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Hi, I'm Torchickens/Evie. I'm most active on Youtube (as ChickasaurusGL/Torchickens), Glitch City Wiki, Starfy Wiki and Sanrio Wiki.

I've added here mainly Starfy content and Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal content, but content from a few odd other games. I'm not very good at hacking.


English Native

I know some Japanese and worked on a fan translation of Starfy 1, namely we had a team and I settled for just Stage 1 and ending/interface text. However, I'm by far not the best person to ask; because my skills are like a young Japanese schoolgirl and I always have to check my dictionary and verb books/etc. I'm also much worse at listening skills, but occasionally might be able to transcribe. For this reason someone like User:Athena or User:GlitterBerri would help you more. A good way that helps me to learn listening skills is by listening to Japanese songs.

Other things

  • Nonono Puzzle Chalien (のののパズルちゃいリアン, also known as Nonono Puzzle Chailien/Chairian) has a huge amount of music in a GSF rip which looks suspicious. There are 105 songs, 95 jingles. But many of them are probably used for the Kurukuru Walk minigame where you can change the music to various different tracks. Yet with the game being poorly documented, it's unknown which are used. Additionally, I forced menu graphics on the top-left corner of the screen for the Kurukuru Microwave minigame, which could be from an unused sub-menu for the minigame, however again it may not be unused as the menu was heavily glitched.
    • Likewise Spin Six (DSi) seems to have a few leftover tracks from the original Game Boy Advance game
  • Balloon Fight GB code 01XX00D1 alters the player character, for instance using 0x44 made Alice act like the robot boss. However, not all values change the sprite correctly.
  • Space-Net: Cosmo Red and Cosmo Blue has some "Message to Replace"(?) (メッセージいれとくれ) placeholder text (error messages?) for the spaceship's mascot AI. It's usually followed by a character such as "9", "A", "B". To see one of the texts, enter the overworld, enable code 01DF00D8 then open the ship menu with Start. (I thought I found the text "debug" too, but it's probably part of the staff credits)
  • Various Starfy things me and my friend found and put on Starfy Wiki (non-Wikia version), which haven't been ported here yet.