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User:MalaBG/Young Horses/OctodadPH

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This is a sub-page of User:MalaBG/Young Horses.

Octodad 2012 Levels Info Dump
Octodad 2013 PAX Build
I don't have access to this mfin build, don't ask me to datamine it!!!.
May 7th, 2013
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Octodad Page Rewrite

Unused Textures

Demo Leftovers

Unused Ties

Temp Lime Tie 150px

Riddler Tie

Two Stripe Octopi Tie

The Demo in its Entirety

Thanks for Playing! Screen

The "thanks for playing" screen is present in the files of the full version.

OctodadDadliestCatch ThanksForPlaying.png

Multi-Dad Mode

Multi-Dad from the April Fools day prank is still ENTIRELY in the game. It can be accessed by changing the CONFIG.txt file

Octo-Suit Textures

200px 200px 200px