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Weltorv Estleia

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Title Screen

Weltorv Estleia

Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: February 25, 1999

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Weltorv Estleia is an RPG with a free scenario system.

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
To do:
More documentation.

Debug Menu

Weltorv Estleia Debug Menu.png

Use the following code and press Select to display the debug menu.

D0089138 0100
300BA496 01
Text Translation Notes Screenshot
嶋田デバッグ Shimada Debug See below.
近藤デバッグ Kondou Debug See below.
青山デバッグ Aoyama Debug See below.
瀬古デバッグ Seko Debug See below.
スクリーンMSG Screen message Display the message.
コンソールMSG Console message Unknown.
デバッガMSG Debugger message Unknown.
強制表示MSG Force display message Screen blackout and Display message.
ジョブゲージ CPU meter Display CPU meter. Weltorv Estleia Job.png
カベ抜け Wall through Disable hit check with wall.
イベントDBG Event debug
バトルDBG Battle debug
アトリビュート表示/非表示 Show/Hide the attribute Display the map attributes. Weltorv Estleia Debug Menu Attribute.png

嶋田デバッグ (Shimada Debug)

Weltorv Estleia Debug Menu Shimada.pngWeltorv Estleia Debug Menu Shimada 2.png

シナリオ (Scenario)

Weltorv Estleia Debug Menu Shimada Scenario.png

Changes the scenario flags.

マップ (Map)

Weltorv Estleia Debug Menu Shimada Map.png

Changes the map.

時間 (Time)

Weltorv Estleia Debug Menu Shimada Time.png

Changes the time.

アイテム (Item)

Weltorv Estleia Debug Menu Shimada Item.png

Add the item to player character or inventory.



金貨 (Money)

Changes the money value.

人物 (Character)

Changes the other character's parameter.

装備色 (Equipment Color)

Changes the player character equipment color.

現マップ (Current Map)

Display the current map information.

テスト (Test)

Display the message "テストです" (This is test).

近藤デバッグ (Kondou Debug)

Weltorv Estleia Debug Menu Kondou.png

シナリオ (Scenario)

Execute the scenario.

場所変更 (Changes the Place)

Changes the place.

説明 (Explain)

Display the explain message.

Text Translation


メモ (Memo)

Display the message.

Text Translation
It is "permitted" that registering wandering monster.

更新情報 (Update Information)

Display the message "「11月05日19時バージョン」"(November 5, 19:00 version).

青山デバッグ (Aoyama Debug)

Weltorv Estleia Debug Menu Aoyama.png

PC操作 (PC Control)

Changes the player character parameter.

パーティ (Party)

Add the party member.

サウンド (Sound Test)

Sound test.

Mカード (Memory Card)

Memory card test.


Unknown. It seems to debug scenario script.

マップ移動 (Jump the map)

Changes the current map. "テスト青山" is debug room.

瀬古テスト (Seko Test)

Weltorv Estleia Debug Menu Seko.png

主人公改造 (Player Character Modify)

Cheat menu.

モンスター (Monster)


フラグ操作 (Control Flags)

Some cheat menus.

Text Translation
戦闘主人公無敵 Battle: Protagonist invincible
戦闘仲間無敵 Battle: Party member invincible
戦闘敵無敵 Battle: Enemy invincible
BGM無し Disable BGM
戦闘敵技能デバッグ Battle: Enemy skill debug

瀬古テスト (Seko Test)

Move to debug room.

ドラゴン戦 (vs Dragon)

Move to dragon room.

魔王最終戦 (vs Last Battle Devil)

Move to devil room.

創世デモ (Genesis Demo)

Start the opening demo.