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UEFA Champions League 1996/97

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Title Screen

UEFA Champions League 1996/97

Developer: Krisalis Software
Publisher: Philips Media
Platform: DOS
Released in EU: 1997

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

UEFA Champions League 1996/97 is the second in a series of games based on that sporting event with that catchy theme tune.

Unused Graphics


The NDATA\TEAMS\HOMETEAM folder contains three unused kit textures. The file names BAYERNH.TEX, BRUGGEH.TEX, and VALENCIH.TEX imply that FC Bayern München, Club Brugge KV, and Valencia CF could have featured in this game somehow. (None of these teams were in the Champions League group stage in 1996/97, though Club Brugge did play in the qualifying round.) There are no corresponding away kits, logos, or data for these teams.

There’s also one unused kit texture in the NDATA\TEAMS\AWAYTEAM folder: SCOTLANA.TEX, which is an exact duplicate of the used SCOTLNDA.TEX.


To do:
Confirm which flag size is used where, and find out what palette to rip the graphics with.

Although there are Austrian and Hungarian clubs in this game (because, inexplicably, Steaua Bucharest is considered a Hungarian club in this game!), their national teams are not included. Nonetheless, the flags of Austria and Hungary are present amongst the flags used on the national team selection screens.

Unused Team Data

To do:
Is this from one of the other football games developed by Krisalis? What season are these rosters from?

Starting near offset 0xE5D50 in UEFACODE.EXE, there’s what appears to be team data for Manchester United and Sheffield Wednesday. Manchester United is in this game, but its in-game roster (which is stored in a separate file, TEAMSAV\DEFAULT.TMS) is different than this one. Sheffield Wednesday has never been in the Champions League and certainly isn’t in this game. The format of this data isn’t quite the same as what’s used in this game, so it’s hard to say exactly what it all means. The text is in mixed-case, whereas this game uses all caps, all the time. Here’s a text dump:

Manchester Utd
Alex Ferguson
Old Trafford
Red Devils
Mark Hughes
Peter Schmeichel
Ryan Giggs
Paul Ince
Roy Keane
Eric Cantona
Paul Parker
Lee Sharpe
Gary Pallister
Steve Bruce
Dennis Irwin
Lee Martin
Bryan Robson
Andrei Kanchelskis
Dion Dublin
Mike Phelan
Les Sealey
Brian McClair
Danny Wallace
Clayton Blackmore
Colin McKee
Darren Ferguson
Craig Lawton
Mark Robins
Danny Wallace
Sheffield Wednesday
Trevor Francis
Des Walker
Andy Sinton
Chris Waddle
Andy Pearce
David Hirst
Paul Warhurst
Roland Nilsson
Nigel Pearson
Chris Woods
Chris Bart-Williams
Nigel Worthington
Mark Bright
John Sheridan
Phil King
Nigel Jemson
Gordon Watson
Graham Hyde
Carlton Palmer
Julian Watts
Ryan Jones
Simon Stewart
Lance Key
Kevin Pressman
Nigel Jemson

Unused Text

To do:
It looks like there’s other assorted remnants of deleted strings in the team data files.

Deleted Stadium Names

A few clubs and nearly half of the national teams have stadium names that appear completely blank in-game. In the data files (TEAMSAV\DEFAULT.TMS for clubs and TEAMSAV\WORLD.TMS for national teams), all of these stadium names are present, but the first letter of each has been replaced with a null byte (denoted as \0).

Team Stadium Name Meaning
Auxerre \0BBE-DESCHAMPS Abbé-Deschamps
Grasshopper Club \0ARDTURM Hardturm
IFK Gothenburg \0LLEVI Ullevi
A.C. Milan \0IUSEPPE MEAZZA Giuseppe Meazza
Belgium \0ONSTANT VDN STOCK Constant Vanden Stock
Rep Ireland \0ANSDOWNE ROAD Lansdowne Road
France \0ARC DES PRINCES Parc des Princes
Germany \0LYMPIC STAD BERLIN Olympic Stadium Berlin
Netherlands \0EYENOORD\0ROTTERDAM Feyenoord Rotterdam
Italy \0TADIO OLIMPICO Stadio Olimpico
Northern Ireland \0INDSOR PARK Windsor Park
Norway \0LLEVAAL Ullevaal
Poland \0LASKI CHORZOW Śląski Chorzów
Portugal \0ATIONAL LISBON National Lisbon
Romania \0ATIONAL BUCHAREST National Bucharest
Russia \0UZHNIKI MOSCOW Luzhniki Moscow
Scotland \0AMPDEN PARK Hampden Park
Spain \0OU CAMP BARCELONA Nou Camp Barcelona

Placeholder Teams’ Data

The 16 placeholders for user-created clubs also have fragments of deleted strings in their data.

Field Text
Full name BLANK\0WEEE\0WWW\0D
Short name BLANK\0WEEE\0W
Manager BLANK\0AA\0GAN

Except for the first player, “ANY NAME”, the entire roster of these placeholder teams is filled with a dummied-out copy of the Yugoslavia squad.

Match Report

At offset 0x20AB98 in UEFACODE.EXE is a series of strings that form a bizarre match report. “Paul tester” might refer to Paul Dobson, who is credited for the 3D graphics. The entry after that could be commentary on either a notoriously corrupt organisation or a competing video game franchise.

Red card 
Slarghti Bartfarst
Slarghti Bartfarst 133'
Forest Trumped  12'
James DidnotLast   8'
Gino Ginelli  8'
Alphose Capone   8'
2'   Paul tester
42'  Fifa Stinks
102' Peer Gynt
102' Elliot Ness
102' Major Jump

Hidden Credits

At offset 0x219F1C in UEFACODE.EXE:

Capt. Amanda Pugh.
Capt. A. Kavanagh.

Amanda Pugh is credited as “Management” in other Krisalis games, though not this one. It’s unclear who A. Kavanagh is, though it could be a relative of Krisalis co-founder Tony Kavanagh. It’s equally unclear how the two of them got promoted to the rank of captain.

Version and Build Date

At offset 0xEBE29 in UEFACODE.EXE:

#Master 2.03 Date 18-4-97