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Deal with it

I create pages on (mostly) crappy A2600, NES/SNES, Genesis, and GBA games.

"Unbiased" stats

Contributions made: 4,600

Individual pages edited: 3,641

Score: 3,703


High Priority

  • Finish the Fallout 4 page + DLCs
  • Look into creating these pages:
    • 32X(CD?): Slam City with Scottie Pippen
    • DS: Crazy Frog Racer
    • Genesis: A bug page on Sonic 2, Smart Mouse
    • GG: Dropzone, Wolfchild
    • NES: Eggerland: Meikyuu no Fukkatsu, Creatom, Mahjong Block

Medium Priority

  • Go through Splatterhouse Graffiti and Little Ninja Brothers
  • Add the rest of the BL2 sound clips (and subtitles too!)
  • Tiles of Fate regional differences
  • Super Spike V'ball hidden things
  • Cory in the House dev phone conversation (555-MEGA)

Low Priority

  • Content in Outrun (Genesis)
  • Add more images and music to the Barkley prototype
  • Finish the Kirby 64 Prerelease page
  • Finish the Sweet Home proto article

Trivial Things

  • Upload the Make My Video dev videos to YoUTube