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Toon Panic

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Title Screen

Toon Panic

Developer: Bottom Up
Platform: Nintendo 64

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

We could only wish we were playing this right now... maybe...
This game was never completed and/or given a public release.
As a result of this, keep in mind that the developers might have used or deleted some of the content featured here, had the game actually reached store shelves.

Toon Panic is a 3D fighting arena game that was ultimately scrapped when the developer filed for bankruptcy. A work-in-progress build was sold in cartridge form on the Yahoo Japan Auction site for $3,500 in early 2005. It was eventually dumped and released by Team CARROT on December 3, 2008.

This build is very limited, as it's impossible to run a single-player match and the multiplayer mode lacks any kind of AI (almost). It also features a very catchy soundtrack and several placeholder graphics (some of which are from Final Fantasy VIII, oddly enough).

Download.png Download Toon Panic
File: Toon Panic (Unreleased Prototype).7z (4.76 MB) (info)

Debug Menu

Accessing the Options menu in the main hub brings up a Temporary menu (かりメニュー) with two options.

  • The first one (Option - オプション) is the actual Options menu. The music and sound effects' volume can be altered, as well as the audio playback mode (Mono/Stereo) and the game's language (English/Japanese).
  • The second one loads a Test (テスト) menu which allows viewing a handful of the game's resources. Redundantly, almost all of the options are prefixed with Test.
(Translations: Bast & Kobosuke)

テスト『キャラクタービューアー』 (Character Viewer)

TOON64unr trianguloTest.png

Rather than being what its name claims to be, it shows an odd test environment where a triangle drives itself away off the screen. Start respawns it, and holding L makes it stop. The bit of Katakana on the top-left reads FRAME (フレーム).

テスト『サウンドテスト』 (Sound Test)

TOON64unr soundTest.png

Brings up a sound test for all the game's music and sound effects.

Japanese English
SE 000…ジャンプ音[目だつ]
モード ステレオ
A:さいせい B:ていし
SE 000…Jump sound[stands out]
Mode: Stereo
A: Play B: Stop

テスト『ワールドえつらん』 (World Browser)

Triggers a specific model viewer for the "island" where all the action takes place. The C-Buttons rotate the mesh in the X and Y axes, while the D-Pad moves it up, down, left, and right.

テスト『はいけいびょが』 (Background Image)

TOON64unr titleBGdebug.png

Displays the title screen's background animations.

テスト『ワールドびょうが』 (World Rendering)

Triggers a very slow animation that goes upwards the island. Pressing A sends you to the stage select in Multi Play Mode with four players. Remarkably, the game creates clones of your character in order to compensate for the missing AI.

けっ果発ぴょう (Show Results)

TOON64unr resultadosTabla.png

Triggers the Results screen in the Multi Play Mode with some predefined values for the scores. Pressing A brings you back to the Options menu.

テストびょうが (Test Rendering)

TOON64unr puntitoAzul.png

Displays a bright light over a blue background. Purpose unknown.

テスト『フィールドビューアー』 (Field Viewer)

TOON64unr mapView.png

Brings up a simple map viewer with 「洞窟の奥深く」 (Cave's depth) in the top-left corner.

テスト『キャラクターしょうかい』 (Character Introduction)

TOON64unr playerView.png

Brings up a character viewer that is unresponsive to all controls.

Unused Music

The ninth track, labeled as ステージ用『チャーチ』 (For the stage [Church]) in the sound test, goes unused in this prototype. The Church level reuses the Stage Select's music instead.

Unused SFX


Due to the lack of AI, several sound effects go unheard. Get ready to hear lots of cartoony slapstick sounds and screams!

Soundbite Internal Name Translation
ジャンプ音[目だつ] Jump sound [stands out]
つうじょうこうげき1 General attack 1
つうじょうこうげき2 General attack 2
つうじょうダメージ声[ナイト] General damage voice [Knight]
つうじょうダメージ声[フェニックス] General damage voice [Phoenix]
ピヨリ [だったままそのば回てん] Dizzy [Rotate on the spot while standing]
よれよれにたおれる Collapse from tiredness
リングアウト[ナイト] Ring out [Knight]
リングアウ卜[ゴーレム] Ring out [Golem]
リングアウ卜[マーマン] Ring out [Mammon]
リングアウ卜[フェニックス] Ring out [Phoenix]
かたいものをたたく音1 Attacking something hard - Sound 1
キャラふっとばし音1 Character going all-out - Sound 1
ハンマーだげき音1 Hammer blow - Sound 1
キャラクターふっきパターン0 Character comeback - Pattern 0
キャラクターふっきパターン1 Character comeback - Pattern 1
くだける:木へん Collapse: Wooden block
くだける:いわ Collapse: Rock
くだける:やさい Collapse: Vegetables
くだける:ステンドグラス Collapse: Stained Glass
くだける:つぼ Collapse: Jar
くだける:かい、花だん Collapse: Flower pot
クリスタルふんさい:パターン0 Crystal smashing: Pattern 0
クリスタルふんさい:パターン1 Crystal smashing: Pattern 1
クリスタルヒビ:パターン0 Crystal cracking: Patern 0
クリスタルヒビ:パターン1 Crystal cracking: Patern 1
ほうだい Gun battery
たからばこ Treasure chest
システム:スポットいどう System: Spot Moving


There are also plenty of ambiance sounds that never play in their respective stages, despite their names claiming them to be used.

Soundbite Internal Name Translation
マップセレク卜がめんCAVEでのかんきょうSE Sound Effect on map select screen in CAVE
マップセレク卜がめんVOLCANOでのかんきょうSE Sound Effect on map select screen in VOLCANO
PIRATEステージよう:なみ[ループ] Used in PIRATE stage: Wave loop
PIRATEステージよう:ふねきしみ0 Used in PIRATE stage: Ship creak 0
PIRATEステージよう:ふねきしみ1 Used in PIRATE stage: Ship creak 1
CHURCHステージよう:かねの音 Used in CHURCH stage: Bell sound
TOWNステージよう:ことりのさえずり0 Used in TOWN stage: Bird chirp 0
TOWNステージよう:ことりのさえずり1 Used in TOWN stage: Bird chirp 1
TOWNステージよう:ことりのさえずり2 Used in TOWN stage: Bird chirp 2
TOWNステージよう:ことりのさえずり3 Used in TOWN stage: Bird chirp 3
CEMETERYステージよう:ぶきみな音0 [ループ] Used in CEMETERY stage: Eerie sound 0
CEMETERYステージよう:ぶきみな音1 [ループ] Used in CEMETERY stage: Eerie sound 1
CEMETERYステージよう:ぶきみな音2 [ループ] Used in CEMETERY stage: Eerie sound 2
CEMETERYステージよう:ぶきみな音3 [ループ] Used in CEMETERY stage: Eerie sound 3
(Translations: Bast)

Unused Graphics

Present at offset 67030 in the ROM are a few snapshots detailing the game's control scheme.

To do:
Get a good copy of it. There are graphics for a small N64 controller and some "STRIKE TEXT" as well.