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The Walking Dead (Windows)/Episode 4: Around Every Corner

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This is a sub-page of The Walking Dead (Windows).

This page houses all of the unused dialogue, models, etc. from Telltale's The Walking Dead's fourth episode, Around Every Corner.

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General Notes

  • Ben had the option of killing Fivel by a gunshot, and an unfinished animation where he stomps on the boy.
  • Ben also had an unused wish to die. He asks Lee to drop him because he and Kenny wants to, because he too believes that he is quoting this line "A fuck up for everyone." There is unused audio where he thanks Lee for dropping him, before getting devoured by walkers.
  • There is extra dialog that went unused between Clementine and Lee if he chooses to drop Ben much to her dismay, as she thought Ben was one of her closest friends and never thought of himself, only the group.
  • Anna Correa and Doctor Logan had a slightly bigger role via tapes. Doctor Logan tried to get Anna Correa out of Crawford, but was killed in the process, possibly by Oberson. This was scrapped when Molly was implemented.
  • There was a subquest where you lead Vernon to the mansion, and your group to Crawford via the sewers. This was most likely scrapped due to time constraints.