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Universal Hero

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Title Screen

Universal Hero

Developer: Xcel
Publisher: Mastertronic
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Released in EU: 1986

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Developer Message

At offset 226 on a .tzx dump of the game is a pair of messages from the programmer: the first is an explanation for the lack of sound, while the other has some details on the copy protection.

Due to the initial bad design of this program the programer
wishes to apologise for the lack of sound wich is due to
memory restrictions, To make up for this lack of sound the 
programer sudgests one of the prince albums to be played in 
the background at a large volume.

Due to the size of the game you may find it hard to hack 
without over writing a part of the program with any kind of
dissasembler you may use and you will also notice there is
no way any room for basic. To overcome this problem you may 
erase the bottom part of memory (5B00-8000) as this is purley
graphics and when any alterations have been made they may be 
re-patched over again.

Thankyou for buying or copying this game and i hope you have 
fun playing and hacking this game and i hope you find some good
pokes for it.

Yours sincerly 
        Stuart & Dawn
(Source: swizpig)