Back" was originally titled "Better to Sleep". On the original version, you can see the silhouette of Clementine walking into the distance, and she appears to be holding Aj with her left arm. This is of course representative of the cut ending where you had the choice to either leave Aj to fend for himself in whiteout conditions to ensure your survival; most definitely ensuring Aj's death, or to not give up on Aj, which practically ensures that both Clementine and Aj die together in the grueling blizzard.

Unlike all of the other dioramas, Episode 5 never at one point used its original music, but it was in the files of the game which is how people found it. Interestingly enough, the ps3/ps vita versions of the game still shows the name "Better to Sleep" in its trophy listings