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Porcino/Sonic 3 Prototype Color Palettes


Porcino/Developing Map:_The_Legend_of_Zelda:_Ocarina_of_Time



Mapping Scenes:_The_Legend_of_Zelda:_Ocarina_of_Time


User:Porcino/NES Open Golf







Porcino/Unused Cameras: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

User:Porcino/Command_and_Conquer:_Red_Alert_2_(Windows)/Unused Stuff User:Porcino/Command_and_Conquer:_Red_Alert_2_(Windows)/Unused Sounds User:Porcino/Command_and_Conquer:_Red_Alert_2_(Windows)/Unused Texts User:Porcino/Command_and_Conquer:_Red_Alert_2_(Windows)/Unused Images User:Porcino/Command_and_Conquer:_Red_Alert_2_(Windows)/Unused Units User:Porcino/Command_and_Conquer:_Red_Alert_2_(Windows)/Unused Buildings User:Porcino/PrereleasedːCommand_and_Conquer:_Red_Alert_2_(Windows)


Azure Lake Zone
S3 ALZ background.png

Chrome Gadget Zone
S3 CGZ background.png

Angel Island Zone
S3 AIZ tiles anim 1.png S3 AIZ tiles anim 2.png S3 AIZ tiles anim 3.png S3 AIZ tiles anim 4.png

Hydrocity Zone
Sonic3HCZdominoes.png S3 HCZ tiles anim 1.png S3 HCZ tiles anim 2.png S3 HCZ tiles anim 3.png S3 HCZ tiles anim 4.png S3 HCZ tiles anim 5.png

Marble Garden Zone
S3 MGZ tiles anim 1.png S3 MGZ tiles anim 2.png S3 MGZ tiles anim 3.png

Carnival Night Zone
S3 CNZ tiles anim 1.png S3 CNZ tiles anim 2.png S3 CNZ tiles anim 3.png S3 CNZ tiles anim 4.png S3 CNZ tiles anim 5.png S3 CNZ tiles anim 6.png S3 CNZ tiles anim 7.png S3 CNZ tiles anim 8.png S3 CNZ tiles anim 9.png

Launch Base Zone
S3 LBZ tiles anim 1.png S3 LBZ tiles anim 2.png S3 LBZ tiles anim 3.png S3 LBZ tiles anim 4.png S3 LBZ tiles anim 5.png

Mushroom Hill Zone
SK MHZ tiles anim 1.png SK MHZ tiles anim 2.png SK MHZ tiles anim 3.png SK MHZ tiles anim 4.png SK MHZ tiles anim 5.png

Lava Reef Zone
SK LRZ tiles anim 1.png SK LRZ tiles anim 2.png SK LRZ tiles anim 3.png SK LRZ tiles anim 4.png

Bonus Slot Machine

イ	ホ	リ	ワ
ロ	ヘ	ヌ	カ
ハ	ト	ル	ヨ
ニ	チ	ヲ	タ

SK Bonus slot machine tiles.png
SK Bonus slot machine tiles big.png
Bonus Glowing Spheres
SK Bonus Glowing Spheress anim tiles1.png
SK Bonus Glowing Spheress anim tiles2.png