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Ōkami (Wii)

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Title Screen


Developer: Ready at Dawn
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: October 15, 2009
Released in US: April 14, 2008
Released in EU: June 13, 2008
Released in AU: June 12, 2008

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

The Wii version of Ōkami is a port of the PlayStation 2 cult classic, which includes new bonus features and motion capabilities. Despite the overall port being considered inferior to the original PS2 game (largely due to the subtler parchment display effect and due to the credits being axed), it helped increase the popularity of the franchise.

Unused Enemies


Based on the youkai of the same name. It's similar to Orochi with its three heads that show the Hannya, the Noumen, and the Hyottoko, respectively.


Okami (Wii) - Em59.png

Also based on the youkai of the same name. It belongs to the Flying Demon category. This one didn't make it due to an error; Hideki Kamiya stated that he had forgot to actually add Gotouryu into the game. Oops.

Unused Character Models


Despite appearing in an illustration at the ending of the game, Susano and Kushi's child never appears anywhere else.

Marco's Umbrella

Okami (Wii) - Hle3 polymsh39.png

Merchants normally have umbrellas. However, Marco doesn't have one in-game, though the model for it is still present.

Unused Graphics


Okami (Wii) - Hl0e.png

The designer, Kenichiro Yoshimura, originally made Momotaro pantsless (as in, naked), but that was changed during development. The texture still remains.

Regional Differences

Texts of shishi-odoshi

When you examine two shishi-odoshi at Sasa Sanctuary, Issun describes what shishi-odoshi is and how it works. This text is not present in the Japanese version because it was written for international players unfamiliar with shishi-odoshi.

Text of shishi-odoshi Japanese translation by Hideki Kamiya
Gotta love the rhythmic tapping
these babies put out.
鹿威しが コンコンと いい音 させてるじゃねェか
The weight of the water inside
makes 'em move like a see-saw.
流れる水が 重しになって シーソーのように 竹筒を動かす 仕組みさァ
Mankind sure is incredible, huh? こんな工夫で 心に染み入る 音を 作り出す ―
They made this thing with the sole
purpose of making soothing sounds.
…人間たちも 中々 やるモンだろォ?
Text of huge shishi-odoshi Japanese translation by Hideki Kamiya
Wow! Check it out! That's one
huge bamboo tube!
ひゃあ~ こりゃ 怒デカい 鹿威し だァ!
Could something this big
really work?
こんなにデカくて… 本当に 動くのかィ?
These things tip back and forth from
the weight of water inside 'em.
鹿威しってのは 水の重みで 竹筒が動く仕組み だけど ―
I dunno if it's plugged up or
what, but it sure ain't movin'.
塞き止められてるのか 流れ落ちる 水だって ありゃしねェや
I've seen smaller ones in gardens
that don't need much water, but
小さい鹿威しなら チョロチョロと 水を 垂らすだけで 充分だが ―
something this size would need
some major hydro power!
これだけ デカいと チョロチョロで 動かすってワケには いかないぜェ
(Source: 大神Blog)


When Ōkami was ported to Wii, the credits were cut out due to a combination of copyright issues (as the credits contained the logo for the now-defunct Clover Studios, whose legal branding is no longer owned by Capcom) and technical issues (both to conserve space on the Wii disc and because Capcom couldn't access the master assets for the credits in time to remove the Clover Studios logo). The credits ended up being restored for the Japanese release of the Wii port.