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About Me

Hey all. I'm Steven, aka Rad, and I spend the bulk of my time here investigating lesser known titles or games from my childhood. I particularly enjoy games from series such as Spyro the Dragon (shocking, I know), The Smurfs, Disney, Fur Fighters, Tomba!, and many other platformer games from yesteryear.

I'm currently learning C++. Slowly, but surely.

Currently Working On

Croc2-Title.png SpyroAHT-ProtoTitle.png
Croc 2 Preview Build


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Needless to say, if you can do this before me, that works too.

  • Jurassic Park Rampage Edition - Prototype has debug stuff, is it still in the game?
  • Digimon Battle Chronicle (Digimon Rumble Arena 2) - All characters have 6 files for ENDGAME - But BlackGabumon has 12? Also, Can has 3 smaller files. Investigate 'GBA' file. Investigate 'ITEMPREV' level.