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The Walking Dead (Windows)/Episode 3: Long Road Ahead

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This is a sub-page of The Walking Dead (Windows).

This page houses all of the unused dialogue, models, etc. from Telltale's The Walking Dead's third episode, Long Road Ahead.

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General Notes

  • During the bandit attack, Lee had to save each individual, as the group was scattered all over the Motor Inn rather than saving Doug/Carley and Ben, then save Clementine, Katjaa and Duck from the vicious bandit attack.
  • Ben was supposed to tell Lee about his family on the train, but it was scrapped for this episode and added in "No Time Left."
  • Jolene was going to make a return via flashback, but this was scrapped for unknown reasons. Her lines are in audio clips. Interestingly enough there are audio clips of her screaming and crying for help, possibly while being raped (as she implies in the camcorder "You rapist mon-!" in the final version).