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Undertale/To do

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This is a sub-page of Undertale.

"to-do" Overview

  • For a fourth wall bending game like this, it should be no surprise there's a lot of hidden stuff in the code.
  • The OS X version is about 30 MB bigger than the Windows version, see if there's any more in there.
  • A new patch has been released on the beta branch. Note any differences.A good place to start is here.

Unused Sprites

Sprites which haven't been seen in the game. Some are obviously tests, while others don't seem to be. Each one has a description by it. They simply need to be uploaded.

Potentially Unused Images

spr_bluejet_0.png - It's not even blue... nor a jet. Can't remember this. Used in Hotlands.

spr_undynea_starkr_old_0-3 - Undyne walking right with a metal spear and its also old.

spr_undynea_u_0-3 - Undyne looking up with less shading and metal spear.

spr_undynespear_l_0-5.png - Undyne's spear heading left with an animation. Also silver.

spr_wizard_orb_3 - Madjick's orb, except green with a heart. Used, but very obscure - you have to stare at the Chaser Orb and then stand still when Madjick's attack starts. Right before the attack ends, the orbs switch to this sprite. (Good idea to still add to the article)

Bullet minigame unused sprites?

Are the below three for the unused bullet minigame that's referenced in the strings?


spr_text_restaurant_0.png Used in the hotlands mini-game, sometimes it says Restaurant instead of Restart.


Unused Text

Text which hasn't been seen ingame. Most are errors. Lines that I thought required explanations have them.

Unused Text

00700: BEPIS. ~ (If you're wearing a piece of armour after Papyrus' call in the Waterfall (such as the Stained Apron), then this is used in-place of his description of your current armour.)

01366: * Bepis valley Granola Bars/%%

04450: RG 03 ~ (Unused enemy.)

04451: RG 04 ~ (Unused enemy.)

04470: Gaster ~ (Simply an entry in the game's files.)

04562: * That doesn't seem correct. ~ (Due to its location in the code, this may be used in the 'fight' against Asgore in Genocide.) Used in Hard mode.

04568: * Final Froggit hopped in...? ~ (With how it's worded, it doesn't seem used.) Also used in hard mode. The wording is meant to imply the narrator's confusion over there being endgame enemies in the Ruins.

04874: SPAGHETTI... ~ (Right around the Joystick room test.) Used in the Joystick Config menu. Sometimes, instead of saying "RESETTING..." when you reset controls in the menu, it will say "SPAGHETTI..."

05888: THAT THING ON&YOUR BODY.../ ~ (Only used if you're wearing The Locket, the only piece of armour in the game which you cannot both get with the option to date Papyrus. Unless you dated his dust.)

06868: Bepis

07096: You're&rather&slow.

07097: Come on,&let's go.

07098: Hurry&up...

07099: Want to&go on&a walk?

07100: Pet...&me...

07101: Oh boy!&Oh boy!&Oh boy!&Oh boy!

07102: Ahhhh,&humans&are&nice.

07103: Hey!!&That&was&fun!!

07104: * Doge is pacing anxiously.

07105: * Doge paws at an imaginary& door.

07106: * Doge is looking at you and& whining.

07107: * Doge is wondering where she& put her leash.

07108: * Doge is now primed for petting.

07109: * Doge looks satisfied.

07110: * Doge needs a vet.

07111: * DOGE - ATK 7 DEF 5&* Pronounced "dohj." Soft j^1.&* Seems like she wants a walk./^

07112: * You tried to bathe Doge^2,& but she's perfectly clean.../^

07113: * You go on a short walk with& the Doge./^

07114: * The Doge seems all tuckered& out./^

07115: * You called Doge over.&* Doge came close./^

07116: * Dry a dry doge?&* Your mind boggles at this& impossibility./^

07117: * You pet the Doge.&* What a good Doge./^

07118: * Doge seems too dangerous& to pet..^1.&* For now./^

07581: * Hamburger Helpers./^

07805: * This message will NEVER& happen. ~ (Mixed with the Mad Dummy flavour text.)

07911: * How'd you do that?

07948: * Wrong message!/^

08028: * MEttaton Rules the school.

08029: * Mettaton Is A- OK .

08823: * You execute some action./^ ~ (By Astigmatism's lines)

09221: testhp

09222: testinv

09223: healno


09225: room0

09226: spaces

09227: Game Under

09228: Big Wienener Zone.

09229: Hall of failure.

09230: Attack

09231: :

09232: TAke a screenshot#of this every time#for balancing purposes.

09233: Hold SPACEBAR to restart from#Attack 30

09234: waiting for the#next battle...

09235: attack Number

09236: final attack

09237: heal items left

09238: press H to use one

09239: your HP is

09240: /20

09241: press SPACE to continue

09242: blue lasers don't hit#you if you don't#move

10789: Ultimate bepis/%% ~ (In Asriel's fight.)

11145: * Monster does an action.

11146: * Smells like a monster.

11147: * MONSTER

11148: DEF&* Mistakenly believes its lava& is a monster./^

11400: HAT DIALOGUE./%% ~ (Located around Papyrus' lines for inspecting parts of his body during the date.)

12389: I WAS NEVER ONE& TO BEPIS./%% ~ (Right after "HALT, HUMAN!" but before Papyrus explaining how to get out of the underground.)

13202: \R* Strongly felt

13203: left^1.&* Shouldn't proceed yet./%% ~ (Really weird text. In full red, so it may be in Genocide Route.) Indeed used during the Genocide Route, specifically Waterfalls on the area right before fighting Undying if you haven't fulfilled the kill counter for that place yet.

13242: * grievous error/%%

13294: * (You hear a small voice.)/ ~ (These three are buried in what seems to be variable names.)

13295: * Congratulations!/

13296: * What's wrong with you!/%%

13522: *TEST!!!/%%

13684: error/%%

13685: * test/%%

13870: * Capital wenisberry./%%

14086: What the fuck is wrong ~ (If something goes awry in UNDERTALE The Musical)

14853: * Hi./%%

15378: pepis/%%

15502: \E4* you'll need a cool& mutant hand to count& all of your deaths./%% ~ (This and the next 3 lines are extra dialogue for when Sans tells you how many times you've died against him. The previous lines have a "/%%" after then, which signals the end of a dialogue box. Seeing as they all direct to Sans' "but soon..." message, these may have been the equivalent to that until Toby decided to just route all of them to end in "but soon...". Extra line for 5 deaths.)

15505: \E4* you'll need to find& a mutant hand with& even more fingers./%% ~ (Extra line for 6 deaths.)

15509: \E4* and that number will& multiply tenfold./%% (Extra line for 7 deaths.)

15512: \E1* wait^1, don't spiders& have legs?/%% (Extra line for 8 deaths.)

15530: \E4* you're really kind& of a freak^1, huh?/%% ~ (Right after Sans says he won't grace your smile with a description, but before he asks you if you want to have a bad time.) Used after killing Sans two or more times and resetting to fight him again.

16206: * (Small puddle forming.)/%% ~ (These 4 lines are stored in an odd part of the code, between Undyne telling you Papyrus usually nails that landing and miscellaneous interaction text.)

16207: * (Medium puddle forming.)/%%

16208: * (Large puddle forming.)/%%

16209: * (A small tree is growing in& the puddle.)/%% These lines are used in Hotland if you repeatedly take water from the water cooler and empty it onto the ground. The small tree appears there in the True Pacifist ending.

16278: * East: Burgertown&* North: Cord&* West: Restraint/ ~ (Weird messages. Cord and Restraint are close to Core and Restaurant, so there's a chance this may have been a joke of a placeholder.)

16279: * This area's not done so no& fun is allowed here yet./

16280: * Signed, the Manmengent/%% ~ (Last word has a typo.)

16226: 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890/

16227: 123456789012345678901234567890/

16228: \Ts %

16229: 123456789012345678901234567890/%%

16230: * Test one./

16231: \E1* Test two./

16232: \E2* Test three./

16233: \E3* Test four./%%

16263: * This is a damned test!/

16264: * 0^1. \E1 1^1. \E1 1^1.\E2 1^1.\E3 1^1.\E4 1^1.\E5 1^1.\E6 1^1. \E7 1^1.\E8 1^1./%%

16265: * (Last chance to wish& before Hotland^1.)&* (Careful of pollen.)/%%

16482: G - Ninechara

16483: Exit

16484: (9999 G)

16485: Really sell Ninechara for

16486: G?


17399: \W* I AM METTATON^2, BIG TIME& \RSEXY ROBOT\W LOVER./%% ~ (Placeholder text??)

17736: * bepis/%%

18401: * Big boner down the lane^8 %%

18402: * Big boner down the lane^4 %% ~ (This line and line 18401 [above] are used as placeholders in case something goes wrong while Flowey performs his monologue to the player before the Photoshop Flowey boss fight.)

Unused/Old Debugging Code

(Didn't really know where to put this, so I'm throwing it here.)

File gml_Object_obj_gameover_test_pl_Draw_0 in the code shows this. It seems like this was to test dying. Reading the code a little can show dying with less than or equal to 0 HP will give "Game Under" text somewhere in the top (maybe top-left?) of the screen, and dying with anything else would display "Big Wienener Zone." in its place and "Hall of Failure." near the bottom. Though, I have no clue where the game is trying to put the text at the bottom (the text talking about pressing spacebar and stuff). The stuff in the middle seems to show why you died without getting at or below 0 HP, though not entirely sure. This was taken from the Nintendo Switch version 1.09 update, though I doubt the file isn't on any other versions/platforms of the game. Still, wouldn't hurt to check.


This could possibly have been used for when Toby Fox was testing how dying in battles worked, to make sure it worked properly.