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Alien Soldier

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Title Screen

Alien Soldier

Developer: Treasure
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: February 24, 1995
Released in US: November 5, 2007 (Wii Virtual Console)
Released in EU: June 1, 1995

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

Alien Soldier is a high-octane "boss rush" style run-and-gun that was released late in the Mega Drive's life. While the US release was available on the Sega Channel, American hardcore gamers had to wait until 2007 to see a proper release on the Wii Virtual Console.

Unused Graphics


A simple Sega copyright graphic stored right after the title logo graphics. The title screen just uses the basic text font.


An 8×16 Japanese font unused anywhere in the game, including the Japanese version.

Regional Differences

Japanese English
Alien Soldier JP title.png Alien Soldier EU title.png

The Japanese version displays "VISUALSHOCK! SPEEDSHOCK! SOUNDSHOCK! NOW IS TIME TO THE 68000 HEART ON FIRE!", and displaces the logo and copyright notice downward.

"Visualshock! Speedshock! Soundshock!" was the tagline used in a Japanese Mega Drive advertisement.

Japanese English
Alien Soldier JP text.png Alien Soldier EU text.png

The introductory text scroll is different in English, with different names for A-Earth/Sierra. The Japanese version also has Japanese text scrolling right-to-left at the bottom.

Japanese English

A-Earth was in terrible crisis in the year 2015.

The shadow of the evil terrolist group called Scarlet blocked the way to the outside universe for human beings.

Members of Scarlet consist of artificial creatures created by A-Human using super genetic engineering. They are the secret society intended to destroy the entire human race.

In addition to the high intelligence and strong fighting power, they have special abilities capable of parasitic existence with human beings, animals and machinery. By using these abilities, they conquered A-Human and were about to obatin supremacy over A-Earth.

A-Human planned to assassinate Epsilon-Eagle, the boss of the Scarlet group with a special combat group capable of using super power despatched secretly.

The sudden attack by the group using its super power seriously damaged Epsilon and successfully threw him into the time space continum whitch had been liberated by using super power.

Later, as Xi-Tiger gained power from Scarlet by taking advantage of the confusion, terrorism toward A-Human became much more violent.

On the other hand, the hatred toward Xi-Tiger within the Scarlet group because of their cruel acts became bitter and voiced for restoration of Epsilon became stronger.

Xi-Tiger who was isolated form other group members decided to assassinate Epsilon. In order to Liberate the time space continum, They attacked the A-Human's research laboratory where boys and girls with super power were kidnapped.

At that time, Xi-Tiger sensed the existence of Epsilon in one of the boys. However, he could not read the evil will from Epsilon who was a parasite of the boy's body. Xi-Tiger was much confused and took a girl as hostage and demanded Epsilon to release the boy.

The boy who was beside himself with rage, converted his body into Epsilon.

A bird-man with steel wings took over the boy's will.

In his mind his real nature, human justice, battled with the foreign force.

Xi-Tiger sensed unknown power in Epsilon and escaped after killing the girl.

---Epsilon speaks--- I'll never let you go, Xi-Tiger!!

There is another bird-man who has Epsilon's body. However, his will is full of evil ambition and nobody knows his real intension.

He also flew away, chasing after Xi-Tiger.

The Year is 2015. The planet Sierra is gripped by fear and is in the midst of a deep crisis.

The evil terrorist group, Scarlet are still a commanding force. They have the power to prevent humans travelling to and from the outside universe.

Scarlet's members consist of artificial beings creates using super genetic engineering by the Sierrans. Scarlet is an underground organization that has been secretly formed with the express intention of destroying the human race.

In addition to their high level of intelligence and awesome strength, Scarlet's members are equipped with parasitic abilities that allow them to live within human beings, animals and machinery. Equipped with these abilities they conquered the Sierrans and stand on the brink of obtaining supremacy over Sierra

Epsilon-Eagle, the boss of the Scarlet group, is the intended target of an assassination attempt being planned by Sierrans. A special combat group, capable of using super powers, was secretly dispatched to carry out this mission.

Scarlet unleashed a sudden attack on epsilon with their super powers. Epsilon, seriously damaged by the attack, was thrown into the time-space continuum which had been activated by Scarlet's use of super powers.

With Epsilon seemingly gone forever, Xi-Tiger took control of Scarlet amidst the resulting confusion. With Xi-Tiger now in charge, the terrorist attacks against Sierrans became more frequent and brutal.

With this increase in attacks towards Sierrans, Xi-Tiger soon became unpopular amongst Scarlet members. As a result, the demands for the re-instatement of Epsilon as the leader of the Scarlet group became stronger.

Having been isolated from the other Scarlet members, Xi-Tiger Decided to assassinate Epsilon. In an attempt to activate the Time-space continuum, Xi-Tiger ordered an attack on the Sierrans' research laboratory, where children with super powers were behind held hostage having been kidnapped.

Xi-Tiger sensed something was wrong. He could feel the presence of Epsilon in one of the boys. However, he was unsure because he couldn't pinpoint the evil from Epsilon, who had entered the boy's body and was now living as a parasite inside of him. In an attempt to get Epsilon out of the Boy's Body, Xi-Tiger took a young girl hostage and threatened to kill her unless Epsilon released the boy.

The boy flew into a rage and morphed his body into Epsilon

Suddenly, where the boy had been standing, now stood a 'Birdman' with steel wings.

Epsilon's mind was in conflict as a battle between it's real nature, human justice, and the foreign force raged on.

Xi-Tiger could sense an unknown power within Epsilon, and fled immediately having killed the girl first.

---Epsilon--- 'Xi-Tiger, I will never let you get Away.'

Epsilon is not the only creature of his kind. Somehow Another 'Birdman' with a similar body had been created. Although their bodies were identical, their minds were very different. Unknown to everybody, the mind of the Mysterious new 'birdman' was filled with an evil ambition

He also flew off in search of Xi-Tiger..............

The Japanese version has spelling mistakes, including "terrolist", "despatched", "continum", "whitch", and "intension". The European version changes A-Earth to Sierra and A-Human to Sierrans.