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101 Games in 1 (Plug & Play)

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Title Screen

101 Games in 1

Publisher: Senario
Platforms: Unlicensed NES, Plug & Play
Released in US: 2009

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

After their lengthy history of plug & plays, ranging from half-decent to downright embarrassing, Senario made their final known release...a compilation of 101 stolen Famicom/NES games. Not hacked, not modified, and with Pac-Man blatantly advertised on the title screen. Even the Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong make appearances here, which are among the riskiest properties to steal.

This thing was somehow sold in major US retailers like Walgreens, which is shocking for a bootleg. It's unclear if Nintendo or Namco ever caught wind of it, but being that Senario vanished after its release, there's a high chance they pulled the plug on it.

Unused Games and Extended Menu List

The 101-in-1 list goes roughly alphabetically, starting with A and ending with...S. Several other games with lower letters are thrown in between (such as Tennis, bizarrely misspelled as "Tenms"). In actuality, the list does go down to Z, with 121 total menu options, but was cut off at 101. This may be due to Street Fighter 2010 and Super Mario Bros. following the cut-off point, which Senario may have found too legally risky to include. The list of removed menu slots are:

  • STAR GATE (completely unused)
  • STAR LUSTER (completely unused)
  • STREET FIGHTER [2010] (completely unused)
  • STRUGGLE (?)
  • SUPER KICK (?)
  • SUPER MARIO [Bros.] (completely unused; title screen says "Super Mally", hacked to have level select)
  • TANK (?)
  • TARGET (?)
  • TENNIS (used as #48, "Tenms")
  • TETRIS (used as #85, "Russian Bricks")
  • TWIN BEE (used as #81)
  • UP AND DOWN (?)
  • URBAN CHAMPION (used as #23, "Champion")
  • VOLGUARD [II] (used as #69)
  • WAR (?)
  • WARFARE (?)
  • WARPMAN (intended to be used as #98, but it loads Soccer instead)
  • XEVIOUS (used as #50, "Kvou")
  • ZIPPY RACE (used as #61)

Due to some of the later list entries being moved into the top, there are even more unused games that are no longer part of the list at all. The known ones include:

  • Duck Hunt (PRG only)
  • Ikki
  • Raid on Bungeling Bay
  • Snowfield Shoot (Duck Hunt hack, CHR only)