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The Walking Dead (Windows)/Episode 5: No Time Left

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This is a sub-page of The Walking Dead (Windows).

This page houses all of the unused dialogue, models, etc. from Telltale's The Walking Dead's fifth episode, No Time Left.

General Notes

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  • There is an unused sequence where Lee and whoever came to find Clementine with him, had to navigate through the sewers, fighting walkers.
  • Lee and his group had 40 bullets to fight the Walkers in the mansion, but it was cut down to 11 in the final.
  • When confronted with the stranger, Lee has an unused option to tell about Lilly.
    • If Lee chooses to talk about Lilly; he'd reveal that she was a good woman who was a good friend until she lost her father, resulting in her killing Doug/Carley due to paranoia.
  • In an interview with Gavin Hammon, the voice actor for Kenny, he revealed that it was originally very clear that Kenny died in the alleyway near the end of the episode. This was later revised to leave his fate more ambiguous. Hammon also revealed that there was a possibility of Lilly returning with the RV in this episode, but for some reason it didn't work out[1]:
Well, I know that when I first recorded ep 5, it was extremely clear that Kenny died in that alley. Like, suffering, screaming, gurgling dead. But in a pick up session (a shorter follow up recording session to fix changes or revisions) the alley scene was more somber, Kenny was more resigned and none of that gurgling death audio was included. There were lots of other revisions throughout the process, but none that I can recall that were as dramatic. There was talk of Lily showing up in Kenny's RV, but that didn't seem to work out.