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User:CreepNT/Demo:Ratchet & Clank : Up Your Arsenal (SCED 54417)

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This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
  • Are all avaliable weapons same as retail ?
  • Are the other weapons same as retail ?
  • locate XP values for weapon
  • is the "mission complete" (and overall) font different ?
  • try to get access to menus
  • other planets ?
  • get Charge boots and test physics
  • dump the vendor strings and categorize them

Note : I realized I should only upload pictures when the article is in a "finished" state. just imagine them by yourself for now

To do:
Dump all icons and replace the icons used on the Focus344/1108 pages with clean ones
To do:
Make a full gameplay of the whole planet in a video, to help documenting stuff


Vendor Strings
Item Table
Unused Text


To do:
Check if it makes font bolder or not
HEX Corresponding effect
01-07 nothing
08 "default" color (orange-ish)
09 "light" blue
0A green
0B purple-ish
0C dark blue-ish text
0D-0F black
10 cross
11 circle
12 triangle
13 square
14 L1
15 R1
16 L2
17 R2
18 Stick oriented to the left
19 Stick oriented to the right
1A Select
1B-1F nothing
1E-1F a space ?

color variations for weapons icons in vendor only
HP is capped to 108 ?

You got the Omega Shock Cannon !


  • At first, looks close to FOCUS344 build. After careful inspection, a lot of stuff is closer to retail than it
  • ALL.WAD contains the debug font used in FOCUS344 (DBGFONT.PIF)
  • Date string found in ALL.WAD : Jun 22 2004 18:17:20 (TODO : this date is near the 989snd notice, investigate to see if it's not the date for it)
  • Date string found in MP ELF is Jun 5 2004 21:43:43
  • All files are dated from July 1 2004, most likely date the disc was pressed

This makes me think the build could have compiled on June 22, 2004 but the game only pressed to retail-able discs on July 1. The discs were released on July 2 according to ImJustATester.

  • all crates respawn at death
  • wrench is the one of GC
  • different crate layout overall
  • crates use Gadgetron logo instead of megacorp
  • UI looks retail-ish, except for font
  • midair movement is possible (hyperstriking when doing a long jump)
  • Seemingly uses the platinum bolt model with a gold bolt texture and the platinum bolt's "glowing" texture.
  • default armor is retail's armor2, same as Focus344
  • enemies dmg : Retail (2 for little guy, 3 for gunner, 5 for laser) | Demo (4,6,7)
  • starting HP is 18 instead of 10
  • starting weapons are N60 storm V2, plasma whip v1, shock blaster v1, and infecto-bomb v5
  • bolt HUD of both GC (but orange colored) and UYA are present (disable QSP, press Triangle and L3 for bolt, or write 1 to 21FF0864 for HP)

--> have yet to find out how to have GC weapon hud and how to disable UYA hud (Tester got it working on the NTSC demo i think ?)

  • MOST weapon icons are retail
  • weapon names in "Ammo get" prompt are black/blue
To do:
Take screenshot of some prompts
  • no lockstrafe ?
  • map background is same as GC (blue grid)

Level layout differences

The only (single-player) level in this build is Marcadia.

  • jackpot crate at different spot, uses pre-retail graphics
  • no infernox crate
  • gold bolt (should be titanium but is gold ??) not found in retail (see below)
Demo Retail

UYA SCED54417 Marcadia Bolt Area.png

[[File:UYA Retail Marcadia no-Bolt Area.png|frameless]]

Besides textures/models using earlier versions, the multiplayer map (Hoven Gorges) is the same as the retail version (according to a MP veteran).