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To do:
  • There's still more to be documented.
  • The names of the dreams vary a lot between each version.
  • There's a horrendous amount of differences in the food, clothes, and treasures that need to be documented.
  • Replace these with GIFs or images when necessary.
  • Add a few more visuals for the things that don't have any.


English Translation Differences
Sound Differences


Tomodachi Life Icon Town.png
Mii Maker
Tomodachi Life Icon Apart.png
Mii Apartments
Tomodachi Life Icon Shop.png
Tomodachi Life Icon Fountain.png
Tomodachi Life Icon Concert.png
Concert Hall
Tomodachi Life Icon Amuse.png
Amusement Park


Child-Adult relationships

In the Japanese version, it is possible for two Miis, a child and an adult, to marry and have children (if the child uses an Age-O-Matic). To avoid controversy, this feature was changed in Western versions so Miis can only marry if they are in the same age group.

Region-appropriate Currency

Where appropriate, the localization team of each region used the different countries' currency, which corresponds to their own region. The Japanese version uses yen, the American and Australian versions use American and Australian dollars respectively, while the European version uses the euro and a separate United Kingdom version uses pounds sterling:

To do:
Get a screenshot of the Australian verison
Japan US Europe UK Korea
Tomodachi Life Yen.png Tomodachi Life Dollar.png Tomodachi Life Euro.png Tomodachi Life Pound.png Tomodachi Life Won.png

Rooftop/Observation Tower

The rooftop area was once accessible by the player in the Japanese version from the Mii Apartments view. It was replaced by the Observation Tower building in the international versions, and they serve the same purposes as one another.

Japan International
TomodachiLifeJPN-RoofEmpty.png TomodachiLifeUSA-TowerEmpty.png
TomodachiLifeJPN-Rooftop.png TomodachiLifeUSA-Tower.png
(Source: Tomodachi Life Wiki)

3DS Image Share

The International releases added the 3DS Image Share building. This is simply a shortcut to the homonymous website.

Town Hall Sign

The "Town Hall" sign was drastically changed in the international versions:

Japan International
Tomodachi Life JPN Town Hall.png Tomodachi Life EUR Town Hall.png

Tomodachi Collection Importing

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
  • There must be more dialogue relating to this option.
  • Find if there are any leftovers of this string in the international versions.

When booting up the Japanese version for the first time, you will be greeted with a message asking if you own Tomodachi Collection. Since that game wasn't released internationally, this option was removed when localized.

Japan Translation
『トモダチコレワション』 を
Do you have
Nintendo DS Software
"Tomodachi Collection"?