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I am rainbow text box. Spooky, isn't it? Well not really, since it's rainbows. Moving on.

To summarize me, I am that guy who likes popular stuff but not super-popular stuff.

To do

If you have found any ways that can help me get these tasks done, contact through the methods seen below. Thanks.

  • Might move this section to its own sub-page or somewhere where someone will notice this.
  • (Possibly) Finish the SA1:LE page
    • Get NullDC run in NTSC Mode
    • Get a Sofdec Video Program
  • Find tools for Xbox 360 discs so I can open their insides
    • Find if unused content in Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection has the same unused content as the original Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3
  • Hope to God that my Battlefield 4 (and possibly Battlefield Hardline and Aegis Wing) run(s) get(s) accepted into Summer Games Done Quick 2015, so I can mention TCRF there because free advertising!
  • Gens emulator stuff
    • Figure out why Sylpheed randomly locks up when playing the first stage (Could be a corrupted ROM)
    • Figure out how to operate Gens+ efficiently in full-screen mode
    • Find a program to convert Sega CD audio to .ogg
  • Find the person who goes by the alias "SlingshotJunkie" and torment his soul for the rest of his life
  • Find out what the hell IRC is
  • Sell my beaten up copy of Halo 3

Contact me through...

Skype: theroflnoob
Twitter: @ZeroArsov
Xbox Live (360 only. No Xbone, sorry.): TheWarriorDog

And possibly more if I am bored enough.

Or if you feel lazy, go to the top and hit "Discussion", hit "Edit" Once there, scroll to the bottom and start a new message.

Stuff that no one should care about

Generic Stat Table

Wiki contributions
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Major Contributions

And all my other contributions are just tiny fixes and other stuff that no one should care about, just like this section!

Interview with a DICE Employee

This happened on November 24th, 2014 after a random encounter in an Xbox Live party. Due to people probably ending up asking me for the person's gamertag, I will update the page so it contains the gamertag if enough people are so inclined.

Q: Are Battlefield 4's files encrypted on all versions?
A: I believe so.

Q: Are the rumors that 20th Century Fox thinking about making a TV series on the Battlefield Bad Company games true?
A: I wouldn't be surprised if they are.

Q: What was with all of the Gold Battlepacks that everyone got in the most recent patch?
A: It was for an unimplemented feature. You were supposed to get a Gold Battlepack for each few or so weapon Service Stars you obtained.

Q: Are the rumors about a hidden 6th DLC true?
A: I am not allowed to give that kind of information away.

Q: Were there any cut weapons from BF4?
A: There was this weapon which I could not add in called the M-17, but that's all I remember about it.

All the problems I have with Battlefield 4

I made this up when I was looking at my Battlefield 4 page. As a disclaimer, I love this game. And this list contains is all the flaws that I acknowledge and despise about it.

  • All of the weapons.
    • The Dragon's Teeth weapons are too easy to get and are too overpowered. Thus, causes a shift of the game's balance.
    • The SW40 and M412 Rex are made redundant thanks to the .44 Magnum, Unica 6, and Desert Eagle.
    • The Bulldog is a gun that is too easy to get and too good.
  • It is near-impossible to get all of the non-promo items in the game without buying battlepacks (or a metric-fuck-ton of Slim Jims with promo codes, if those are still in circulation.)
  • Operation Locker should be renamed to Operation Clusterfuck.
  • Operation Metro 2014 is a trainwreck (pun not intended) that favors those who own 66% of the map. And most of the time, it's the Russian team.
  • Lancang Dam removed it's Attack Boats in a patch. They removed boats in a map that is half-consumed by water. And there's an objective out on the island. Just going to let that sink in.
  • Commanders, most of the time, are stupid (i.e. Sending evac orders instead of ordering the squad to the objective).
  • The Final Stand maps have secret Dog Tags on them that are in tiny little boxes scattered throughout the expansive maps with random spawn points. In short, if you want those Dog Tags, ask the RNG gods. Or the Imgur maps.
  • The Defuse Game mode is a shameless way of trying to appeal to CoD fans.
  • The fact that the Rush game mode (The game mode that made previous games like BF3 good games) and most of the DLC Game modes (i.e. Chainlink, Carrier Assault) are dead in this game (on 7th gen consoles).
  • The fact that this game got banned in China because of its Single-Player campaign (which no one plays unless they want one badass weapon, one weapon that will make you cringe, and one weapon that you will get mastery on in the same month that you get it in guaranteed).
  • The game's plot takes place 6 years after the events of Battlefield 3. Which took place in 2014. No problem there, though I do find it a bit scary about how accurate the Battlefield games portray modern military events.

Battlefield connection to real life theory

Recent military events were predicted through the Battlefield Single-Player campaigns. Since this section is mostly going to go to shit, Let's get straight to it. I thought of it while playing video games, so don't judge.

Most of these events have to do with ISIS, or Islamic State if you are so inclined. In Battlefield 3 (Which chronologically takes place in 2014), there are two missions in the single-player that are note-worthy because of these IRL connections. The first being "Going Hunting", which consists of the player (called Hawkins in-game) flying through the skies of Tehran. The first part, which is an on-rails shooter with no control over the plane, is innocent. But when you take control of Reaper 1 in the story, the connections become clear, as the player must lead airstrikes on an airport seized by the PLR. This draws similarities to the U.S. Military (and other countries) launching airstrikes on ISIS positions. And ironically, this mission is the reason that BF3 got banned in Iraq. The second, and far more scarier comparison is in the mission "Fear No Evil", where the player (as the 4th playable character Johnny Miller) guide a tank through the streets of a city, ripping your way through everything. This mission, for the most part, is innocent, until you get to the very last part, where you must mount your gunner seat and protect the squads trying to get out of the city. Once you're captured by the (somehow invincible) PLR soldiers, you are tied to a chair, defenseless, as the real villain of the game, Solomon, tells the player through exposition and a plot device earlier seen in a previous level, that he is going to die. Then Solomon's Right Hand Man Al-Bashir starts to record a video (then uploaded to an alternate-dimension YouTube after the cutscene plays) him slitting Miller's throat. The real life comparison is how ISIS captured journalists and decapitated them on-camera, and uploaded it to YouTube. Coincidence, or inspiration of their actions?

Placeholder stuff for the pre-release Battlefield Hardline page

Alpha prototype

  • Starting weapons
    • Operator: M16A3, AKM
      • Revive gadget has the same property as defibrillators in Battlefield 4: The longer the fire button is held down, the more health is given to the revived player
    • Mechanic: UMP-45, P90, Uzi
      • RPG-7 was the original AT gadget that was replaced by the M-79
    • Enforcer: 870P and Double-barrel shotgun
    • Professional: R700LTR, PTR-91
      • Tripmines have a default ammo of two
  • Misc. Primary weapons
    • G36C
  • Sidearms share classes
    • HK45C
    • .38 Snub
    • 92FS
    • TEC-9 (Only available to the Professional class)
  • Survivalist one-time use gadget that revives player after dying except for headshots, gas, fire, or takedown
  • Money = points given to players, possibly going to be re-balanced
  • The final's coins were originally the series staple Ribbons
  • The T62 Taser was originally a gadget exclusive to the Enforcer class
  • The Taser behaviour is different: If an enemy is tased, he gets back up after a few seconds.
  • HUD, Spawn, and Game End screens are different
  • Rep tier perks worked differently

Open Beta

  • Starting weapons are Class-exclusive alongside Rep Perks
    • Operator: RO933 w/ 92FS
  • Defibrilators are not only a gadget, but also battle pickup in the map "Bank Job"
    • Mechanic: MP5K w/ .38 Snub
  • M320 HE/M79 Grenade Launcher replaces RPG and SMAW as anti-vehicle gadgets
    • Enforcer: 870P Magnum w/ 45T
    • Professional: Scout Elite w/ G18C
  • Police and Criminal-side exclusive weapons now implimented
    • Operator: G36C, AKS-74U, AKM and CZ-75 for Criminals, SG553, M16A3, M416, and P226 for Police
    • Mechanic: Uzi, P90, M/45, and .44 Magnum for Criminals, UMP-45, MPX, K10, and .357 RS for Police
    • Enforcer: SPAS-12, SA-58 OSW, HK51, and .40 Pro for Criminals, 37 Stakeout, SCAR-H, HCAR, and M1911A1 for Police
    • Professional: AWM, Saiga .308, PTR-91, and TEC-9 for Criminals, R700 LTR, SOCOM16, SR-25 ECC, and 93R for Police
  • T62 CEW is now a sidearm unlike a gadget from the Alpha
  • Grappling Hooks and Zipline Crossbows are now purchasable gadgets
  • Radios now function inside of some vehicles, using a button to change the song while holding a button turns off the radio
  • Ridiculously shorter load times than in the Alpha (or any other Battlefield game) outside of the load time needed to connect to a server
  • 8 people on each team required to start the game before the 40-second timer ends
  • Weapon licenses can be bought after getting 300 kills with a certain weapon
  • Zebra Bliz and Blaz Camos can be bought for a whopping $500,000 of in-game cash
  • Full Battlelog support (Assignments, leaderboards, etc.)