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Once an active editor, now mostly a lurker. I sometimes fix spelling issues and grammar these days and have no idea how to edit a Wiki.

HL2 Stuff

Some interesting HL2 Videos Vienna Sausages beta conversation [[1]] / Magic! Easter Egg [[2]] / Beta Tile Test [[3]] / 'Ickypop' [[4]] / Leak Animations in Ep:2 [[5]]

Legend of Mana Etc.

Hey, sorry I never got around to finishing info about the debug room. (Life issues.) I wanted to note a couple of things, though.

  • The Ring Ring Land game in the original ENG release IS fully translated if a PocketStation is emulated/was imported.
  • The original release (I believe) was to have Secret of Mana style 'open fights' (You weren't locked into a fixed area for encounters.) I -thought- footage of this was seen in the original PSX opening but I'm not having luck finding it anymore.
  • The physical version of PS4 Remastered has a booting sequence that is the beginning of the Rabite error screen! (I noticed this upon playing my copy, I can't capture it, but it shows the initial part of the scene... that is, the singular Rabite traveling across the screen before booting the game proper.)
  • Shumpulations has a development interview showing some concept art (which is in the LOM Ultimania book) including an unused swamp area and an area called 'Melglim’s Fortress'. (Page and my pictures)
  • I own the Making of Mana art book - it's a very thin book made of 75% manga, but it has an interview in the back. I don't have a scanner at the moment and don't know if there's any substance here... but I figured I'd post an example. (My Pictures) If anyone is at ALL interested I can try cleaning off my old scanner and getting the whole 4 pages of it.
  • As an aside, not that I know a damn thing about it, there was a game called Friends of Mana that used most of the characters from LOM. (Wiki)
  • Legend of Mana had a TCG game. (Twitter)
  • The Remaster for PS4 includes a slightly altered English script. I haven't fully played through it yet, but dialog has definitely been touched up and some items/moves/fruits are renamed. Is the debug room still intact?
  • Does the Art of Mana book have more concept art for LOM and other games? (Blogspot Article)
  • According to the Debug Room FAQ there's an unused track in at least one of the rooms:

"If you choose Storm>Rainbow, you will see a short WM thing and then you will be brought to a room with the kids. What is interesting is that the music that plays in the background isn't on the soundtrack. Although it sounds a lot like Track 23 on CD 2."

  • I haven't checked, but there is an attic area of the player's house used in a cutscene. If I RECALL, it may be the above Storm>Rainbow option. For some reason I remember that the attic area, if entered via debug, DOES have proper collision... someone may want to test that.
  • Organ Easter Egg - you can play the organ in the church of Domina. Normally, a small piece of music plays where the tune is perfect. (HD OST - Let's play the organ! Youtube). However... The OST also has a second variant where the song is played poorly. (Let's play the organ! Part 2 Youtube). I have NEVER heard the second variation play but apparently the second version CAN play, more likely in harder difficulty modes (Nightmare and No Future.)
  • Well Known Land Bopper Minigame - Land Bopper Mini-game:

Get nine lands in full view on the world map (which should resemble a slanted tic-tac-toe board). Then, hold L1 button for approximately four seconds to get the Land Bopper start screen to appear. I BELIEVE this was mentioned in the BradyGames guide, which can be found in PDF format at Archive.Org (Link) (Youtube Video)

  • Legend of Mana Fan Site has a downloadable version of the usual manual. I haven't checked to see if any of the screenshots vary from actual in-game footage, but it's there. (Link)
  • ANCIENT page, but has translations from the Ultimania. (Link)
  • Secrets 100 Section in Ultimania... (Twitter)