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ScotttheAnimator1979's Avatar

Name: PCSX2-chan

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pcsx2_chan
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL_h-c5DyrzoSCJziRgj2wg
Also known in other places as: Taikenban Game Channel, DarkSolidSnake

Personal Website: https://taikenbanc.neocities.org

Hi. This is PCSX2-chan. Known as DarkSolidSnake and as Taikenban Game Channel. :) We've to showcase anti-piracy measures found in video games, specifically the Nintendo DS. My Twitter is @pcsx2_chan. and my personal website is taikenbanc.neocities.org.

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Tools i use for PNGs

Program Function
PNGGauntlet Used for compressing .png data.
Irfanview Used for resampling images and resizing into a 4:3 scale, especially for PSX games that have a weird resolution like 320x480.
GIMP Used for cropping images, Used for PSX screenshots taken (with black borders) in newer versions of Mednafen, as well as Dreamcast screenshots taken in Demul emulator.

Extraction tools i use

Program Function File Extension
VGMToolbox Used to extract data from VFS file systems, as well as offsets. Various
Citric Composer (compiled) Used for looking into NW4C BCSAR and NW4F BFSAR archives. .BCSAR, .BFSAR

FMV conversion tools i use

Program Function File Extension
VGMToolbox Used to demux FMVs like .PSS, SFD, PAM, etc. Various
FFmpeg Used to demux older video file formats, convert audio files demuxed from FMVs to .wav, or converting .moflex files to a usable format. Various
MoDump Nintendo offers this tool packaged with the Mobiclip SDK to developers. Used to dump audio from Mobiclip .MO files to .wav (only works for IMA-ADPCM, 16-bit PCM, and FastAudio. This does not work for Nintendo Channel/Wii no Ma .mo files.), as well as showing information of the .mo file including the framerate. .MO
mo2mp4 Used to extract all frames to .png files from .mo files via MobiclipDecoder. .MO
VirtualDub, VirtualDub2 Used to combine converted videos to .mp4 N/A

Anti-Piracy Specifics/Checks in BIOS/Firmware Revisions/Games

Application Authorization (Switch/3DS)
Pentavision/Neowiz Piracy Checks

WIP Pages/Sandboxes

Namco Museum Battle Collection
PGA European Tour Golf
Tamagotchi: Party On!

Update History

  • May 7, 2022 - My "about user" page has been improved.
  • May 8, 2022 - My "about user" page has been improved again, a bit.