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Age of Civilizations II (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)

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Title Screen

Age of Civilizations II

Developer: Łukasz Jakowski
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Released internationally: November 22, 2018

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Age of Civilizations II is the sequel to the first game ( an Android/iOS exclusive), created by sole Polish game developer Łukasz Jakowski. The game was in development since (possibly) 2016 as Łukasz made a video of the mobile version, playing Luxembourg.

The game had a patch the day after release on Steam as development was (most likely) rushed due to people demanding a sooner release in which Łukasz normally responded to with "When it's ready."

Unused Graphics

Unused graphics are present that depict religious symbols, a feature that is (currently) absent from the game. According to this forum post, this was common knowledge.

All symbols are (primarily) white against a transparent background.

Image Description
A Christian Cross, representing Catholicism. Protestant Christianity uses the same image as Protestant.png.
A Yin-Yang symbol, representing Confucian.
A Hindu symbol.
A star and crescent representing Ibadi, a form of Islam. Shia and Sunni use the same image (as Shia.png and Sunni.png, respectively).
A menorah symbol, representing Judaism.
A Mahayanist symbol.
An Orthodox Cross, representing Orthodox Christianity.
A Shintō Shrine, representing Shintoism.
A Tengri symbol.
A Zoroastrian symbol.
Unknown symbol, possibly used for unknown religions or nationstates without a national/popular religion.

Development-Related Text

Unimplemented Languages

Present in the game's languages folder is missing.txt, which contains a list of languages that are not yet in the game:


These appear to refer to countries, and by extension languages, as follows:

  • (uncertain)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnian?)
  • (uncertain)
  • Bulgaria (Bulgarian)
  • (uncertain)
  • Sweden (Swedish)
  • (uncertain)
  • Catalonia (Catalonian)
  • (uncertain)
  • Malaysia (Malay)

Translation Editor

Present in the game's language files is some text referencing a translation editor:

TranslationEditor = Translation Editor
CreateTranslation = Create Translation
Translation = Translation

Though this feature is not available, an option in the game's settings for translation keys still exists. Łukasz made a post (and category) on the official forum dedicated to translations.