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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Splatoon 3.

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17th February, 2021

Nintendo Direct

The game was announced during the 17th February, 2021 Nintendo Direct. This reveal trailer showed off the basic customization, the general layout of the Splatlands, Splatsville, and showcased one of the new turf war maps, Scorch Gorge. This trailer also showcased several new main and special weapons such as the ink bow, the crab tank, the tri-zooka, and a cameo of the Killer Wail 5.1. This trailer also showcased two new moves, the squid roll and the squid surge. More details were revealed on twitter and tumblr.[1]




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Video Clip





Attention, worldwide squid researchers!

#Splatoon3 was just announced via video transmission. It doesn’t launch for some time, but we learned some fascinating ecological details: a new Inkling & Octoling habitat has been discovered! And it seems quite different than Inkopolis...

It’s no secret that Inklings and Octolings can arrange their head tentacles in various “hairstyles.” However, it seems these wonderful creatures are capable of more intricate designs than previously known. Just look at this Inkling… It has a braid! What a day for science.

In the new video transmission, an Inkling is seen accompanied by a juvenile Salmonid called a Smallfry. Our studies have long shown the Salmonids to be a dangerous species. How this seemingly symbiotic relationship evolved is a thrilling mystery. Further research is required!

Here we see Splatsville, the newly discovered “city of chaos.” It has a dated feel yet seems densely populated. Research indicates that Splatsville’s development has accelerated rapidly since the Final Splatfest a year and a half ago, even though it’s located far from Inkopolis.

We’ve learned that Splatsville is located in a broader region called the Splatlands. It seems the intense sun and harsh environment have had a profound effect on its inhabitants. In recent years, trendsetting Inklings have been drawn to this culture like moths to a Bunsen burner!

Even in the Splatlands, Inklings seem devoted to the popular pastime of Turf War. The basic rules appear unchanged—two teams of four compete to ink the most ground. However, the denizens of Splatsville appear to have taken their battles into the surrounding wilds of nature!

In the Splatlands, Inklings seem to favor entering the battlefield by launching themselves out of some sort of midair spawner drone. It appears they can even choose their landing spot before flying into action!

We’ve identified two new ways that Inklings can move. A “squid roll” allows them to leap and twirl out of their ink, and a “squid surge” allows them to quickly swim up ink-covered walls and jump out at the top! Just think how these abilities could be used in the heat of battle…

We’ve also discovered a new weapon with a shape like a bow. It looks a bit primitive at first glance, but on closer inspection, it’s packed with technology, including a mechanism capable of launching three strings of ink simultaneously!

In the video transmission, we also spotted some special weapons! In addition to a brand-new one, some seem like reconfigured versions of special weapons found in Inkopolis. How perfectly fitting for the city of chaos…

Classic main weapons appear viable in the Splatlands, although their appearance seems evolved to suit this unique culture. The .96 Gal and Range Blaster look markedly different than we’re used to, which will seemingly make them stand out more from other weapons of the same type.

We’ll be back in touch when we have more to report. We anticipate it may be a while, though, as good science takes time. Until then, we hope players continue to enjoy #Splatoon2. Keep up the squid research, everyone!




Splatoon 3-prerelease-2021 02-NoA press-artwork.png

Nintendo Websites

Press Release

Splatoon 3: In this new game in the Splatoon series, you’ll leave Inkopolis behind and head to a new region: the Splatlands. Its heart is a new city where battle-savvy Inklings and Octolings gather: Splatsville, also known as the “City of Chaos.” Splatoon 3 introduces various features to the action-shooter series, including weapons such as the bow-weapon, customization options and movement abilities to bring to the returning 4v4 Turf Wars matches. More information about the full-fledged sequel coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022 will be revealed in the future.


English Game Page Description

Ink up the Splatlands in the next Splatoon™ game! Enter the Splatlands, a sun-scorched desert inhabited by battle-hardened Inklings and Octolings. Splatsville, the city of chaos, is the adrenaline-fueled heart of this dusty wasteland.

Even in this desolate environment, Turf War* reigns supreme and battles rage in new stages located in the surrounding wilds. Dynamic new moves help these fighters dodge attacks and cover more ground, along with a new bow-shaped weapon to sling ink. Stay tuned for more information to be revealed, as the Splatoon 3 game is scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch™ system in 2022.

Ink it up with a new entry in the Splatoon series Discover the Splatlands, a new sun-soaked region with trendsetting inhabitants Experiment with new styles for Inklings and Octolings 4v4 Turf Wars* are back, with new stages, new maneuvers, and new weapons

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Japanese "Topics" Article


18th February, 2021

Job Listing

https://twitter.com/Nintendo/status/1362330465026400256 / https://www.nintendo.co.jp/jobs/project/kyoto_sec1.html

6th July, 2021

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) - Announcement Trailer

1:42 to 1:51 of the "Nintendo Switch (OLED model) - Announcement Trailer" features new footage. [8]

14th July, 2021

New Artwork

Splatoon 3-prerelease-2021 07 14 artwork.jpg

Nintendo posted some new artwork on their Twitter accounts:

23rd September, 2021

Nintendo Direct


This trailer was revealed onthe 23rd of September 2021. This trailer showcased more gameplay of turf war. It also showed more appearance of the crab tank, along with two new weapons: the big bubbler and the zip caster. The trailer also revealed the new story mode: Return of the Mammalians, which revealed a lot of stages along with the new main hub, Alterna. This story mode also sees the return of Callie, Marie, and Agent 3, now promoted to Captain 3 after Cuttlefish's retirement. Even more details were revealed on twitter as well.


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todo: get screenshots/artwork from press/tweets/websites


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Nintendo Websites

28th September, 2021


@NintendoUK https://twitter.com/NintendoUK/status/1442762859876917251

21st December, 2021



9th February, 2022

Nintendo Direct

This trailer was completely devoted to the co-op gamemode, Salmon Run: Next Wave. This trailer showcased a brand new map, along with several new boss salmonids. One being a stick with multiple small fries circling it, called the fish stick. Another being a large salmonid that splashes down on top of you, called the Flipper-Flopper. The trailer also showcased a new action that is very helpful for Salmon Run: Egg throwing. It costs ink but will be very useful in heavy combat situations. The end of the trailer revealed a massive behemoth of a salmonid that twitter revealed as the "King Salmonid". This trailer also gave a release window for Splatoon 3: Summer 2022.

22nd April, 2022

25th April, 2022

27th April, 2022


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