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Rest in peace. This user will remember Satoru Iwata's great contributions for the rest of her life.
Name: Melinda
Surname: Hylia-Daemajin

Birthdate: March 4, 1996
Birthplace: USA

A game designer who in her spare time likes to see what is hidden in video games, prerelease and beta stuff, and trying to find the hidden things on her own after hearing about it. And refers to herself in third person for whatever reason.

Also is a licensed developer for Nintendo's systems (no I won't tell you any secrets Nintendo doesn't want you to know). Will also make her own prerelease pages and help people with images of stuff they find in her game.

Note: Not using the site as advertising space, just trying to help the community by being an insider on my own games. Sorry if it seemed that way.

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  • Make something on this wiki other than your user page, maybe make a page about Seaman (Dreamcast) (hopefully)
  • Of course a prerelease page on [game name soon to be announced]
  • Learn Japanese, it might come in handy someday.