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Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle/Cheat Mode

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This is a sub-page of Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle.


Start game with:

SERPENT PASS     [original release]

Adding [space]S to the end:

  • Shows loading text.
  • Shows eggs (event triggers).
  • Auto enables Hack Mover and Power Avatar.
  • Defaults "Toggle Traces" to on (but doesn't auto enable "Queue Toggle").
  • Enables Key Array display.
  • You can also use this argument to run SI instead of SERPENT, skipping the intro and menu.

F2 - Super Cheat System

UVII-SI SuperCheatMode.png

[B]usiness Schedule

Edit selected Npc schedule (0-232).

  • 0 - 12 AM
  • 1 - 3 AM
  • 2 - 6 AM
  • 3 - 9 AM
  • 4 - 12 PM
  • 5 - 3 PM
  • 6 - 6 PM
  • 7 - 9 PM
  • r - Revert changes.
  • x - Back to main menu.

Selecting a time slot gives you these options:

  • (c)lear - Go back.
  • (l)ocation - Enter XY coordinates.
  • (a)ctivity - Enter activity number 0-31.

[D]o Schedule

Prompts for Npc number (any currently existing ID).

  • -1 - All Npcs do their schedules.
  • 0+ - Only that Npc does their schedule.

[G]ame Flags

Disabled. If you want to edit the flags you can do it manually in the FLAGINIT file.

  • [I]nspect Flag
  • [S]et Flag
  • [X] Abort - Exits back to game.

[N]umber ID

UVII-SI NumberID.png

Displays Npc/Monster IDs.

[T]eleport to Npc

Despite the name, it can teleport you in several different ways:

  • [D]ecimal Coordinates - XY in decimal.
  • [H]exadecimal Coordinates - XY in hex.
  • [N]pc Number - Any currently existing ID.
  • [R]eferent - Teleport to object via "Ref" number.
  • [X]it - Back to main menu.

[P]ower Avatar

Makes the Avatar invincible and spells don't use mana or reagents.

[S]et Time

Set hour and day.

[+-] Time Rate

Set time rate (1-25).


Sets Dupre, Shamino, Iolo, and Andrio(what) as party members.

[H]ack Mover

Enable this to move almost anything.


UVII-SI Location.png

Displays hex XYZ coordinates.


UVII-SI Inspect.png

Prompts for Npc number (any currently existing ID).

Overview of Npc status, stats, where they are, what they're doing, where they're going, etc.

To do:
Be specific.

[M]odify Npc

UVII-SI ModifyNpc.png

This is a big 'un.

Prompts for Npc number (any currently existing ID).

[A]ttack Mode

  • [0] Nearest
  • [1] Weakest
  • [2] Strongest
  • [3] Berserk
  • [4] Protect
  • [5] Defend
  • [6] Flank
  • [7] Fleeing
  • [8] Random
  • [9] Manual
  • [X] Abort
  • [C]urrent Attack Mode
  • [D]efault Attack Mode
  • [X]it - Back to Modify Npc menu.

Set or check the current and default attack modes of any Npc.

[B]usiness Activity

  • 0 Combat
  • 1 Hor. Pace
  • 2 Ver. Pace
  • 3 Talk
  • 4 Dance
  • 5 Eat
  • 6 Farm
  • 7 Tend Shop
  • 8 Miner
  • 9 Hound
  • 10 Stand
  • 11 Loiter
  • 12 Wander
  • 13 Blacksmith
  • 14 Sleep
  • 15 Wait
  • 16 Major Sit
  • 17 Graze
  • 18 Bake
  • 19 Sew
  • 20 Shy
  • 21 Lab
  • 22 Thief
  • 23 Waiter
  • 24 Special
  • 25 Kid Games
  • 26 Eat at Inn
  • 27 Duel
  • 28 Preach
  • 29 Patrol
  • 30 Desk Work
  • 31 Follow Avt
  • [X]it - Back to Modify Npc menu.

Set current activity.

[P]op Weapon

Spawns and equips/unequips and deletes a Two-handed Sword.
Warning! Will delete any weapon/shield already equipped.

[W]ant Primary Tgle

Doesn't work?


  • [1] Neutral
  • [2] Good
  • [3] Evil
  • [4] Chaotic
  • [X] Abort - Back to Modify Npc menu.

Set alignment.

[N]pc Status

All Npcs:

  • [A] Asleep
  • [B] Charmd
  • [C] Cursed
  • [D] Prlyzd
  • [E] Poisnd
  • [F] Prtcrd - Protection spell effect.
  • [G] Dead
  • [H] In Act
  • [I] Party
  • [J] Invsbl
  • [K] Fly
  • [L] Walk
  • [M] Swim
  • [N] Ethrel - Walk through walls.
  • [O] Prtcee - Protect combat setting.
  • [P] Conjrd
  • [Q] Summnd
  • [R] Bleedn
  • [3] Tourna - HP will never drop below 1.
  • [2] Polymo - Enter type number to polymorph into anything in the shapes file. Anything.
  • [6] - Isn't shown on the menu. Asks "What type?" Enter a number then it... does nothing. Or, in S mode, it says \rshape=x. And then does nothing. (?)

Everyone but the Avatar:

  • [T] Met
  • [U] NoCast - Can't cast magic.
  • [V] ID# - 0-31. Used for some dialogue checks.
  • [Z] Zombie - "Madness" flag. Only does anything if their usecode checks for it.

Party Members only:

  • [Y] Temp: - Edit temperature, higher numbers = colder.
  • Warmth: - Shows total equipment warmth value.

Avatar only:

  • [S] Sex
  • [W] Freeze
  • [1] Skin - 0=W 1=BN 2=BK 3=AL(crashes)
  • [4] Read - Changes runes/ophidian to normal text.
  • [5] Petra - Changes the Avatar's paperdoll to Petra's, does not change their shape, however.
  • [7] Naked
  • [X]it - Back to Modify Npc menu.

[~]raining Points

Changes training points to entered number (0-255).

[K]ill Npc

Y/N. Not sure how this works.


  • [P]rimary...[Npc no.]
  • [S]econdary.[Npc no.]
  • [O]ppressor.[Npc no.]
  • [X]it - Back to Modify Npc menu.

Set combat priorities (any currently existing ID).


Changes experience points to entered number. (-99 to 3276799. Going above or below will crash the game when you check your stats!)

[R]eserve Dex

Sets reserve dex. Uh... whatever that is.


  • [D]exterity
  • [F]ood Level
  • [I]ntelligence
  • [S]trength
  • [C]ombat Skill
  • [H]it Points

Avatar only:

  • [M]agic Points
  • [X]it - Back to Modify Npc menu.

You know, the usual.
Going out of normal bounds can screw with other statuses, so watch out!


Back to main menu.

[U]nk BugChkin

Toggle Unknown Bug Checking? Dunno what this does.

[Q]ueue Toggle

Enable/Disable "F7 - Toggle Traces"

[C]reate Item

Enter type no. and frame no. (as well as quantity and/or quality no. for some) to spawn an item. Cannot spawn Npcs/monsters.

[A]ctivity Dump

UVII-SI ActivityDump.png

Prompts for Npc number (any currently existing ID).

Shows activity dump.

  • [X]it - Back to main menu.


Exits back to game.

F3 - Goto Map Location

UVII-SI GotoMapLocation.png

Opens map. Click to teleport. Isn't very accurate.

F4 - Single Step Toggle

Does nothing?

F5 - Cast Spell

Enter the spell number (0-79):

Cast a spell.

F6 - Barge Hack Cheat

Does nothing?

F7 - Toggle Traces

UVII-SI Queue.png

Displays the state of nearby Eggs and Npcs and how long they will be in that state. (Or something like that.)

F8 - Read Sign, Book, Etc.


Enter start and end numbers to view.

S doesn't seem to show anything, and T exits the menu. (There aren't any gravestones in SI.)

F9 - Target Report

UVII-SI TargetReport.png

Only works on Eggs and Paths in this game. Click on them to check their properties.

F10 - Pathfind Test

Does nothing?

` - Usecode Test Menu

UVII-SI TildeMenu.png

Click something to bring up a menu for testing usecode functions.

All of the choices bring up this text:

[Y] Yes
[N] No
[X] Exit

Call for a specific index?

If you don't call an index it will run the function of whatever you have clicked on. Calling an index allows you to run any usecode function in the game.

Usable indexes are between 150 and 2497.

  • 150 to 1021 are usecode for objects and creatures by type number.
  • Npcs are at 1024-1318. (Npc no. + 1024)
  • 1536-1599 Eggs, misc.
  • 1600-1671 Spells
  • 1672-2047 Eggs, misc.
  • 2048-2497 Misc. "utility" functions (are supposed to be called from within other functions, and expect to inherit an itemref from them).

For more details, decompile USECODE with ucxt from Exult Tools.

(Source: JSF, Ultima 7 Design Documents: Usable Index and Flags, Marzo Sette Torres Jr.)

[0] Bark

Plays a bark (text that appears over character's head).

[1] Converse/Default

Default double-click action.

[2] Action

Used when you use an object on another one, also for dialogues that the Npc starts.

[3] Trigger

Scripts set off by Eggs.

[4] Combat

Mostly used in spells. Need to use an index and be targeting the right kind of thing for it to work.

[5] Equip

Used by things that have special effects when you equip them.

[6] Unequip

See above.

[7] NearDeath

Triggers near death behaviors.

[8] Polymorph

Change shape of creature/Npc.

[9] Talking

Goes straight to conversation without barks or the Npc walking up to you.

[X] Exit

Exit back to game.

(Source: Olivier Marcoux, Marzo Sette Torres Jr.)

Alt-1 - Sound Effect

SFX or Music #:

Plays sound effects (0-134).

Alt-2 - Frame Counter

Does nothing?

Alt-3 - Sprite Effects

Can't seem to get the text to show up...
Anyway, type a number (0-61), hit enter, and click to play an animation.

Alt-4 - Dump Item Contents

Drops everything a container/Npc has on the floor.

Alt-6 - Play Music

SFX or Music #:

Plays music (0-69).

Alt-7 - Delete Object

Click on an object, then scroll it offscreen to delete it.

Alt-9 - Key Array

UVII-SI keyarray.png

(Silver Seed only?) Lists the keys on your keyring. Only works in S mode.