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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (UK, Windows)

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Title Screen

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Also known as: Wer wird Millionär? (DE), Quiz $ Millionaire (JP), Qui veut gagner des millions? (FR), Hvem vil være millionær? (DK), Haluatko miljonääriksi? (FI), Chi vuol essere miliardario? (IT), 50 por 15: ¿Quiere ser millonario? (ES)
Developer: Hothouse Creations Ltd.
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Platforms: Windows
Released in JP: December 20, 2001
Released in EU: September 2000
Released in AU: December 7, 2001

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

The biggest game show in television history is now also the biggest video game, the first-ever title to top Britain's All Format, PlayStation, PC, and Dreamcast charts in the same week!

Unused Sounds

All of the sound effects and voices are stored in a single, easily accessible file - audio.awf.

Chris Tarrant

Almost all of these, though unused in this game, would be put to use in the later PS2 game.

Filename File Dialogue
It's the easiest question of the lot.... and you've got it wrong!
It's the easiest question of the lot, aaand.... aw, you've got it wrong - I'm sorry, that's the wrong answer.
Alternate takes for missing the £100 question.
Oh I'm really sorry, it's an early exit for you, it's the wrong answer!
Oh I'm very sorry, it's an early exit for you - I'm afraid that's the wrong answer. (groan)
Alternate takes for missing the £200 question.
Oh I can't believe this, I'm afraid that is not the right answer - I have to accept that, I'm afraid you go home with absolutely nothing.
Oh I can't believe this, but I'm afraid... that is not the right answer. They're only easy if you know the answer, and I'm afraid you didn't!
Alternate takes for missing the £300 question.
Answer A, B, C or D, please, now.
Answer A or B, please, now.
Answer A or C, please, now.
Answer B or C, please, now.
Answer B or D, please, now.
Answer C or D, please, now.
Apparently these were to be spoken when the Ask-the-Audience lifeline is activated.
Now, I'm not sure if that helps you or not... what do you think?
Would have been triggered after a close Audience poll result is shown.
Lets Play
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!
We're not entirely sure what this was to be used for.
Are you sure it's not A?
Are you sure... the right answer's not B?
Are you happy it's not C?
Happy it's not D?
These would've been used after the 50:50 lifeline is used, corresponding to the opposite of whatever final answer the player has given.
Right, here we go, fifteen questions, one million pounds, three lifelines - 50:50, Phone-A-Friend, and Ask-the-Audience! I hope you're ready for this. Here comes your first question, it's worth £100...
Only the other two StartUp voices are used for the beginning of the game. Based on the 'pings' in this clip, it's possible that it was meant to be animated, but then again, it isn't animated in the PS2 version either.
Right, here's how it works...
Right, this is what you're going to do...
These would've been used when the player(s) request instructions on how to play when asked.


Notably, the Phone-A-Friend lifeline in this game has unique voice clips for all the questions in the database. That said, two clips in particular stand out.


One of the clips appears to be a master which would be cut down into separate clips and filtered. These are highlighted in bold.

- "Oh... haven't got a clue, I'm afraid! Haven't got a clue... no. Don't know. I don't know, I'm sorry. Would you Adam-and-Eve it... I-I... I'm sure I knew this, but I've forgotten it now! Oh I am sorry. Oh boy it's on the tip of my tongue but I-I can't come up with the answer. I know it's a lot of pressure, Chris, we'll get there... no, I am sorry, I have to give up, I'm afraid. I-I don't know, I really don't. I'd love to help! I really would. Oh gosh, all that money... ah! what pressure on me! Eee! No, I'm gonna have to give up, I'm afraid. I don't wanna put you right in it. Sorry!"


Karen has an alternate take on one of the questions.

- "'Biography'... is writing about somebody's life. I'm glad the question didn't have "autobiography", as I'm always confusing the two."

Unused Music

Two unused music cues are present in audio.awf as well.

Apparently, the music cues for the correct and incorrect answers would have been incorporated into the game, but only the first cues for each question tier (barring the million pound question) are used, possibly due to memory limitations.

This track, which is widely used in the Japanese version of the show, doesn't actually get used in this game.