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I frequent this place a lot so I figured I might want to get an account and contribute ^^` I'm good with grammar so I'll prolly be doing random things like that here and there. I don't really know to use hex editors and the like yet, but I do know some places for looking at unused content on the surface, so I'll help as I can!

Things I might/should do

  • Time Hollow's bonus track has an unfinished version in the game. The game also has a different ED in the Japanese release.
  • Time Hollow also has a ton of TGS-related files
  • TWEWY has a ton of unused graphics, even more than I already posted
  • TWEWY has a bunch of voice clips that might have gone unused
  • TWEWY has some placeholder cutscene/shop/overworld backgrounds, and a few that I don't remember seeing and could've gone unused. Also one of them is distinct between regions for some reason ?_?
  • The broken cutscenes in the US Debug Menu of TWEWY work in the JP Debug Menu
  • Energy Breaker has some unused items and an error handler (and anti-piracy apparently...?)
   * Bytes 7E0042, 7E0044, 7E0046, and 7E0048 track Myra's movement 
   * Byte 7E005F loads the room of the given value, it does NOT load room events though. (bytes 7E0071-7E0076 might also be related)
   * Byte 7E009D and 7E009F are related to maps as well (particularly in regards to events)
  • MMZ3 has anti-piracy...at least I think it does

Stuff I'm Working on