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Title Screen


Also known as: Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh (JP)
Developer: Treasure
Publishers: Treasure/ Entertainment Software Publishing (JP), Swing! Entertainment (EU), Conspiracy Entertainment/ Crave Entertainment (US)
Platform: Dreamcast
Released in JP: December 9, 1999[1]
Released in US: March 22, 2001[2]
Released in EU: October 20, 2000[3]
Released in AU: November 25, 2000[4]

LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

The beautiful world of 2D! The tension is getting good! Three cheers for Bangai-O!

Regional Differences

Japan to Europe/US


For some reason, the Japanese version is considerably brighter than the international versions.

Japanese European English
Bangai-O DC JP Title.png Bangai-O DC PAL Title.png

Menu Text

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More examples.

In the Japanese version, the menus are written a little more... Bangai-Oishly than your average game, but the international menu text is - with only a few exceptions - boringly generic and functional. For example, from the title screen:

Japanese Translation European English
勇気ある者だけがスタートボタンを押してもいい Only the brave may press the start button Press start to begin.
戦いのドアを開ける Open the door of battle Start Game
秘密の園をのぞく Peek into the garden of secrets Game Options

Europe to US


The English intro text is almost completely different between the European and US versions of the game. The European version is closer to the Japanese one, whereas the US version was rewritten to incorporate plot details that only appear in the manuals of the other versions.

European English US

Way off in the distant future
at the edge of the universe
on the dan star lives a
hotblooded young man.

In the distant future,
at the edge of the universe,
lies the planet Dan Star.
Here Riki Makishi works
for the People's Police.

Man, don't you have
eyes in your thick head?
Now there's a dent in the
crazy car.

Listen up kid !
The SF Kosmo Gang are setting up
operations on Dan Star
and there's nothing
you can do about it !

What are you talking about?
You've obviously not
been paying proper attention!

Oh yeah?
Well, you'll have to get past
the People's Police first!

Hey, shorty!
Are you mocking the
"SF Kosmogang"?

People's Police?
Ha ha ha !
Don't make me laugh !

You damned bandits,
next time we meet,
things won't be
so simple..

I'm back.

Damn space bandits.
Next time we meet
you won't get away
so easy...

Hey Father,
I'm home !

hello Father!

On no!

Tell me.......
Tell me, what does that mean?

Father are you ok?
What happened here?
Where's Mami?

Riki, are you?

Brother Riki... is that you?
Thank goodness you're home.
I was so scared...

what does all that mean?

Mami, who did this?

Obnoxious men have suddenly...

Space bandits...
broke into our house...
attacked father...
smashed his computer...

Ri-, Rikiii......


Listen to me...

I was not paying attention....
The men finally noticed me as I was

although I put myself in danger,
I had to do it!

The SF Kosmo Gang have
invaded Dan Star!
They are constructing bases
all over the planet to
illegally trade space fruit!

To beat the "SF Kosmogang"
you must use their own data
against them.

They caught me hacking
into their computer systems
and traced my location
back to here...







Wait, Riki,
when anger overwhelms you,
you cannot win!

Riki! Wait!
Come back!
Don't be foolish!
The SF Kosmo Gang is far
too powerful for you
to face alone!

So! They've set you
a trap here

But don't give up hope,
I have something that
will help you...

From the embodiment of evil,
to the envoy of justice.
A magnificent transformation!

I stole blueprints from
the SF Kosmo Gang database
and used them to create
an experimental battle robot!

Your friend is


Explosion Invincible


Bangai-o !?

The name means nothing.

What kind of name is that
for a battle robot?


I shall beat the men!

Never mind !
In the name of the People's Police,
I will pilot the Bangai-O
against the SF Kosmo Gang !

take me with you!

Riki, take me with you !
I want to help !

Riki and Mami!

Yes. Take Mami.
Defeat the SF Kosmo Gang!
Save Dan Star!

Continue Screen

The screen that appears when you continue after a game over was, perhaps inevitably, changed for the US version.

European English US
Bangai-O DC PAL Continue.png Bangai-O DC US Continue.png

Level Names

All the level names were changed for the US version. Again, the European names are closer to the Japanese originals.

Level European English US
1 The burning star of Dan.
Time to get going.
The planet Dan Star.
Your mission begins here.
2 The star of love.
Clenched fists
Cyber Command Center.
Hi-tech carnage!
3 The good star Dan
No panic
Moon Base Alpha.
Defeat the Robot Armada.
4 The space cemetery
Exploding fruit store
The Space Cemetery.
Plenty of fruit for the picking!
5 The green milky way
Our great entrance
Milky Way Station.
All CORE bosses are harmless!
6 A base on the way
Devils eating stars
Base under construction!
Warning: men at work!
7 Only forwards from now on!
Like brand new cars
Moon Base Beta.Different shots
penetrate different barriers!
8 Attack!
Cave base
The Hollow Asteroid.
9 Danger!
Explosives store
The Explosion Store.
Shopping with a bang!
10 The wind bride!
Avoid the bombs.
The Bomb Maze.
Avoid the deadly explosions!
11 One-way street?
Surely it cannot be
Desert Outpost.
A one way street?
12 A lack of orientation leads
to death
The Gun Star.
A blast from the past.
13 Running undaunted by death
The opponent is the fuse
Racing the fuse!
Hurry or you'll get stuck!
14 Destruction impossible?
A primitive trap?
The Nebula Fortress.
Mission Impossible?
15 A lunar darkness
A mysterious evening
Lunar Eclipse.
Duel in a mine field.
16 More haste, less speed!
Do men do such a thing?
Think first, shoot later.
Or face the consequences!
17 Force your way in!
The hole in hell
Perimeter Lasers.
Force your way in!
18 The terrible laser
burns Riki's flesh
The Laser Drome.
Watch out, they burn!
19 Wart hell
Free path selection
Non-stop Destruction.
Free path selection!
20 Stopping prohibited!
Somewhat more courage
Burning Heaven.
Stopping prohibited.
21 Restricted love The Cage.
Watch out!
22 The robot factory
We are no danger
The Robot Factory.
You are not alone!
23 Melancholy-the night in which
it rains aircraft
It's raining robots!
Did you bring your umbrella?
24 Confused love The Robot Maze.
25 That is impossible!
That is not permitted!
Shadow Battle.
The Dark Reflection.
26 Riki in the vice!
Stomach pains?
The Vice.
Caution: Falling Objects.
27 Mami in the vice!
Ah, so painful!
The maze of many dangers.
Feel the pain!
28 Father in the vice!
No fish rolls!
Galactic Duel.
Forbidden Love!
29 Bangai-O in the vice
He runs with salad oil
Robot Hunt!
Destroy every last one!
30 Be fruitful
and multiply!
Fruit Sale!
Bangai-O under fire!
31 That is not possible! Run the Guantlet!
Don't give up!
32 Friend or foe?
A puzzling figure
Buried Alive!
Dig or die!
33 Great! The last period
of office for the president
Familiy duel.
Just roll with it!
34 That is impossible! Dangerous Descent.
Take the plunge!
35 The young detective
Chamber of Horrors.
Death in small spaces!
36 The insatiable
The Danger Room.
Domestic dispute!
37 Clone of a gene
A problem of logic
Defensive Perimiter.
A tight fit.
38 Exclusive report!
The actress X
The SF Kosmo Battleship.
Take the fight to them!
39 For those that have the desire!
We shall assist you!
Red Planet.
Motherly Love.
40 The last time Blockade.
Don't let 'em stop you now!
41 The charming commando 2
1992 Italy
Almost there...
42 Science at 60 years
Of age
Ground Zero.
Go Bangai-O Go!
43 Papa, come again soon
Michiko Takashi
The Last Great War.
Finish the SK Kosmo Gang!
44 May God protect you,
The Final Challenge.
Good luck - you'll need it!

Between European Languages

  • On the French and German stage select screen, each of the game's levels is referred to as a "level of hell": in German, Das ist der 1. Höllenlevel and in French, Le 1ième niveau infernal (for Level 1). This is carried over from the Japanese version, which uses ここは地獄の1丁目, "This is District 1 of hell". However, in English (both in the European and US versions), the reference to hell is omitted.
  • Almost all of the character names are different in French, such as Riki and Mami being Gavroche and Jade.
To do:
List all the French name changes.

Level Select

Enter your initials as three of the camera-wielding... creature... things (as seen on the continue screen) to unlock all levels.