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Title Screen


Developer: Experiment 101
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Released internationally: May 25, 2021

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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Unused Graphics

Unused Minimap

BM MiniMap Compass.png BM MiniMap Frame.png BM Minimap Frame StefanEd.png

WIP Map Illustrations

Mini Map Renders

Menu Graphics

Menu Backgrounds/Possible Promo Material


Character Mockup 1 (20/12/2017) Character Mockup 2 (07/06/2018) Final (05/2021)
BM MockupBG CharacterHub.png BM MockupBG FocusedCharacter.png BM GearMenuFinal.png
Crafting Mockup 1 Crafting Mockup 2 Final
BM MockupBG Crafting.png BM MockupBG CraftingV2.png BM CraftingMenuFinal.png

Unused Sounds


DELETE_THIS_Oogway_Ascends_Short NarrShort

This is a excerpt of music from the film Kung Fu Panda.

Probaly a placeholder before the final music was implemented.

This is a text-to-speech version of most of the opening intro narration.




09 - "Comments on a world that used to be. Before the apocalypse if ?well patches? with fishing spot. Comments on possible salvage scrap from beneath the surface."

11 - "When coming up on tunnel, Comments on the old world and "the company"."

12 - "When arriving the heart of the waste disposal area, Comments on waste disposal, world pollution."

13 - "When mech is lifted, Comment on funtionallity of the machine in the old days, player needs to find a way back to the mech."

14 - "Comment on rats spawn from hatching pawns."

15 - "Comment when exiting the wast disposal underground center."

18 - "Comments first time rift happens."

19 - "Comments first time small smurf spawning."