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User:MalaBG/Young Horses/OctodadPH/Octodad 2013 PAX Build

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This is a sub-page of User:MalaBG/Young Horses/OctodadPH.

Old Title Screen


  • This build of the game had a WILDLY different Title Screen, The cogs in the top are for, y'know, options and the X is for exiting the game.
  • Pressing PLAY allows you to pick from 3 levels, "Wedding Bells", "Home, Sweet Home" and "Grocery Store Visit" (Which was renamed to "Gervason's Grocery" in the final build.


  • The logo in this build is different as well, The subtitle ("Dadliest Catch") being semi-opaque and missing the bubbles in the back of it.
Early (March 20th, 2013) Final (January 30th, 2014)