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The Walking Dead (Windows)/Episode 2: Starved For Help

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This is a sub-page of The Walking Dead (Windows).

This page houses all of the unused dialogue, models, etc. from Telltale's The Walking Dead's second episode, Starved For Help.

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Unused Dialogue

Opening Forest Sequence

8 lines marked with an asterisk have their associated subtitles stored in the file forestbeartrap_lee_mark_english.landb. The others have had theirs made from scratch, and as such might not be 100% punctuated like the developers intended. All lines are from an earlier version of the episode's start, with Mark and Lee by themselves.

Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Lee I'm too hungry to think.
Lee Maybe if we could spot a deer...
Mark Deer? Hell, I'd be happy to find a raccoon. Anything the Walkers haven't already ripped apart.
Lee I dont know, Mark.
Mark* I thought we'd be fine if we survived the Walkers. Never expected that they'd starve us out.
While the line never gets said by anyone in the final release, it is said during Episode 1's "Next Time On" segment. However, in the segment, the line is spoken by Lee, not Mark.
Lee Maybe instead of hunting, we should head back to Robins. See if there are any MRE's left.
"Robins" refers to Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgia. This is where the group encountered Mark, but it never gets explicitly named in the final release.
Mark No way I'm going back there. You saw what it was like when you guys picked me up, completely overrun.

It seems that, at this point, you would've had the usual set of three responses alongside silence.

Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Lee But that was over two months ago, maybe they've wandered off.
Mark I'm not going back there.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Lee We've gotten better at defending ourselves since then.
Mark There's still only seven of us, and only five of us any good with a gun.
Mark's math is off. Including himself, there would be nine people in the group at this point.
Lee That, uh, includes you?
Mark Okay, four and a half.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Lee Beats wasting time out here, everything's dead.
Mark Everything except us, and I wanna keep it that way. I barely got out of that base alive.

From this point onwards, it seems that the conversation between Lee and Mark would've simply continued, irregardless of what Lee said previously.

Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Mark You guys went to the base looking to be rescued by the military, and you ended up with a mechanic.
A reason for why the group went to the Air Force base is never given in the final release.
Lee You've been a big help, Mark.
Mark Thanks.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Lee We've settled on "Walkers", then?
Mark Yeah, I guess. Still can't bring myself to say "zombies".
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Lee What does Lily think?
Mark These days? She's more concerned about Larry than making any long-term plans.
Mark What's his problem with you, anyway?

Again, you would get three possible responses, and silence, to choose from. These responses are very similar to the ones used in the final release.

Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Lee* He thinks I'm a danger to the group.
Mark* That's bullshit. You've saved his life -- hell, all our lives -- plenty of times in the last few months.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Lee He's an old racist asshole, that's his problem.
Mark Eh, he's not all bad. He's worried about his daughter.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Lee I have no idea.
Mark Well, we're stuck with him. Lily won't do anything without checking with him first.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Lee Maybe Kenny's had more luck.
Mark Haven't heard any gunfire.
Mark I don't like him going off on his own, but I guess he's always been anxious to leave the group behind.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Mark I mean -- when you found Clementine, why'd you take on that responsibility?
Mark So why did you do it, Lee?
Lee She would've died without me.
Mark Things can, uh, get tense back at camp. Lily and Kenny sure got different ways of doing things. It wouldn't have been that way back on Robins.
Mark And Larry's not helping. What's that guy's deal?

These lines originate from the file env_forestbeartrap_english.landb. A majority of them are alternate takes of finalized lines.

Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Mark Lee, this trap's been altered. It needs some kind of custom tool to open it.
Alternate take of the final line "Lee, this trap's been altered. There's no release latch."
Mark Lee, this trap's been altered. It can't be opened until after it's completely shut.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Mark Lee, this trap's been altered. These should be easy to open.
Extended, alternate take of the final line.
Mark This one doesn't have a release!
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Mr. Parker Lee! Please!!!
This line goes unused, but it's interesting for two reasons. For one, Mr. Parker shouldn't know Lee's name. More notable is that line did get used for episode 1's "Next Time On" segment.

Farmhouse Dinner Sequence

Apparently, while Lee was off to wash his hands, some ambient scenes would have played out. They would've given some extra backstory to members of both groups. The associated subtitles are stored in the file env_dairymainhouseinterior_english.landb.

Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Andy What do you do for a living, Ken?
Kenny I.. uh... I was a fisherman down in Fort Lauderdale.
Kenny Commercially, Snapper and Yellowfin mostly. But in the summers I'd take tourists out for some sailfish!
Kenny I tell ya, there ain't nothing like fresh tuna straight from the sea - to the grill - to the plate!! Especially the way Kat cooks it up!
Danny Man, that sounds nice! Daddy used to take us out for largemouth bass when we were kids.
Danny If we were lucky we'd bring in a Sturgeon or two, but man... Never been out in the deep sea.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Danny Where ya from Katjaa? That accent sure ain't from Georgia!
Katjaa No, definitely not! My family is from Latvia, but we moved to Florida when I was in my teens.
In the final game, Katjaa can reveal that she's from Belgium in a determinant conversation in Episode 3.
Katjaa I met Ken after I opened my Veterinary office. He came in with a sick octopus!
Kenny What? Where else was i gonna take it?
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Kenny Dan, did you always work here at the dairy?
Danny Me? No, that was Daddy's business. I ran an insurance company over in Decatur.
Lilly Decatur?
Andy Yeah, well Dan felt it would be best to get away from Macon for a while. Had some... trouble.
Danny Yeah, anyway, it was good business. But then all this shit went down, and I had to come home. Family's more important, ya know?
Spoken dialogue says "a good business".
Kenny I hear that.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Larry How long ya had this Dairy?
Andy Long as I can remember. We grew up here. Dan and I helped out where we could, but really this was a Mom and Pop business.
Lilly So you two didn't work here?
Andy Well, I took over as business manager eventually. Put that college degree to work.
Katjaa What did you do before that?
Andy I had a real estate business, but, you know... in this economy...
Danny Yeah, Daddy always wanted you to take over anyway.
Andy Just worked out that way, Dan.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Andy So how long you been a vet?
Katjaa Ooh... well... a long time now.
Katjaa I started working in a vet's office in my twenties, then got my license a few years later.
Danny You work with many farm animals?
Katjaa Early in my training I did, but then mostly it was household pets.
Duck And alligators!
Clementine Nu uh!
Katjaa Oh, yes. Wildlife Rescue Center was always bringing their injured alligators to me to get patched up before releasing them.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Lilly So that fence does a good job of keeping the walkers out?
Andy Yeah. Unfortunately we lost most of our livestock before we managed to get the thing rigged up.
Danny Damned walkers.
Duck Once, my dad smashed one in the face with a TV!
Katjaa Kenny Jr! That is not appropriate talk at the dinner table.
Duck Sorry.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Katjaa Thanks again for this meal. You have no idea how long it's been!
Kenny How've you folks managed to find food?
Kenny Our hunting trips have turned up nothing. The walkers are eating anything living they can get their teeth into.
Danny Well, ya just have to know what to hunt. There's meat out there that'll keep you alive if ya know what to look for.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Andy And what do you do Miss Lilly?
Larry Lilly's a military woman. Takes after her old man.
Danny That right? Ever see any action?
Lilly I have.
Larry Son, you don't ever ask a soldier that question, ya got it?
Larry All you need to know is that you don't wanna fuck with her. Period.
Lilly Dad...
Danny Yeah, I'm sorry.
Andy Don't pay my brother no mind. I swear he makes a hobby of chewing his own foot.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Andy So did ya'all know each other before the outbreak?
Lilly No. We just sort of found ourselves thrown together.
Lilly But now we've gotta stick together if we're gonna survive.
Andy I hear ya. Ya gotta know when to make sacrifices for the greater good, ya know.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Danny How the kids been dealing with... everything?
Katjaa Kids are resilient, you know? I hate that this is the way they have to grow up, but under the circumstances, I think they're doing well.
Kenny It ain't right, though. No kid should have to see the things they've seen.
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Duck Are we gonna eat soon, momma?
Katjaa As soon as Lee gets back.
Larry How long does it take to wash your damn hands?
Katjaa Let the man clean up. He'll be done in a minute.
Danny Maybe I should check on him?
Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Clementine I like your cow. She's pretty.
Andy Yeah, Maybelle is the only one we have left.
Danny She provides the milk.
Danny We'd love to have another healthy calf, but we mostly want to make sure Maybelle's okay.
Danny That's why we need Katjaa's help.

It seems that if Lee was gone too long, Danny would actually come in order to check on him. He would find Lee rummaging through the medicine cabinet.

Speaker Subtitles File Notes
Danny What are ya looking for?
Lee Nothing. Can I get a little privacy?
Brenda Danny, where'd ya go? I could use a hand.
Danny Coming, Momma.

Unused Models & Textures

Early versions of stuff that would get (re)used in the future, or just general unused models and textures.


Just as some of the characters seen in this episode had early textures present in Episode 1, so does this episode contain early textures for some characters later seen in Episode 3. Chuck, for example, kept the same clothes, but they were made darker and grimier in the final release. His hair and face, however, saw the biggest changes. The final version of Chuck looks way more unkempt. He has dirtier, darker skin, thicker eyebrows, more details on his cheeks and ears, a different nose and eyes, a scruffier beard, and darker hair in a different hairstyle. This version of Chuck was seen (albeit shortly, and only from behind) in the "Next Time On" segment at the end of Episode 2.

Early Final
WalkingDead sk54 chuck body.png WalkingDead sk54 chuck body NEW.png
Early Final
WalkingDead sk54 chuck face.png WalkingDead sk54 chuck face NEW.png


Unlike Christa, Omid wasn't yet present in the game's files for Episode 1. He does, however, have early textures in this episode. Weirdly enough, he only has a body texture with his hurt leg. His body texture basically stayed identical, but it got made a lot dirtier. His face texture was also made a bit dirtier, his skin tone changed slightly, as did his beard type. This earlier version of Omid was also seen in the "Next Time On" segment, in a scene that was not present in the final release.

Early Final
WalkingDead sk54 omid body.png WalkingDead sk54 omid body NEW.png
Early Final
WalkingDead sk54 omid face.png WalkingDead sk54 omid face NEW.png

General Notes

  • When Lee meets the unknown group of distracted strangers, there was a completely different scene as either Lee, Kenny or Mark had to help Ben shoot the walkers while one of the three cut off Mr. Parker's leg. If Mr. Parker was left behind, Lee could have the option of leaving Ben as well or take him with you. If this option was made then Mark would die in the bandit raid at the St. Johns dairy, and Mr. Parker would take Mark's role of being dinner.
  • Travis did not exist originally at the beginning of the episode, he was added much later.
  • Ben was a completely different character in early development, he could use a rifle and was more scared than in the final. He also would tell what really happened to his classmates, and had to witness several traumas such as being forced to see rape. This was a major key factor left out, whereas Ben dealt with the bandits to save a friend he thought they had.
  • The group was already aware of the bandits, as they had attacked after the events of "A New Day".
  • Lee and the group could choose to bring gas or not. If Lee said no, then Andy would come back with some food every day until the group said yes. Ben would stay behind due to his trauma, with Kenny replacing him in the group going to the dairy. Lilly was more acceptable to the newest member, teaching him the basics.
  • Found in the files are unused voice lines related to Brenda that indicate that she was originally not voiced by Jeanie Kelsey, and instead being voiced by an unknown actor, half of her lines seem to be similar to the voice lines heard in the final game with only alterations, there are also completely different lines that weren't recorded by the final voice actor.
  • There is a dream sequence present in the game's data, whoever you didn't save in Episode 1 would come back to haunt Lee in his dream asking why they weren't saved, and saying that Clementine will die because of his actions. Lee's ex-wife Sam and the senator Hans are mentioned as well. The scene ends with "Do you think you can save me this time?"
  • When the group arrived at the farm, the group could either take the biscuits or leave. (Refusing them apparently results in some hilarious dialogue between Mark and Carley/Doug.) Lee could also freely leave the farm and go back to the motor inn if desired.
  • There was more to Jolene. Depending on Lee's choice she could mention another bandit called Paul, and her daughter Danielle.
  • The dinner sequence was much larger, as an unused subquest occurred where Lee had to cut Clementine's food or let Lilly/Kenny do it. Lee could also choose to add more salt or pepper to Clementine's plate or let the two above do it. There were several retakes of a prayer, and Lee at this point had found out that Mark/David was dinner.
  • Larry's death was much more drawn out and emotional, as in his dying breath he would apologize to Lilly for not being able to protect her and her mother.
  • The group was scattered at first after the revelation of cannibalism. Lee would find Kenny first, who would have been shot beforehand, and then he would find Lilly before trying to rescue Duck and Katjaa.
  • Mark Darin stated in an interview that originally, Lee would have to move from stall to stall while avoiding detection by Danny St. John and he would have to place the bear trap in order to catch Danny (as opposed to him stumbling into it during a cutscene).
  • Originally the group did not find a station wagon, the food was in the barn. After Doug/Carley and Ben save Lee and the others and after Andy's fight, they all take a box and go back to the motor inn. The supply room was replaced with a bloody tub, metallic equipment and jars containing organs instead.
  • Additionally, after the survivors took the food, you could go around asking everyone how they felt about today's events in the motor inn. If Mr. Parker was left behind but Ben was taken he'd tell that it was a horrible fate for his teacher as he was a good man.