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Top Gear Rally

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Title Screen

Top Gear Rally

Developers: Boss Game Studios, Kemco
Publishers: Kemco (JP/EU), Midway Games (US)
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: December 5, 1997
Released in US: October 1, 1997
Released in EU: November 1997

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Top Gear Rally is the first rally game in the Top Gear series of video games.

Regional Differences

Build Dates

When holding all four C-buttons at the title screen, the build date is revealed.

  • North America25AUG97 11:46:52
  • Europe25SEP97 13:46:05
  • Japan16OCT97 11:22:44

Intro Demo

The three versions each feature a different intro demo.

  • The North American demo shows a calm drive through the Desert track. It is the only version published by Midway, thus the only version to show the Midway logo.
  • The European and Japanese versions show a much more exciting drive through the Mountain track, however the Japanese demo is extended and features a series of quick edits at the end. The Japanese version also features a significantly different game logo.

Title Screen

The game uses high resolution (640x480) for the title screen and menus, click on the images to see the correct size.

US Europe Japan
Top Gear Rally-title.png Top Gear Rally-title euro.png Top Gear Rally-title jpn.png

Controller Pak Saving

The North American version can only save to the Controller Pak. The European and Japanese versions added EEPROM saving, but still support saving to the Controller Pak. The Controller Pak is required on all versions for saving custom car decal data.

AI Cars

Computer-controlled cars in the European version are faster in the Desert and Jungle tracks. In the case of Jungle, the problem is exponential with faster cars, as they often produce lap times not humanly possible.

Japanese Version

  • The Japanese version features a few different cars. It replaces the BMW M3 with a Ute, and the Helmet with a Mini.
  • The Mini retains the clipping data from the other cars however, so it does not appear to touch walls, etc.
  • All cars (aside from the Cupra and Beach Ball) have completely different artwork to the NA/European versions. The decals mimic those of their real life counterparts.
  • In all regions, the default car color of Player 1's car is green, and Player 2's is orange, however the player can choose any color. In the Japanese version however, the car's color will return to the default at the lap times screen after a race.
  • Some text has been translated into Japanese, and some into Engrish.
  • "KPH" and "MPH" have been replaced with "KM/H" and "MILE/H" respectively.
  • E-Brake has been changed to H-Brake.
  • Instructions on how to change the number of laps, as well as the BGM/SFX volume, have been removed.
  • The three car handling types (Type 1, Type 2, Type 3) have been renamed to Slow, Normal, and Quick respectively.
  • The Slippy/Grippy tire options and the Softer/Harder suspension options have been renamed to Slip/Grip and Soft/Hard respectively.

Title Screen and Menu Music

From composer Barry Leitch: "Top Gear Rally for the N64, probably the only N64 game ever to use 8 bit samples... Overall the audio design for this game was pretty bad, the poor listener was forced to listen to the same tune again and again while they tried to qualify for the next round... Poor buggers..."

"For some reason I was asked to do a mellow title tune for the game"
"Then suddenly for the Japanese release I was asked to do a more up tempo one. "
(The European version also uses this theme.)
(Source: Barry Leitch)