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Absolutely Perfect Specimen

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Title Screen

Absolutely Perfect Specimen

Developer: Chambersoft
Publisher: Chambersoft
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: July 18, 2023

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Absolutely Perfect Specimen is the result of throwing toxic yuri, gender dysphoria, body horror, robot maids, mad scientists, and frankenstein dogs into a blender. The result is far more depressing than you'd think.

Unused Graphics

bg wheelchair

Aps bg wheelchair.png

A sketch of Pan in a wheelchair. This was likely intended for the scene near the finale where Pan is being wheeled to her new body by Amy.

bg puke

Aps bg puke.png

A drawing of someone puking, likely meant to be used in the scene where Pan vomits after having sex with Amy. This image is still in the game's script.rpy file, commented out, and can be restored by editing the script.[1]

bg literallydontrememberwhatthiswasfor

Aps bg literallydontrememberwhatthiswasfor.png

A sketch of Pan.

bg handonfloor

Aps bg handonfloor.png

An early sketch of scene of Pan's hand on the floor after slapping Amy.

bg diningroom

Aps bg diningroom.png

A very early placeholder graphic of the dining room.

bg amyseyes

Aps bg amyseyes.png

A sketch of Pan reflected in Amy's glasses, likely meant to be used in the scene where Pan cries before Amy leaves.

bg amydead

Aps bg amydead.png

A sketch of an earlier take on the scene where Pan kills Amy with the screwdriver.