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Wetrix GB

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Title Screen

Wetrix GB

Developer: Imagineer
Publishers: Imagineer (JP), Infogrames (EU)
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Color
Released in JP: October 29, 1999
Released in EU: September 29, 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Micro-sized port of the N64 watery puzzle game.

Unused Super Game Boy Palette

Wetrix GB Unused SGB Palette.PNG

Wetrix is supposed to load a palette for the Super Game Boy right before the border, however, an oversight created by setting the palette to a new location causes palette to be absent. Game Genie code 082-1EF-D5A will load the unused palette instead of the border in all versions, so loading the border first, then turning the code on will display both the unused palette and the border.

Regional differences

Super Game Boy Support

Wetrix GB was first released in Japan with support for Super Game Boy and Game Boy Color. The later European version requires Game Boy Color, leaving its Japanese border unused. Setting the bit at 0x0146 to 0x03 or using the Game Genie code 031-46F-E6A will enable Super Game Boy features in the European version.

Wetrix gb sgb unused.png

Startup Sequence

The credits screen displayed when the game starts up were changed up and shuffled around for the European release. Only the Imagineer screen remains the same.

1998 *and* 1999? It's a rainbowdillo

The Japanese startup begins with the copyright screen before moving on to the colorful Infogrames logo. It then shows the Imagineer logo before going to the title screen.

And now it's a slinkydillo Nevermind that he didn't actually make the game or anything... Nintendo! Where did you come from?

The copyright screen was moved to after the Imagineer logo, putting the newly updated Infogrames logo first. A new screen comes second, sporting the name of the founder of Infogrames, Bruno Bonnell. The copyrights screen itself has also been completely changed.

Game Mode Names

I prefer hugs mode. Kiss mode gets too wet.

All of the Challenge and Handicap game modes were renamed for the European release, even though the menu in the Japanese version is in plain, acceptable English. Two modes, renamed to simply "O" and "X", were given unique green icons to go with the new name.

Japanese European
1 Minute 1 Minutes
5 Minute 5 Minutes
100 Block 100 Pieces
500 Block 500 Pieces
Up Land A Raised Land A
Up Land B Raised Land B
 ? Land A O
 ? Land B X
Hole Land Random Holes
1/2 Tank Half Full Drain

Hi Scores

In the Japanese version all of high score tables have titles like Classic Mode Record. These were changed to titles like Classic Hi Scores to better suit the screen. Oddly, even the Japanese version uses "Hi Score" for the menu icon.


Japanese European
Beginner? Pshh. Eh... it's an improvement.

The listed difficulty levels for the top three entrants in the list were bumped up a notch, probably to make them look more impressive.


Japanese European
1000 in one minute? Good luck. Aww, where'd Ben go?

The Challenge mode scores changed the most with names changing around and one of the scores being lowered to a more reasonable amount.


Japanese European
Still only beginner? Fine.

Just like with Classic mode, the top three scores were bumped up a level.