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This userpage was left unused and untranslated when ported from Japanese to English. Maybe.

Aoi is a veteran gamer and amateur translator... rather rusty, however. (At translating. Not gaming.) And apparently speaking in the third-person POV, for some reason.

Jul profile: Somewhere around here.

My wiki editing skills are almost nil, so I'm most likely going to mess something up. Just watch. (...wait. That almost sounds like I'm making it a goal. I'm not, honest!)

Articles probably ruined: Pages: {{#cscore:Aoi|pages}} | Edits: {{#cscore:Aoi|changes}} | Overall Score: {{#cscore:Aoi}}

Currently wondering about unused content/etc. in games like...

Valis III (PC Engine): The additional (SD) OP sequence and the slot machine mini-game were removed (or disabled) in the English TurboGrafx-16 version. I've played through the (original Japanese SuperCD version of the) game, but there seem to be additional audio (scene) tracks on the CD that I don't remember hearing in the game... probably tied to the above OP trick, which also adds a "Final Battle" image to the title screen. Are there any branching paths in Final Battle mode? I haven't seen much mention of it even in Japanese magazines... now, if only my TG's CD drive was working...

Rush'N'Attack (NES): In the process of researching this one, just to make sure what was cut/disabled really was cut or disabled. Hopefully.

Resident Evil Zero (GameCube): I've heard that development for RE0 began on the Nintendo 64, that there was even a prototype at one point. Whether or not all of that's true, I don't know - but maybe, there's some hints toward that development in the GameCube version... and who knows what else? (Now that I think about it... wonder if there's anything lurking in Dino Crisis...)

Phantasy Star Zero (DS): Some things you could get using the password machine in the underground, in the original Japanese version of the game, have apparently been removed or altered (for at least the English version of the game). For example, you could get Hatsune Miku's leek (Wand), Samus' beam cannon, and a 'Hylian Shield.' I'm not sure why the latter two were removed, at that. The 'magazine' weapons you could get have been altered, as far as I can tell (there are three in the English version, and one is now supposedly a Nintendo Power.) (...still would like to see something in the line of the original PSes, though, rather than just another PSO-type game...)

Guardic Gaiden (Famicom)/The Guardian Legend (NES): Well, it IS a Compile game, so who knows? This GameFAQs message board post suggests there might be an in-game debug window. If it's true, I'm not sure it would necessarily be accessed through the password system... is there a code for it, address or button?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters International - Worldwide Edition (GBA): There's hints that Hiroto Honda (Tristan Taylor, in the English dub) was/is supposed to be one of the duelists in the game - most likely a low-level duelist - but I could never find/unlock the character, and there's no indication he's there in the normal game. Later games do include him as a low-level/easy opponent.

The Sims (the GBA and DS games, such as The Sims: Bustin' Out and The Urbz... not to mention that the DS version of The Sims 2 seems to be rather rushed, so who knows what might be hidden in it?)

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