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Hi !

I am a new one here ! even tho this account is already old from a few years already now, it's because I uses this site frequently since a very longtime now already, but I never did anything here. (Go figure lol.)

Also! (must mention that), even tho I've never personally did anything here, I've still contributed to some pages in some way or another with giving some helps (like: Info's, original sources, discoveries, videos and etc!) to some people. (Heck, even unintentionally sometimes! Lol...)

One last thing too, English's not my first/native language. I am French and +, I am still only a very young person who just started to learn it properly very recently. So, expect to see me changing multiples times a pages I edited just for.. (you know!..) putting better grammars in it or correct a typing mistakes of me.