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Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle.

Due to Serpent Isle's rushed nature, a number of story options were hastily cut from it, but the dialogue, letters, and books written for them remain in the final game.

Like its predecessor The Black Gate, Serpent Isle's dialogues allow the player to choose keywords in order to branch conversations. Unused portions of dialogue triggered by keywords have had the label [dialogue choice] inserted in them to mark them for this page.

Buggy Item Swap

The flags (27B and 287) for the moonsilk stockings and Filari don't get set, leading to most dialogue options concerning them not appearing.

(Source: Marzo Sette Torres Jr.)

Strange Item List Entries

A fine pair of sheer stockings, 
probably women's attire.

A pair of moonsilk stockings, such 
as the enchantress Columna doth 

Strange baubles -- silver disks with 
jewels in the center.


	[dialogue choice] moonsilk stockings

"My, those are fine stockings! 

Being a simple woman I could 
never wear such things -- nor 
would most of the women of 
Monitor, for they are Knights!"'

"Perhaps thou shouldst speak with 
Brendann. He hath had the most 
-- ahem -- experience with women 
from outside the town."

"Oh, I know nothing of such frills. 
But Brendann would be well 
familiar with how to remove them 
from a woman."
	[dialogue choice] strange coins

"They appear to be coins from 
another town. Spektor would 
recognize them, I am certain."

"He is the town treasurer, and 
exchanges foreign coins for the 
good coins of Monitor."

"Spektor the treasurer is the 
expert on currency in the town of 


	[dialogue choice] strange coins

"The coins thou hast described are 
the currency of the city of Fawn. 

But where thou mayest have gotten 
them, without travelling to Fawn, 
I haven't a clue!"


	[dialogue choice] stockings

"Ha! I surmise thou hast heard of 
my reputation as something of a 
womanizer. Purely undeserved, I 
assure thee. 

I will try to answer thy 

"A female mage would wear 
stockings such as the ones thou 
didst discover amongst thy 

"Thou must have the stockings 
that thou didst discover amongst 
thy possessions? 

If thou dost not have them, I 
cannot tell thee anything about 


	[dialogue choice] Moonsilk stockings

"Moonsilk stockings! Oh, how I 
have longed for a pair of my very 
"Thou dost not need to enhance thy 
beauty, [name]... Wouldst thou give 
them to me?"

	[dialogue choice] Yes
"Marvelous! I knew that another 
woman would understand!"

"Wouldst thou give them to me, 
[name]? I would cherish them 

	[dialogue choice] Yes
"Thou art wonderful! I will think 
of thee every time I wear them!"

	[dialogue choice] No
"Sigh... Thou canst not blame a 
girl for dreaming, [name]."

"The stockings sound wonderful, 
[name]. If thou dost find any more 
like them, remember me."


	[dialogue choice] moonsilk stockings

	[f haveitem]
"Hast thou no modesty, milady? 
Showing thy stockings about like 

[avatar] They are not mine!
[partymember] They are not hers!

"Oh... They are fine things, not 
what thou wouldst find among the 
women of fisher-folk."

	[m haveitem]
"These are fine things, not what 
thou wouldst find among the women 
of fisher-folk."

"Perhaps Alyssand could help thee. 
She is a good hand at weaving the 
stockings that are found 

	[f noitem]
"I know nothing of women's 
stockings, milady!"

[Olon] "Aye! That be the truth! No woman 
	would have him!"

"Seek thou Alyssand. She makes 
stockings. She might be able to 
help thee."

	[m noitem]
"A mighty fancy pair of stockings, milord! 
Thou wilt make some woman happy..."

"We have none so fancy here -- 
Only the ones that Alyssand 
	[dialogue choice] strange coins

"Why, those are Filari! Those are 
the coins of Fawn..."

"They simply appeared, thou 
sayest? Strange storms, these. 

I seem to recall Delin complaining 
that he had lost some coins -- but 
I thought that was his 

"Without seeing the coins, milord/milady, 
I cannot tell thee what coins thou 
didst have."

"Perhaps thou shouldst ask Delin. 
He is the Provisioner here in 


	[dialogue choice] Moonsilk stockings

	[f haveitem]
"Thou art a lucky woman to 
possess such a fine pair of 

	[m haveitem]
"Thou wilt make some woman happy 
with so fine a pair of stockings!"

"I knew that such fine work was 
possible. But I had never actually 
seen the stockings they sell in 

"It doth cause me to wonder why 
anyone in the city of Mages would 
buy the rough stockings I make 

when they could purchasse ones so 

"I have heard of the stockings they 
sell in Moonshade. So I know that 
such fine work is possible."

"Without seeing them, I cannot be 
sure that the stockings thou hast 
are from Moonshade. 

They could be merely homespun, 
like unto the ones I make..."


	[dialogue choice] moonsilk stockings

"From thy description, the 
stockings could only be one kind 
-- Moonsilk Stockings."

"I sell them here in the store, but 
not often. Only the Mages can 
afford luxuries like these."

[avatar] "Whom dost thou sell them to, milady?"
[partymember] "And who buys these fripperies?"

"The Green Sorceress, Columna 
-- she dresses in only the finest 

"She also has a moonsilk sleeping 
gown, which cost more guilders 
than I shall ever make!"

"Please, may I see the 

"The silk is so soft! Didst thou 
know that the stockings are made 
from the cocoons of lunar moths?"'

"May I... could I... wouldst thou 
mind if I kept this pair? No 
Mundane could ever own such 

	[dialogue choice] Yes

	[dialogue choice] No
	[dialogue choice] strange coins

"Why, 'tis the money used in the 
sea-city of Fawn. See the gems in 
the center!"

"If thou desirest, I can exchange 
those coins for valuable 
Moonshadian guilders."

"I cannot tell thee what the coin is 
unless I see it, but if it isn't 
green and glowing, 'tis worthless."

Selina's Fishnet Stockings

A cut line of investigation pointing towards Selina being involved in the Knights' Test trap. Flags 7A and 7B.

(Source: SB-X)


	[dialogue choice] fish-net stockings

"There is a knight in town by the 
name of Brendann.

He hath had more experience in 
removing these from ladies than I 
have ever had wearing them, I am 

"Brendann is more well-acquainted 
with finery of ladies than a simple 
farm woman such as I, I am 


	[dialogue choice] stockings
"The stockings that thou didst 
take from Shmed were made in the 
city of Fawn."
(Source: Artaxerxes)


	[dialogue choice] fish-net stockings
	[f haveitem]
"'Tis not proper, milady, flaunting 
personal garments about like that!"

[avatar] They are not mine!
[partymember] They are not hers!

"Well... uh... these are made right 
here, by young Alyssand."

	[m haveitem]
"These are stockings thou mayest 
find our fisher women wearing. 
They are made right here, by young 

	[f noitem]
"What dost thou take me for!"

[Olon] "Trust me, milady, Jendon knows 
	nothing of the fairer sex!"

"Seek another woman to help thee... 
Alyssand, perhaps. She makes 

	[m noitem]
"If it is stockings thou seekest..."

"Alyssand weaves them right here 
in Fawn."


	[dialogue choice] fishnet stockings
"I had not expected a stranger to 
know of my tiny industry. I weave 
the nets and sew in my father's 

"It assists me in mine attempts to 
keep a watchful eye on my father... 
He hath not been right since my 
mother, Elissia, died."

"I have few customers, but 
perhaps people are beginning to 
take an interest."
	[dialogue choice] customers
"Well, to be truthful, I have only 
one returning customer. 

Flindo, a merchant from 
Moonshade, hath only just left 
here after ordering several more 

"Apparently one of the mages hath 
taken a liking to them. They are 
the only ones who could afford such 
luxuries now."


	[dialogue choice] fishnet stockings

"Oh, look! How quaint... Fishnet 

I've heard that some people find 
them attractive, but they're much 
too rough for my taste. I would 
never wear anything like that."

"They sound quaint, [name]. Perhaps 
thou couldst show them to me some 


	[dialogue choice] fish-net stockings

"Those are very interesting, but 
too daring for a nice girl to wear, 

"I do not stock such goods any 
more, but I know where they can be 
obtained -- Fawn, the sea-city."

[partymember] But thou used to sell these 

"Oh, yes. To the Sorceress of the 
Night, Selenia. But she hath been 
absent from this city for many 
weeks now."

"This stocking might be a clue to 
her strange disappearance! Thou 
shouldst take this to the Chief 

"I think I know the stockings thou 
art speaking of, but I am not 

"I do not stock such goods any 
more, but I know where they can be 
obtained -- Fawn, the sea-city."

[partymember] But thou used to sell these 

"Well, not having seen thy 
stocking, I cannot be sure. 

But it sounds like it might be the 
kind which I used to sell to the 
Sorceress of the Night."

"Perhaps this is a clue to the 
strange disappearance of Selenia!"

Templar - On Argus

Set Flag 1CA to hear Templar's opinion. In the final game you can't learn they knew each other until after everyone's died.

	[dialogue choice] Argus

"He was a Knight of Monitor with 
whom I had an altercation.

He took bribes, and when my friend 
accused him of it, Argus slew him 
on the List Field."

"Then there was a hue and cry, for 
the honor of the List Field was at 

The Wolves wanted to protect 
Argus, but the Bears were for 

"Shortly afterward, Argus left 
town. He must have been guilty, or 
he would have stayed to prove his 
(Source: SB-X)

Olon - Dead Cat

Triggered by setting flag 199. A tiny scrap relating to Cat Isle. Likely supposed to connect to the unused glowing cat corpse, but he does not react to it being in your inventory. His dialogue checks for shape 892 frame 30, instead (gwani child body).

	[dialogue choice] dead cat
"I never figured that Jendon would 
be listenin' ta my tales! It sounds 
just like them cats on that 

"Did I tell thee about the islands 
of cats?"

	[dialogue choice] Yes
"Oh, well... Another time, perhaps."

	[have body]
"Poor critter. Thou shouldst give 
it a decent burial... Before Jendon 
sees it, if thou dost know what be 
good for thee."

"He be mighty partic'lar about 
things like that in his inn."

[bark] "Quick now!"
(Source: SB-X, Thepal)

Delin - On Batlin

Delphynia mentions that Batlin spoke to Delin but Flag 156 is not set.

	[dialogue choice] Batlin

"Bats? What bats?"'

[partymember]"Not bats! B-A-T-L-I-N!"

"No need to shout. I'm not deaf."

"Batlin... ah, I remember he came 
here asking about some sort of 
rock sculpture or something. Black 

"I told him I am a simple 
merchant. I do not carry such 
luxuries. I directed him to 
Monitor. There is a sculptor there."
	[dialogue choice] Monitor

"Monitor is south of us, milord/milady, on
the coast.

Their soldiers, the Pikemen, act
as guards for the roads, and as
highwaymen for Monitor's
	[dialogue choice] highwaymen

"Yes, highwaymen! They charge
each traveller and merchant who 
would make use of the road they

"An exorbitant amount doth go to
Monitor every year, I'm certain.

And then we must feed them in
their Tower, and offer them our
goods at a discount!"
(Source: SB-X)

Death of the Goblin King

Flag CC does not get set when Pomdirgun is killed, leaving the residents of Monitor with curiously little to say about you slaying their biggest enemy.

(Source: SB-X)


	[dialogue choice] Pomdirgun
"No one in this town will mourn 
for that vicious Goblin bastard. 

I only wish I could have been with 
thee so I could have watched his 
life end."


	[dialogue choice] Pomdirgun
"I truly believe it is wrong to wish 
harm to any living creature, but 
the world is far better without 
that foul creature Pomdirgun alive. 

Thy deed was fair."


	[dialogue choice] Pomdirgun
"Thou hast killed the Goblin King 
Pomdirgun. How wonderful!"


	[dialogue choice] Pomdirgun
"I envy thee the chance to kill 
Pomdirgun. I hope thou didst make 
him suffer!"


	[dialogue choice] Pomdirgun
"Thou hast killed the worst enemy
Monitor has ever faced!

Surely the day of his death will be
cause for celebration for many
years to come.

Thou dost have my thanks, and the
thanks of all of Monitor."


	[dialogue choice] Champion Knight
"Not only didst thou root out the 
imposter in our midst, but thou 
hast slain our longtime enemy 
Pomdirgun, the Goblin King. 

Thou shalt be the stuff of legend 
one day, surely! Thy place in the 
history of Monitor is assured."

Monitor Traitor Plot


Flag 36 lets you directly accuse Lord Marsten.

	[dialogue choice] accuse

"What art thou talking about? 
Thou dost know nothing! Leave at 
once, or I shall call the Pikemen!"



After Marsten is arrested set flag 69.

	[dialogue choice] Leopard

"Well, that foolish leader of the 
Leopards is now dead. I wonder 
who will replace him?"'
(Source: SB-X)


They were originally going to put you on even more of a runaround in Moonshade.

Scrolls 209 and 210 - Letters of Introduction

From Flindo

To Torrissio:

Dearest and most Powerful Mage,

I recommend me to thee as well 
as the bearer of this message.
This letter of introduction entitles 
the bearer to a chat with thee. 
Trust thy righteous friend, Torrissio, 
the bearer is worth thy time.
I thank thee for thine understanding. Treat the 
bearer the way thou wouldst treat me.

 With a right good will, sincerely 

To Melino and Columna:

 Dearest and most Powerful Mages,

I recommend me to thee as well 
as the bearer of this message. This 
letter of introduction entitles the 
bearer to a chat with you. Trust 
thy righteous friend, the bearer is 
worth your time.
I thank you for your understanding. 
Treat the bearer the way you would 
treat me.

With a right good will, faithfully,

(Source: Oblivious)


Setting flag 127 makes him react as if you had sold Columna's stockings to Filbercio.

	[dialogue choice] buy spells

"Thou hast betrayed me and 
betrayed my lover by giving her 
stolen property to Filbercio for a 
mere pittance of profit! 

Now thou dost expect me to help 
thee?! Begone from my sight!"
(Source: SB-X)

Scroll 101 - Unused Love Letter

My darling Rotoluncia,

I know that thou dost love me 
as much as I love thee. Let us forget 
all of the intrigue that plagues this 
city and flee to the mainland! I can 
have built for us a modest love 
nest where we may spend the rest 
of our days in bliss!
Thy servant,

(Source: Oblivious)

Rotoluncia's Scroll

There are some specific circumstances in which you receive another scroll from Rotoluncia. If the party member chosen to be kidnapped is offscreen, a scroll will appear at the Avatar's feet and a party member will comment on that. This second bark doesn't play, though...

[bark]"A scroll..."

If the scroll can't spawn there seems to be a failsafe where it appears in your pack (I could not get this to happen):

[bark]"Thou hast a scroll!"
[bark]"A scroll!"

And if that doesn't work it will appear in a party members inventory (I think):

[bark]"Look what I have!"
[bark]"Thou hast a scroll!"

However, you cannot progress the plot without using the second scroll, leaving this tidbit unused. Use the scroll with Flag 134 + her death flag (Npc 31) set.

"I am speaking to thee from beyond 
the grave. I shall have vengeance!"
(Source: Nakar)

Scroll 203 - Frigidazzi's First Invitation

Dearest Avatar,

 I would like to congratulate thee 
from the bottom of mine heart, on 
obtaining thy spellbook. That was 
not an easy task. Thou didst 
accomplish it most admirably.
Also, I have been told that thou 
art asking questions about me. I 
think I would be the best person 
from whom to obtain the ultimate 
answers to thy questions. That is, 
the ones concerning myself.

 For all those reasons and so many 
more, I would like for thee to 
come to my manor. 

(Source: Oblivious)

Scroll 204 - Frigidazzi's Second Invitation (male)

Dearest Avatar,

Love and Honor be to thee. Letting 
thee know that I cannot wait to 
see thee again. I cannot think of 
time far from thy strong person 
and handsome body. Thy broad 
shoulders and great arms are such 
an open invitation for a woman like 
me. Thine eyes, Avatar, so piercing 
yet so full of love. I could feel 
that love during thy last visit.

 I beg of thee, come visit me 
tonight. Thou dost remember where 
my manor is, dost thou not? I have 
a very rare spell (a true 
tongue-twister) I could teach thee 
and thou wouldst be the only one 
enjoying that treasured spell of 
mine. Once more, I beg of thee, do 
come tonight and do come alone.

Thy love,      

(Source: Oblivious)

Scroll 211 - Frigidazzi's Second Invitation (female)

Dearest Avatar,

Love and Honor be to thee. 
Letting thee know that I cannot 
wait to see thee again. I cannot 
think of time far from thy strong 
and good-hearted person.
Thine eyes, Avatar, so piercing yet 
so full of love. I could feel that
love during thy last visit. I beg of 
thee, come visit me tonight.
I have a very rare spell I could 
teach thee and thou wouldst be 
the only one learning it.

 Once more, I beg of thee, do 
come tonight and do come alone.

Sincerely thy,	

(Source: Oblivious)

Scroll 208 - Stefano's Note


I have in my possession something 
extremely valuable which would be 
even more vital to thee. Thou 
couldst make good use of it, 
believe me.
If thou art interested (and thou 
shouldst be), come to the cabin in 
the forest.

(Source: Oblivious)

Annoy Zhelkas

Flag 1EF - Zhelkas was supposed to have a small change in dialogue if you refused the test.

"To ask if you have reconsidered. 
The Twin Pillars await the Hero 
of the Dream."

	[dialogue choice] No
"To waste our precious time! To 
leave now!"
(Source: SB-X)

Edrin After Dream World

Flag 213 seems like it ought to have been set after finishing Gorlab.

	[dialogue choice] dreams

He smiles. "Yes, milord/milady. I had 
forgotten to offer thee my thanks. 

Thou hast provided for me the 
opportunity to learn my visions 
were real. 

Now, however, I will have not the 
opportunity to lay eyes upon my 
lovely Siranush again..."'
(Source: SB-X)

Skullcrusher Diary

Found on a body in the unreachable section of Skullcrusher.

by Shovaughana

I do not know what to do 
anymore. I am desperate. We 
are all going to die, I know it. 
I and my children are going to 
die and there is no way for me 
to protect mine own flesh and 

It all began with the soldiers 
entering the city. Without any 
warning they attacked us. They 
began to kill people 
immediately, the elderly, the 
children and us women. Those 
heartless and cold-blooded 
bastards do not care...

Mine only hope is that our men 
will return in time to defend 
and protect us. Our food 
supplies are frighteningly low. 
Soon we all will be starving. I 
am already eating only the bare 
minimum. All my rations I give 
to my children, hoping that 
they will survive until our 
rescuers arrive. I need to 
support them in every way I 
possibly can, they are our 
future -- they are my life. I 
could not forgive myself if 
anything happened to them...
I do not know if I have the 
strength to wait for the rescue.

If there is no chance for us 
to survive and wait for them, I 
will have to choose. The choice 
is between letting those 
murderers enjoy us -- or else...

Original Post Bane Plot

A rushed release schedule caused rather drastic cuts to the second half of the game, such as the throats of 75% of the Npcs, leaving many of the remaining characters oddly nonchalant about their friends and families corpses rotting in the streets.

However, a fair amount of text was left in the files, showing chaos and crooked cops in Moonshade, maimings and a trail of notes in Fawn and the citizens of Monitor turning into animals.

Most of the dialogue can be triggered by flag 4... which also is the flag that causes everyone to die, making things somewhat tricky.

Captain Hawk

"I had hoped ta see ye again, lad/lass."

"Mine health is failin' me, an' I 
wanted ta be sure the Arabella 
went ta someone I can trust to 
care for her."

"I have no living kin no more..."
"So I want ye ta take her."

"Thou art a brave lad/lass."
"An' thou wert willin' ta spend a 
bit o' thy time listening ta an old 
man's tales."

"Thou... art..."

[avatar] "He is dead."
[partymember] "He is dead!"

Scroll 207 - Captain Hawk's Will

To the right good Avatar,

Thou must not think thy quest is 
done. For I offer ye a great 
challenge. To ye I leave my 
treasure -- if thou canst find it.
 Within this booty lies a Serpent 
Crown, waiting for ye to discover 
its hiding place.

Captain Hawk.


Needs Flag 4 + Hawk flagged as dead for this to trigger.

	[dialogue choice] Hawk
"Anyway, now that he hath been 
killed, I know not what we'll do. I 
suppose we must await the arrival 
of another ship."
	[dialogue choice] killed
"I did not see anything..."

[Kane] "Nor did I!"

"Nor did Kane. However, he was in 
the tavern when Hawk scuffled 
with a man named Flindo. We can 
only guess the outcome, milord/milady."
(Source: Thepal)


Should be set off by Flag 4, but it doesn't work.

	[dialogue choice] MageLord
"Our city is ruled by Shamino the 
Anarch, a most powerful wizard."

"He is a great improvement over our 
previous MageLord, who was 
indolent and deceitful. I am glad that 
Shamino rules."
	[dialogue choice] transgressor
"'Tis best not to try and second 
guess Shamino the Anarch. His 
definition of a transgression 
changes from moment to moment..."

"And the fine could be as insignificant 
as a verbal upbraiding, or as serious 
as thy life."

Nothing sets this choice, but you can copy it over "experiments" at 8bf5f in USECODE.

	[dialogue choice] certificate

"With this Crime Certificate, thou 
canst commit one unlawful act 
without fear of punishment.

If thou dost commit more than one, 
without another Certificate, 
Shamino the Anarch's justice will 
be swift!"

"I did give thee the Crime 
Certificate already!"

This creates a scroll (797, frame 187) that says "QA, report this scroll".

(Source: Thepal)

Scroll 201 - Crime Certicate

This certificate entitles the bearer 
to commit thievery up to a 
maximum of one hour.

Shamino the Anarch.


Checks for 797 frame 187.

	[dialogue choice] certificate
"Oh, I see. Carry on, carry on."


Nothing sets this choice.

	[dialogue choice] Stefano
"He looked as pale as a corpse, milord/milady.
He babbled something about a 
Death Knight and ran out as
though his pants were on fire.
Sounds like he's in trouble again."

[Petra] "Again?! When is Stefano not in trouble?"

This is supposed to be set by the previous option, but you can copy it over "usurper king" at 9d5b8 in USECODE.

	[dialogue choice] Death Knight
"I would thank thee not to repeat 
that in here. As Petra says, no 
use borrowing trouble..."

[Petra] "I knew thou wert learning, Rocco."

"Oh, go on with thee!"

"Some say that it is a Daemon 
summoned to hunt the unfortunate 
person. Others say that it is an 
automaton designed to kill. 

I do not know, nor do I wish to 
(Source: Thepal)


"So, thou art still alive!"
"I had wondered when thy companion 
arrived in such a strange state."

"I never thought I would live to 
see mighty Moonshade humbled, but 
Shamino hath certainly managed it 
quite handily."

"I would be careful in the streets 
here now, milord/milady. 'Tis somewhat... 
unsafe.  Oh, and the... fallen 
Filbercio is searching for thee."
	[dialogue choice] strange state
"He now calls himself Shamino the 

"By his command up may become 
down, and in may become out. And 
woe to anyone who disagrees.

He hath totally unravelled the 
strictures... 'Tis a magical 
madhouse out there!
	[dialogue choice] fallen Filbercio
"When Shamino the Anarch took 
over, he cast Filbercio out of the 
Palace and made him a beggar."

"Needless to say, this did not sit 
well with the MageLord. Filbercio 
would speak with thee...

Perhaps thou canst, having been 
Shamino's companion, find a way to 
overcome his powers."

"Look for Filbercio in the streets, 
milord/milady. Shamino the Anarch hath 
decreed that none may take 
Filbercio in or aid him in any way."


"Seest thou, [name]? I told thee 
that I would teach them not to 
take Ensorcio lightly! 

I told thee that one day they would 
welcome me back... Beg for me to 
	[dialogue choice] teach them
"Shamino the Anarch hath 
proclaimed me the finest of Adepts!

At last someone hath seen my 
talents and set them for the world 
to see...
No more shall I be Ensorcio the 
shunned, Ensorcio the exile! Now I 
am the premier Adept!"
	[dialogue choice] welcome
"Filbercio's unjust rule hath been 
brought to an end!"

"Shamino the Anarch, thy 
wonderful companion, hath cast him 
from power and I have been 
welcomed with open arms!"

"Oh, what joy! To be back in 
Moonshade and free to experiment 
as I wish!"

Scrolls 5, 6, 8 and 11 - Iolo's Notes

  Oh, Great Captains, my Great 
Captains! So powerful you were 
yesterday, so pitiful you are today. 
Rulers of the City are now 
prisoners of the Oracle. What a 
fate you might have met! Iolo is 
pleased that such powerful 
creatures as you, Great Captains, 
have lost power, herein uncovering 
the fools in them... 

Everyone is in search of The Lady 
of Fawn. For The Lady hath been 
lost since dawn. Barking their 
strange tune throughout the city, 
All of them, townsfolk and priests. 
Iolo did it, enjoying such feasts. 
Avatar, is it not pretty?

Kylista needs must speak with thee, 
Avatar, now that is interesting... 
Heretofore, she was in 
communication with the Oracle and 
now she wants thee. Is there any 
hidden meaning to this change of 
heart? Thou shouldst know the 
answer to that, Avatar. When a 
woman needs to speak to one such 
as thee, thou dost not want her to 
wait, Avatar, or dost thou? Is 
there anything we should be aware 
 Thy good old friend Iolo wants to know, Avatar...
Right adventurous Avatar,

   I greet thee well, Avatar, 
sending thee my blessings and 
letting thee know that it appears 
that thou art not paying due 
attention to my clues.
   I require thee that thou dost 

Faithfully thine, 



	[dialogue choice] Iolo the Mad
	[no text linked]


	[dialogue choice] Iolo the Mad
"He is Master of Fawn now, 
Avatar. Thou wouldst be wise to 
leave while it amuses him to let ye 

"He might grant to me that fine 
wench, Alyssand, if I bring him 
thine head..."
	[on death]
"Thou canst defeat me, Avatar.
But thou hast no hope against the 
power of Iolo the Mad..."


	[dialogue choice] Iolo the Mad
"What great calamity must have 
befallen thy trusted companion, 
[name]. I fear that his reason hath 

He terrorizes the city with his 
fiendish jokes." 

"Only yesterday, Iolo announced to 
the citizens of Fawn that he would
prove once and for all whether or 
not Beauty was skin deep.

He then cast a spell on poor Lady 
Yelinda and removed all of her 
skin. She ran out of the city 
toward Gorlab Swamp.

Without the true ruler, I fear 
that Fawn will never be restored... 
even with thine aid."


"It was horrible! I was a wolf! I 
know I was! I saw myself in a 
reflection on a puddle of water!"

[bark] "Aieee!!"

Curing Cantra

Cantra can be cured by setting flag 47 and unchecking her Zombie flag (she's Npc 64). For Harnna's dialogue you must also clear flag 2e2 for it to work.


"I feel tired, but I am all right!
My mind was full of awful dreams.
Thou hast saved me! I shall 
remember thee always!"
	[dialogue choice] bye

[bark]"Bless thee!"


	[dialogue choice] Cantra
"I am glad that my daughter is 
alive, but I have a strange 
foreboding that all is not as it 
should be with her. 

A small private part of her is still 
awash in madness and death."

	[Cantra de-zombied]
"I am so happy my daughter hath 
been found, resurrected by the 
monks, and that thou hast restored 
her mind."
(Source: SB-X, Thepal)