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Hi, I'm TCRF's Self-Proclaimed Researcher who Searches the Entire Internet to Help Prove/Disprove whats on the Wiki. My info usually comes from 5+ sources so its usually highly trustworthy.

Lol, Look what i found:

Wiki contributions
Total pages worked on: {{#cscore:SamuelEarl666|pages}}
Total revisions saved: {{#cscore:SamuelEarl666|changes}}
Awesome factor: ?UNKNOWN?

What i've Found So far

  • Created the Action Man: Robot Atak Page and contributed the info on the Debug stuff.
  • Unused but working Passwords for Alien vs. Predator (SNES).
  • An Error Screen in Game and Watch Gallery 4.
  • I informed people of '??Mystery??' in WWE RAW (SNES).
  • The in-game Padlockmon joke the developers left in Digimon Racing GBA.
  • Various Unused/leftover things in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (need to be added to wiki).
  • An small vid in Onimusha dawn of dreams with the words 'Under construction' in it. (needs to be added to wiki)
  • I rewrit the Advance Guardian Heroes (GBA) page to better explain things while also adding a lot of new stuff.

Stuff to check

  • There is Debug text in American Dragon Jake Long: Rise of the Huntsclan (GBA) to check at some point.
  • Rip Audio from Devil May Cry to find Trish audio and proof of a battle mode.
  • Driver (PS1) has a secret level that can be only reached via cheating but shows up in the credits. It is used in the PC version of the game.


  • Make all Articles have bigger and more interesting descriptions of things.
  • Create EU equivalent of US codes used.